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Lord Jonny Harmonic [Human Noble Rapscallion Re-profile]
Player: Rensin

Character Full Name: Lord Jonny Harmonic

Character In-Game Name: Jonny

Nickname(s): Mostly what he guesses his last name to be, "Jonny Shadow" or "Jonny Flametouch" in some cases, Jon-Jon

Association(s): Thelwinds, The Alliance, Stormwind House of Nobles

Race: Human

Class: Rogue

Skills and Abilities:

Doesn't Fear the Night: Jonny possesses a strong will when it comes to shadow magics---mostly because he works a bit with them himself. While still subject to a bit of mind control and the like, he is able to resist it here and there -if- he so sees fit. However, this takes quite a bit of concentration on his part, as he's not as skilled as a powerful priest in this manner. It doesn't allow him to do anything such as read others minds, just provides a bit of willpower against his being altered or read. However, in some cases... he doesn't mind being peered in on.

Shadow Dancer: Jonny is able to Manipulate shadows to a degree that creates an illusion of immense speed. In actuality, while people see an image of him doing one thing, he's preparing to do another, such as drawing a dagger without people seeing it readily. This ability, like Doesn't Fear the Night requires concentration as well as a fair degree of pre-meditation. When interacting with player characters, it's dependent on them allowing for it, or rolls.

Age: 32

Sex: Male

Hair: Red

Eyes: Light, light blue

Weight: 195 lbs.

Height: 6'3"

Usual Garments/Armor: Jonny is often seen in fine clothing designed by Jerico, interwoven with a mix of mesh wiring and leather. Underneath that he has an intricate harness, suited to carrying multiple blades.

Other: On Jonny's left hand, he's missing his pinky finger. His body is also peppered with multiple scars, from burn marks to jagged stab wounds.

Personality: Jonny is an optimistic and caring person. He has a deep love of those that are close to him and would defend them to his death. He considers himself charismatic, and verbose. Often times he's able to say the right thing to the right people in order to get things in motion, which helps with being a liaison to other families and organizations. He loves to listen to people, even when they don't know he's listening as he uses this to gather information, storing it in his head for future use.

He's the type of person to plan things out multiple ways. He tries his best to first start with the peaceful solution. If something can be handled without violence but instead a fair bit of intrigue and use of sly tactics, he'll go that route instead of using the tips of his blades or other skills to end the debate. However, when it comes down to it he's rather proficient with his blades and rogue magics and able to keep his own in a fight. Sometimes he can become rather discouraged, especially in the world of relationships, as the fella has not had much luck when it comes to that. He considers himself a romantic but also knows that sometimes he can become overwhelming. This is another case where he tries the best for those he cares about but maybe a bit too much.

He tries his hardest to "lead" situations head on. When it comes to business he takes the bull by the horns. Ambitious would be a word to describe him quite well when it comes to money and other transactions.

History: Jonny was the bastard child of a then Noble family, the "Harmonics", first son of the Noble Grey Harmonic. Grey, wanting nothing to do with the chamber maid that carried his child, threw her out on the street while still pregnant with Jonny. She ended up having the baby alone, giving him the name Jonny. Not Jonathan or anything fancy, as she didn't know any better. She raised him as best as she could, struggling with money and often times having to take handouts just to be able to feed herself and her baby. And that's when the fall of Stormwind happened. In the mass confusion and the fleeing she gave her son to the matrons of the orphanage, as they all fled.

Unfortunately Jonny's mother didn't make it out of Stormwind alive and the Harmonic family fell from their perch as a noble house, with Grey fleeing his family; not to mention the boy he'd already abandoned before.

The boy was raised by the matrons who called him Jon-Jon. He grew up to about the age of eight when the matrons decided to move the orphanage back to New Stormwind as it was being constructed. There he was raised with affection and care, being taught how to read which was his favorite pastime. He read many books, mostly about mages and their heroism, particularly taking a liking to a fellow red-headed mage and his endeavors. He'd pretend to be this mage at play time, always calling himself a powerful mage that controlled the realm of fire... calling himself Jonny Flamestrike. After getting beat up a few times Jonny decided that he didn't quite like being picked on just for his dreams so as a teen he joined a little gang, learning from them how to fight and even from some of the older and more darker members... how to use rogue magics involving shadow, such as shadowstepping. He had natural talent as a rogue but inside he still pined to become a mage.

Around the age of twenty-five Jonny had started to try to teach himself magic, unaware of the special processes you had to go through. He was however aware that he lacked the money to get formal training. He worked as a librarian of sorts in the library of the mage tower, loving the fact that he could read all the books at his leisure and still teaching himself how to do things. It took years for him to learn how to even produce a fireball, something that was very unrefined and volatile even to him.

When he was thirty-two he ran into the mage Alicia. He started a relationship with her, falling madly in love... however, he also became her student. It was a frustrating process. He had no refinement, his spells were sloppy and not very powerful and he caused himself a lot more harm than good. This eventually came between the relationship and Alicia left him for someone else. Jonny, being heartbroken and feeling betrayed... left her to seek out other opportunities, namely with the Thelwinds. He turned his back on being a mage, picking up the familiar swords and daggers. He followed Lady Thelwind quickly becoming a loyal member of the family. Now he's trying to act as the family's liaison and aspires to become Alaine's personal guard, something he has quite a bit of interest in. He doesn't seem to mind being close to her and the family, which he now considers his own. It's like the family he never knew.

After time and many trials Jonny had grown to be practically a part of the Thelwind family. While facing a rival family Jonny had received many scars, as well losing a finger. He started to get closer to all the Thelwinds and was prompted by Lady Alaine to start looking into his history. He’d gotten the nerve to go to the orphanage where he was raised and asked for any information they’d received from when he was a child.

The woman came back with a large box filled with all the things that Jonny’s mother left him. Over the course of weeks, close to even a month he’d combed through the box. It was through his mother’s letters that he’d grown to know her; Lillian Chimley, a chamber maid that was in love with the Lord of the Noble house, Grey Harmonic. He grew to hate the man for quite a while, finding out that he’d turned his back on Lilly forcing her out of the house, leaving her destitute.

For a while Jonny had turned his back on the notes, concentrating on work rather than finding out about himself. However during a trip to Arathi with Alaine, Jonny took the box of items. He’d given Alaine a trinket of his mothers, a locket that had a picture of him as a little boy, adding into it a picture of himself. It was the last item his mother held. Inside it as well was a wedding ring that contained on it the signet of a wolf, which apparently was supposed to be the Harmonic’s signet.

Alaine dug farther in the box, finding many notes suggesting that Grey was more so forced to give up his son and the woman he wanted to be with lest he face the wrath of his wife. It was even suggested that Lilly and Jonny’s life was in danger if they stayed. There were also some more interesting things such as a birth certificate of Jonny’s with Lord Harmonic’s signature and signet stamp on it, and documents saying that Jonny would be considered head of household if his father died despite the fact he was a bastard child, he still was the eldest and could gain control.

Jonny found out a few things upon leaving Arathi, his father died in the Third War and was risen against his will. Technically he’d died and had lost his standing as a noble, along with the fact he’d already walked away from his wealth years ago. His only brother, Antione hadn’t claimed a stake in to the family's fortune, instead deciding to forge his own path with the Grey Militia and the SI:7.

Jonny was able to become head of the Noble House Harmonic. He sent all the proof he could to take control of the family to the House of Nobles. He had a birth certificate, proving his relations. He had the proof of this father’s death, and his brother’s denial of the fortune, as well as proof of the death of the Lady Harmonic.

Now, he eagerly awaits response from the House of Nobles, to see if they recognize him as the heir to his father’s legacy.

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