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Love Immortal
If you didn't come here from the "Making a difference" thread, go check it out here!

Title: Love Immortal
Main Characters: Cristovao, Diawata(Imagenashyun), Kapre(Imagenashyun)
Primary story locations: Ironforge, Stormwind, Shattrath City.

Cristovao di Silvio is a human paladin from Lordaeron who has dedicated his life to the cause of goodness and love. While assisting the Alliance in integrating the Draenei into Azeroth, he came across a young shaman woman named Diawata, whom became smitten with him and pursued him on his journeys. Eventually the two of them became deeply in love and have been inseparable ever since, but with the calm coming following the fall of the Lich King, unsavory eyes are befalling their relationship that could redefine their lives.

The sides:
Cristovao and Diawata are the main leads for one side, Kapre will likely become the lead character for the other side. Cristo and Dia's side, of course, wishes to be accepted as a couple despite social implications, where as Kapre likely will want Diawata to have a Draenei mate instead (will discusss in more detail with Imagenashyun).

Support for the pro-couple side:
Cristovao is a dedicated and dutiful warrior of goodness, and has given his life to its upholding. He finds it unfair that people, especially fellow Draenei and other Alliance, would punish him for who he loves after all he's given up. Diawata is truly in love and faithful to Cristovao, as he was the first man who ever really protected and cared for her and her own personal feelings. And of course, love is blind and knows not race.

Support for the anti-couple side:
Cristovao's lifespan is a blink of the eye compared to the Draenei, and he will be long gone soon enough, leaving Diawata alone and in mourning. Any children they have will likely not be accepted by either Draenei or humans (though this is debatable), Cristovao being a quirky human may not be taken "seriously" by other draenei, who would consider him a gimmick and nothing more.

Types of characters especially desired:
For Cristovao and Diawata, anyone who supports love without racial boundaries is definitely desired. This is ESPECIALLY true if these characters are fellow Draenei, as the main concern Diawata has is the rejection of her love by her people. Cristo could care less what other humans think, but will accept all morale support.
For the anti-pairing side, mostly Draenei are desired. While racism is nice, it is not the only requirement. Critcisms against Cristovao and Diawata can be related to lifespan, halfbreed children, the "seriousness" of the relationship (ie Cristo is just a "gimmick" and Dia should get a "real" mate once she's done playing around), and social expectations. People who just outright oppose the pairing out of racism are welcomed too, but will have much less impact than those who bear the burden of society.

Outcomes and Possibilities:
Ultimately, Cristovao and Diawata will NEVER be broken up as a couple. What this event WILL decide, though, is how they live their lives as said couple. If they gather enough support, then they will freely live their love in the open. If opposition is too great, then they possibly will go into secrecy with their romance to avoid persecution.

Post in this thread if you are interested in getting involved or have ideas/suggestions!
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
I absolutely love how the sweet and super friendly race/faction-blind matchmaker Kapre is the antagonist of this storyline. But his antagonism is more family-based than race based, though race plays a part.

I do hope that pro-couple supporters would call out the hypocrisy this antagonism implies (though Kapre will tell you this antagonism has nothing to do with his matchmaking business), if it at least provides ample material to let the story develop from the anti-couple side.
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
Of my three storylines, this is the only one that's actually gotten good progress, and for which I am glad! So far the pro and anti sides are well rounded and established, and the RP it generates feels WELCOMED and not forced. Also, Kapre has sorta began to bro with Cristo, so that's cool too. Here's hoping for more good results!
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.

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