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Looking for people to RP with in open rp.
Well. For the past couple of weeks when I come on the people I usually rp with are going off to bed. That's normal. And as it turns out, when I have to sleep is when they rp. And on top of that I contnue to come ingame when I can, see a group of people rping, ask if I can join and one of two things happen. I join, people start to leave for sleep, or its private. More often then not, private.


That's all I find these days so now I'm looking for people not only in my timezone of rp (6 AM servertime to 5 PM servertime) just willing to rp in an open rp instead of closing it off so people can't join. I got tons of characters.

Agald- Goblin Pirate (Soon to be) Captian of the BloodPaw Fleet.
Bormus- Tauren Runemaster
Daichi- Orc Blademaster
Riegen Novalight- Paladin in training Noble Blood Elf
Wice- Undead Shadow Knight
Drezz- Troll Death Knight Forgemaster

On top of those approved I have several others either with no profile yet or waiting to be approved.

Seena- Draenie Shaman
Soril- Blood Elf warrior
Cage- Human Defias
Xinda- Human Knight Captain (Still being approved, but hopefully she will be soon)

So there ya go. PM comment add my skype (PM me for info on that though) and we can do stuff.
I sort of made an absence in frustration of the lack of open RP. You have to be a CotH veteran to get into some of the so called "open" RP, cause if you aren't, you get ignored. I'm hoping when I get back the attitude of the server will change for the better of the community.

I'll most likely be back on in November if school goes well, I usually see you on when I am.
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Closed RP never made sense to personally, so who ever want to join me can at any time. Though I am usually doing strong horde RP. So not every one fits.

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I generally have my RP open unless i'm in a character's house. It's really hard to explain why someone is just randomly walking into your house.
If I am ever on, just send me a message! I prefer open RP.
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Come on, Reigen, of course you can just walk into someone's house. This is a RPG after all.

Also, I'm open for RP, usually. ...when I'm available get on.
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(10-19-2013, 06:44 PM)Reigen Wrote: I generally have my RP open unless i'm in a character's house. It's really hard to explain why someone is just randomly walking into your house.

I say work with the player to find a reason to come into the house unless you want it private.
If I -am- in someone's house or some other place where that character is unlikely to be, I normally try and find a reason for them to be let in. As for RP, I'm on CotH a lot and you can hit me up at any time for it.
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— G.K. Chesterton

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Have a puppy Ruby and a nice day.
I seldom RP at someone's houses or headquarters, and even then, places like TLE HQ is always open. I'm also capable of dualboxing and/or Skype RP. You can RP with me at any time I'm available.
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I'd just like to apologise first of all, as you asked in LFG last night while we had some semi-open RP going on. But by the time I'd finished emoting and replied, you'd already logged off. I'm in a similar timezone to yourself, I think.

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