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Lile Sunblade [Blood Elf Hunter]
A simple note, Lile is being completely reset from her time on WoTLK, the whole situation between her and the Silverfang has been discussed, and overall it'd be much more enjoyable for me, and the others if she's retconned.

Player: Stompkins

Character Full Name: Lile Sunblade

Character In-Game Name: Lile

Nickname(s): Li, Little L, Double L, Sunny

Association(s): Sin'dorei

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Hunter

Age: 147

Sex: Female

Hair: Golden-Brown

Eyes: Fel-Green

Weight: 120Lbs

Height: 5'8"

Skills & Abilities: She's a great fighter, with a better bit of skill at strategy, over pure on fighting. She can pick minor locks, and treat some injuries.

Appearance :
She carries a Yew bow, carved by Lile herself in spare time while in Silvermoon with Ridan. She also carries a curved blade, she normally uses a pistol as well, depending on the situation.

Alignment: Neutral


At a young age Lile was a more innocent girl, who never wished harm upon many. She found herself growing close to Ridan, a boy who lived in the same area, and she saw on a normal basis as a normal friend. She was the type of friend that could convince even the thickest of people to think at-least twice before making a stupid decision.

Combat traits: Lile has always been known to avoid fighting, but if faced with the need to fight, she will attempt the most merciful way of ending the battle. She believes in second chances, which makes her hesitate in battle against most. However, since the death of Kidel, her friend and brother of close friend Ridan, she shows little mercy to a felsworn, or any of the demonic kind.

History :

At a young age, Lile met Ridan and quickly became friends with him. She found his rebellious attitude to be a nice counter to her own. She would constantly find herself tutoring him if he asked, which came often in secret. As well as this, she found herself growing closer to Kidel, Ridan's brother. Kidel became a close friend to her that could match her in schooling, despite the bit of age gap. She often reminded Ridan of the differences between Kidel and Ridan, but this never seemed to effect anyone or anything.

Lile continued to train herself mentally learning anything, and everything she could be taught. As time followed she began to find a bond to nature, more so the wildlife of Azeroth. She found herself beginning to fall in love with felines, kittens at first, and then even the wild breeds outside of the city walls. She soon took in her own cat she named Libi, which was a small black female cat.

After years of training, and connecting to animals, Lile found herself becoming more lively, even socializing more with Ridan, especially since the death of the brother Kidel. She had heard rumors of his death, the most repeated was the tale of his chest being ripped open by wild beasts. Although she never found such rumors to be believable, she soon questioned Ridan about the brothers passing. With the question brought an angered response by Ridan. It seemed to of halted the friendship between them, leading to a bit of depression for Lile, seeing as she had grown closely to the brothers.

As the siege of Silvermoon began, Lile quickly brought herself to one of the many trying to fight off the enemies. She was told to head towards the south western garrison, to support the wall that archery was bombarding. When she arrived she found many had fallen already, and the siege wasn't doing anything for civilian morale. Many were found weeping as they stayed back for safety, an archer fired an arrow over the wall that happened to go right over Lile and hit one of the few priests that stood to heal the wounded. She moved to the top of the wall to assist any she could but she found herself pinned after reaching the top. She was hit in the foot with an arrow, she cried out in pain, which caught the attention of two archers, which cost them both their lives, Ridan as well had heard the outcry and turned to see Lile.

The pain caused by her questioning just the few years before disappeared immediately as he noticed a zombie had found its way onto the wall. It moved towards Lile, she froze in fear as its undead eyes met her own. Before she could do anything she found it crushed into a nearby wall. Ridan looking to it with disgust. the fear and reality of the battle only brought more pain for Lile. She began to breakdown as Ridan removed the arrow within her foot. He carried her towards the city, moving towards Murder Row, she found the only comfort in his arms as she was carried. After Ridan found a safe spot, he put Lile down and gave her a healing potion. Lile drank quickly, and looked to Ridan, who looked down to her with concern, and fear. She slumped against the nearby wall, and Ridan walked off, just beyond the corner watching in fear. He returned soon after and sat with Lile to watch over her as she rested.

After her near run in with death itself, Lile closed up a little bit. She found the outside of Silvermoon to be more of a fearsome enemy then her friend as she once had. She looked to Ridan for comfort, which then became an addiction to Fel, as Ridan became consumed not only by Fel, but its uses. Lile became addicted to Fel for her own reasons, it made her feel happy, and powerful. The use of fel made her feel strong enough to leave the walls when Ridan did, and she began to train in combat. Following Ridan as a teacher by which she'd train for a few short years.

PRE APPROVAL LINK : http://wiki.conquestofthehorde.com/Lile
"If you don't try to save one life you'll never save any!"

[Image: dean.png]
She still has Silverfang in her associations. I would also like it if you could change her race to Blood Elf instead of Sin'dorei.

Paragraphs 3 and 4 in her history need a double space between them.

The last sentence in her history is incomplete.

Other than that I can't find what's different between this profile and her pre-approval page. Could you highlight any other changes? For now, I will give an initial approval.

Initial approval!
"If you don't try to save one life you'll never save any!"

[Image: dean.png]

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