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Lost limbs and magic/engineering. Good or bad?
Not gonna lie, Belth, that image made me nearly pee myself in laughter.

I wanted to add that I completely agree that arm replacements with rocket fists (as in, the hand itself shoots out of the arm like a projectile weapon) and legs that detach and can be used as flamethrowers, both I have seen ingame at one point in time, make me cringe. Limb replacements should be just that: replacements. Yes, you can attach a rocket launcher onto your arm as you would a gauntlet--there's even an ingame engineering schematic for it--but having it in the actual limb isn't practical. It makes it too unwieldy.
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I think if you lose a hand/arm then you're never going to make anything that works like it as far as dexterity goes in the finger or palms. I usually replace legs if I'm going to do something mechanical, and even then they're going to be heavier than your last legs most likely and feel like a drag.
If someone loses a leg, replace it with a machine gun. Works 100% of the time.*

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* 0% of the time
Let's see...

Reese provided the Light-reflecting invisibility. Bounty has the Light-gun leg.

[Image: tumblr_nfm4t0FZcT1rtcd58o1_r1_500.gif]
Well. My father's leg being gone, it's been a year he struggles to walk without the aid of canes. And he works -hard-, he trains -hard- and he's really fighting for his mobility. He has the latest tech you could find, and really he's still struggling.

Sure we could fit a machine gun on his leg, and I'm sure it would work wonder. But being crippled means that it's not just about getting a new cool mithril arm, because there's all the time you need to adapt, the psychological changes, the way others will look at you, and the time you finally need to indeed have enough mastery over your limb - it doesn't happen in a week and a ressurection post.

But now..I ramble, but I am fine with Annabelle and the one or two others I have seen with such arms, really.

100th post. Aww yea.

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Have you hugged a dwarf today?
This might be completely the wrong time to mention that I have a dwarf who has a bolt-action peg leg.
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Many people have a fondness of tragic events being overhauled or even turned into blessings, and in roleplay they can explore it.

... But I agree with the post it sure is annoying to see people with bionical arms and the like.
"Do not be fooled if you hear laughter, or happen upon a smile. There is no happiness or merriment here."
In a world where you can grow limbs back, a character can progress for science. Where a druid simply casts a spell and it sprouts forth like a tree's branch, a tinker toils. While the Priest of the Holy Light prays, and an arm appears by some miracle, the engineer wiles away his hours working on schematics. As a shaman consults with the spirits, the engineer consults with their mind.

And in the end, despite having to work harder than anyone else...

...The engineer's work still leaves them with a weaker result than if they had the arm grown back instead. People sacrifice the versatility that a normal arm brings for the sake of what? So that their poor judgement has an actual side effect? So that their character has progression aside from running around the next day, swinging a sword like nothing happened? Perhaps to have an outlet for RP, constantly trying to find a way to upgrade their arm?

Or perhaps they simply like the idea of having a piece of mechanical engineering IC, the likes of which we may never see in the real world.

In any case, why be -annoyed- with a person's choice? Even in the last case, rather than any deep rooted want for progression, it's a person's own personal choice that they want to enjoy a certain type of RP that doesn't effect yours in the slightest. They take the chance to do something they know they're going to be "punished" for (ICly and OOCly, apparently) and stick with it anyway for the sake of their own RP. I don't see the problem with this at all.
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Work harder?

Magic powerful enough to regrow entire body parts is not as simple as just saying abra-cadabra and praying really hard.
Your stories will always remain...
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... as will your valiant hearts.
...Except it is. I really don't think drawbacks for the healers or resurrectors (that a word?) have ever been discussed. Or, at least, I've never heard anything specific.


Beltharean is taking into consideration that engineers--specifically those that design these limbs--must know how a limb works. All its little synapses, all the ways it can move, all its joints, weight, on and on. They must know the machine of the human body. And then they must build it, piece by piece from the ground up.

The Light and other healing magics don't require this knowledge on the healer's part, this effort, this working in design. You ask the Light or the spirits to heal it, it's healed, even if it's "hard work", and a strain on the healer's body. Theoretically. Again, I've never heard of any specific effects on healers. Either way, those magics read the code of the body for you.

So, to me it's...

Pray. Focus. Limb grows back.


Spend weeks researching, designing, testing. More research. Perhaps a failure or rejection. Infection. Toxic effects from the arm. And then all the drawbacks that come with the arm when it works!

Science is awesome.

Granted, I still think this entire discussion--while generally interesting--is a tad futile, considering Azeroth has magic to make everything easier. See: Techno-mage "bonus" for these limbs. That, and strange light-weight metals.
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