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Locating your folder in modelviewer!
Hey guys.

So, I encountered this problem before too - and talking to various people, it seems I wasn't alone! I was ripping my hair out over this when the solution couldn't be simpler. So yeah, those who are receiving the "Cannot locate folder" message or whatever it is, read on! Though I will admit, I downloaded and tested the 4.3.4 WMV and it found my game with complete ease due to the fact everything Cata related is on a new drive. You might want partition your drive or something. Anyway!

Step One: If you haven't gotten your 4.3.4 WMV or you deleted it in defeat, go download it from the site. http://www.conquestofthehorde.com/Thread...ewer-4-3-4

Step Two: Load up WMV. If it's unable to locate your WoW client, close it. I'd highly reccomend NOT downloading US local files if it asks.

Step Three: Go into your WMV folder. Then go into usersettings, and find the config file.

[Image: 2zqwrdl.jpg]
[Image: 2ugjhno.png]

Step Four: Now, again, I don't know what this will look like for you because mine is functioning perfectly. However, what you need to do add a path to your Cata folder. More specifically, your data folder. I remember when I looked in my config file, the path it had was complete and utter nonsense. Didn't even exist.

If you do not have a [Settings] bracket in there, make one at the bottom. Directly below it, you need to add the path. Mine, for example, is this:

Path=G:\\CotH Cataclysm\\WoW Cataclysm\\Data\\

No idea why it gives double backwards slashes, but you gotta put those in. I put mine in G, but yours could be C or E or whatever. So once you've added the path to your own Cata folder, save it. For example, mine looks like this, but you don't need to worry about adding in all that extra stuff. It'll do that by itself.

[Image: 5k4tfr.png]

Step Five Your WMV should be working! Don't download US local files and have fun designing your characters!

EDIT: Bah. I put this thread in the wrong bloody place and now it's telling me I don't have permission to delete it. Could a GM move to general or something please?
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Hawk helped me in-game with this very problem and I would like to add something to this.

If you are unable to save the Config.ini file after editing it, copy the file to you Desktop, then edit and save it and then copy it back to the Usersettings map.
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Hawk Wrote:No idea why it gives double backwards slashes...

Backslash is the escape character for most programming languages. It tells the compiler to interpret the following character as a character and not its usual definition in the language. So because it's defined as the escape character... You need another backslash to actually get a backslash in the string.

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Thanks for this little guide. Helped me figure out that the reason WMV wasn't working for me was that the path was wrong and that it was sending it to the wrong WoW folder.
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