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Liatu [Draenei]
Player: Lunaxy

Character Full Name: Liatu

Character In-Game Name: Liatu

Nickname(s): Lia.

Association(s): The Argent Crusade, The Exodar.

Race: Draenei

Class: Paladin

Skills and Abilities: She's extremely skilled with swords and maces, also holds great control over the Light, being able to cast powerful spells, as well as enhance her weapon by infusing it with the Light.

Age: 17548

Sex: Female

Hair: White

Eyes: Glowing blue

Weight: 73kg or 160lbs

Height: 1.87m or 6'2"

Usual Garments/Armor: Her armor is made for her work. As a crusader, her armor offers great protection and is made of layers of leather and cloth, for both comfort and the warmth she needs in such cold regions.

Other: Despite being really short, this Draenei is quite muscled and doesn't seem to have any problem with her rather heavy plated armor set, neither wielding heavier weapons such as a mace. Her sword is enchanted, it's strikes causes an additional holy damage with it, runes are visible over the edge.

Alignment:(Optional.) Lawful good.

Personality: Liatu is mostly seem as rude or arrogant, but she doesn't truly is such, or at least doesn't act as such on purpose. She tries to keep away from people, preventing anyone who may approach her from taking any move against her, befriending this Draenei is quite a difficult task, especially if one who tries is not a Draenei.

She's not neutral, even when she's a crusader, she still holds a fair grudge against blood elves and orcs, of course she's always willing to give those who deserve a chance... To live, because she's not one to talk with said kinds, and will likely ignore them. However, that changes drastically if an orc or a sin'dorei is part of the Argent Crusade, she changes her view on those, and deems them honorable, respectful people and will be willing to talk and even respect them.

Liatu tends to be quite affectionate with her fellow friends, sometimes caught ruffling a hand through their hair or caressing them affectionately. Mostly this is to the lack of quantity of her friends, she tries to keep the few she have close by being affectionate, or such is just natural to her.

Despite the affectionate times, Liatu tries to hide her emotions away from everyone as she seems that as an embarrassing thing, from times to times this Draenei is found crying alone on a random counter, when the memories and her family comes into her mind mostly. She will hardly however, speak to anyone about that and will often lie and say it was something else, but the event of being caught is rare at any rate, so such is hardly needed.

History: Liatu was born in the great Oshu'gun from her father, Tsum'mar and her mother, Ildria. Her father was an anchorite, user of the Light and wielder of great knowledge and wisdom, most of what Liatu knows was taught by her father.

Liatu's mother, however, wasn't the average Draenei. While sweet and caring, she always wanted her daughter to do her best, and if Liatu failed, the woman would get angered and always point out her daughter's mistake. This made Liatu's early life rather troubled, the young Draenei always lacked self confidence and was always shy and nervous.

Such shyness started to fade as Liatu grew up and became a warrior for her kind, wielder of the Light. Liatu was taught most by her father, further training was given by a friend of the family, who were a powerful Vindicator. Liatu learned how to use the Light in her favor, both to harm her enemies, to support her allies or to even heal herself, but her strongest point was the ability with weapons.

By the end of her training, when Liatu was fully trained and could be called a vindicator, the Oshu'gun would land into Draenor, a new world which was amazing, at least to Liatu. The natural beauty of that place caught her attention, as well as the another kind who inhabited the planet. They were the orcs, an interesting kind to say the least.

Liatu often wandered far from her fellow Draenei lands to those of the orcs, the draenei showed an interest for the orcs who inhabited Draenor, mostly the curious nature she had which caused her to often watch the orcs from afar, simply wondering how their culture and ways was. Liatu was even approached by an orc one time, of course the conversation didn't last long as Liatu didn't knew orcish at the time.

The interest she had in the orcs turned into a hate however, their sudden reckless attack made Liatu confused, unable to think of why or what that happened, the Draenei even when mentally unable to react as one would expect a warrior to, gathered her strength and fought bravely, alongside many other Draenei who wanted to save their own as well as their brothers and sisters life. Within the casualties, were both Liatu's father and mother, the Draenei managed to fled but the memories of that day never left her mind, neither did her father and mother, the two she loved the most.

Liatu and the rest of the survivors fled to Zangarmarsh, Liatu isolated herself as to her, there was no sense to live anymore. Many of Liatu's friends tried to talk with her, but she ignored those and simply kept her anger and sadness to herself. Except for one, a Draenei who could and did actually offer the comfort Liatu was in dire need for, countless hours of crying made Liatu exhausted, but she decided to not waste her parents effort of saving her life, Liatu changed a lot on that day, she became a different person in mind.

As the Draenei kind stole The Exodar from the elves, Liatu together with the rest of her kind boarded the new space-ship, where Liatu though everything would be over and the Draenei would live peacefully again. Except they didn't expected the elves to sabotage the Exodar, which caused The Exodar to crash into Azeroth.

Liatu luckily didn't suffered any lethal wound, though the same couldn't be said for many of her brothers and sisters. Liatu stayed to help with healing, aiding those in need of such as she could, countless hours of search for survivors. After all had passed, when Liatu's life became what could be seen as 'normal', Liatu decided to know more about the another races of Azeroth, especially those of the Alliance and not long after, she learned common. Of course, she still keeps a strong Draenei accent, but her common is mostly understandable.

Upon reaching Stormwind, the human capital or at least one of them, Liatu caught herself hearing rumors from the innkeeper, especially one which caught her attention was about The Argent Crusade who fought the Scourge in Northrend. Of course Liatu didn't even knew what Northrend was at the time, but her curious nature made the Draenei search what all that were, and she found the information with a human bearing the Argent Crusade's tabard, he was just outside the city preaching the word of the Crusade for those who wanted to serve it.

Liatu then gathered all she could, together with many others who wanted to serve the Crusade, she traveled to Northrend and became a formal member of it. The Draenei was assigned for many tasks, mostly the simplest ones as she were but a mere recruit, but her work became more and more intense as the time passed and eventually, Liatu became a Crusader. A new rank and a new purpose on her life, the Draenei stood in Northrend and fought bravely for months. Her life stayed as such until the Lich King's fall, when entire Azeroth was relieved from the danger such name represented, Liatu decided to take a few weeks of vacation and visit her friends and such, but today, still serves the Argent Crusade as despite the Lich King's death, there are many Scourge and undead who still wanders in the frozen wastes, and it is Liatu's task to end those.
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