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Leeva [Troll Druid]
'''Player:''' Wuvvums

'''Character Full Name:''' Leeva

'''Character In-Game Name:''' Leeva

'''Nickname(s):''' N/A

'''Association(s):''' N/A

'''Race:''' [[Troll]]

'''Class:''' [[Druid]]

'''Age:''' 19

'''Sex:''' Female

'''Hair:''' Hair is a purplish-pink, which falls past her eyes. She has bones and sticks in her hair.

'''Eyes:''' Orange color.

'''Weight:''' 220 lbs

'''Height:''' 7'4"

'''Alignment:''' chaotic good

'''Usual Garments and Armor:''' She wears comfortable clothes whether she may be in combat or doing more casual things.

'''Other:''' Her skin is a light purple, and her tusks are of a longer length that curl outward.

Leeva no longer has a child's spirit in her. She is much more mature, calm, and reserved than she had been a few years ago. She has been touched by the Loa and remains reverent and dutiful to her tribe, and the natural world. Leeva put her old self behind her for the sake of survival, and finally grew up.

She is still very independent of male decisions and leads her own path. Her guidance is not from male authority, but the whispers of spirits that move through her blood and veins. She realizes her race is both ancient and sacred, and eked out an existence in the wilds. The primal ties have given her a new sense of understanding and purpose for both the world and the troll race.

Leeva was born in one of the villages of the Darkspear Islands. Her father was a prominent hunter who had managed to gain three mates in his life, and each mate bore at least one child under him. In all she had three brothers and one sister, and Leeva wasn't told which mate she and her siblings came from. It didn't really matter much to them anyways.

Each day her father and brothers went out to hunt so they could provide to the entire family. Leeva and her big sister were left behind with the three mates, who managed the hut, and occasionally foraged for some wild fruit around the island. Whenever she could, Leeva would try and slack off or play around, but she had soon found between three mothers and the authority of the male figures above her, she couldn't get away from her work, and she had to behave.

Whenever she acted the slightest bit unruly her father had often threatened to throw her out into the jungle. While he had no intention to act upon these threats it was enough to scare the troll child into behaving, and as the years went on she found life to be rather dull, and started to plot her escape.

That was when the invasion happened...

She was around eight years old at the time when murlocs invaded the village she lived in. Things were chaotic, buildings were set ablaze, and as she crawled through the smoke she had found herself able to slip away from both the invaders and her family, hiding away in a small crevice of the jungle. There she had waited many hours, eventually dozing off to sleep, and waking to the faint sliver of moonlight that managed to slip in through the crevice.

When she emerged she found nothing but ash and ruin. Her village was vacant, and the only trolls she could find were quite dead and unrecognizable. She wasn't sure what happened to her family itself, but she herself survived, and in a twisted way she saw this as an opportunity for freedom. Quickly the troll pilfered what she could, finding herself a backpack, leftover meet and berries, and a spear which she decided to bring with her.

Leeva didn't plan to fight and fortunately she did not have to. Her village was rather close to the seacoast, and she managed to evade any lingering murlocs, along with the predators of the jungle. She soon found the sea, and a few canoes some of the fisherman used in the area. As she went to take one she unsurprisingly found a troll, no doubt slaughtered by the strange invaders that came to the island. Like the others she had done her best to ignore the corpse, and had not contemplated any moral implications with taking from the dead. What was important to her was her survival.

And so with nothing but a meager amount of food, a spear, and a paddle, she set herself out into the sea, sailing in the near-darkness of the moon-lit night.

Day and night passed, and eventually she lost track of how long she was sailing. She had begun to run out of food, and was getting thirsty under the merciless sun. She had managed to spear a few small fish off the side of her boat to keep nourished, but as time passed she began to fear that she wouldn't make it. She eventually just lied back in the boat, tired and fatigued, she fell faint under the light of the sun.

When she woke up there was a shadow that blocked the sun from her eyes, and as her vision blurred back into view she could make out the quite recognizable face of a male-troll that was holding onto the boat. She was too weak to protest as he lifted her up and took her back to the beach, but she soon found that he was not someone to fear. He fed her and gave her fresh water, and let her rest until she was better.

Leeva completely recovered from her ordeal, and afterward got to know the troll that rescued her some more. He was known as both a shaman and a fon, a loner, and when he explained this to Leeva she instantly wanted to be a fon too. She told him her name was Leeva, and she wanted to be just like him. The troll called her Leeva'fon, and agreed to help her become a shaman when she was old enough. The two stayed with one another, and it wasn't too long before she came to know him as a father.

The rest of her childhood was spent in Stranglethorn following the outcast troll. They played together, fish together, and as she got bigger he shown her how to pray to the spirits and draw from their power. By the time she had grown up she knew how to control some of the elements, and to heal, and felt like she was ready to handle things more on her own. While she definitely takes the time to see and play games with her father, she has also started to become very independent, traveling and exploring the jungle on her own.

In her explorations she found herself pressing further and further away from Gat'wazzak until he had no longer seen her. She would spend months in isolation, listening to the spirits around her as a shaman. They spoke, and she was certain they were the voices of the Loa telling her what to do. They told her that she had abandoned her people. They told her an omen was about to befall many, and they told her to return to her tribe.

The Loa were not kind to her and had put her to the test while delivering these messages. They tore her mind apart. She was physically attacked by some of the visions. She fought for her life, and was confronted with many choices. They tore the weakness out of her heart, and there was no option to stay that of a weak child. The wilds shaped her into an adult, and when she was ready she returned to Durotar.

There she joined other priests, witch doctors, and servants of the Loa who had felt they had failed the Darkspear. Leeva felt that herself especially when abandoning the tribe altogether. She joined the trolls of Zen'tabra who connected with Gonk, the raptor Loa. The leader's vision guided her down a different path than what she had been on before, the path of nature. Leeva connected with the Emerald Dream where she was taught to be a druid by the spirits themselves. And when she finally emerged from the jungle, she felt ready to serve the Darkspear.

She was ready to take back Echo Isles. It might not have been the home she knew as a Darkspear child, but she felt it in her blood, and that it was her right to reclaim these lands.

[[Category:Character]] [[Category:Troll]] [[Category:Druid]]

Vol'jin's racial story as inspiration for going into the wilds and communing with the Loa. I believe this has some connection in how troll become druids.

Updated with Cata lore.
Hrm. So, does she retain bits of her shamanistic powers, or has she swapped fully to Druidism?
[Image: 2hhkp3k.gif]
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Swapped fully (no multiclassing).

Fortunately both classes use nature magic so I think the swap is quite plausible.
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Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
Wanna refer me in Tribes: Ascend? Clickies!

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