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Loxmardin's LFRP
Hello everyone.

Like I said in my latest thread in "Absences", I suddenly find myself with a lot more free time. This means I will try to get back into the server more, as well, and for that I need suggestions for new characters I can potentially play or places to stick my existing characters.

I'm generally open for suggestions. Do you have a character you'd like to see played? A relative spot open in your character's family that you need filled? A role in your guild that no one's applied for yet? Throw suggestions my way, if you like.

My existing characters that I'm up for roleplaying are Arda, Myron and possibly Vanjo. I also have a grandfather-character in the making to terrorize Reigen whenever I get around to giving him an outfit, but I'll keep him behind the curtains for now. I have plenty of other characters besides the three I listed, but those are the ones I feel... the most "up for" wedging into some kind of storyline.

Arda has a profile on the Wiki that you can read if you like, but Myron and Vanjo don't. Myron is a mildly sociophobic arcanoengineer, scientist and researcher as well as a connaiseur of fine wines and tobacco. Overall nice guy, albeit a bit difficult to really establish contact with. Vanjo is a new character I haven't had the chance to roleplay too much, so there's only so much I can tell you about him. Laidback and unimposing, untraditional traditionalist who practices the old traditions in secret and subtly advertises them without drawing too much attention. He doesn't want to upset the reformists that followed Thrall's new laws when the Trolls joined the Horde, after all.

... So, uh. There's not a lot I can actually say, besides that.

Halp. Suggestions plz.
You already know I plan to terrorize you with Quennath.
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  • Loxmardin
Anything I could offer is right here!

You know I'm often on skype and am always welcome to discuss and plot things out! Just buzz me! <3
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
You still have claim to the eldest Dawnsend brother, you know :|

On a more serious note, I could join you in the troll RP sometime. I have a few trolls I made a lil' bit ago that I just haven't had the chance to RP.
As I've been absent lately, I'm not sure if I should extend the invitation, but I guess I can anyways.
While I haven't always loved elves, I do intend to RP with my blood elf Ariamis a little more since his father Krest ICly passed. Ariamis could, under the right circumstances, RP with Myron.
You also know that I'd love to score some of dat' troll RP mon. Vanjo, Jaedyn, maybe some other trolly bruddahs 'avin' a goo' teim, mon. (The accent is just so beautiful...)

But really. Even if you have a sparse idea YOURSELF for a character that you get inspiration for soon, you've got my forum name. Feel free to PM me if you're interested in catching some of the Playing of Role.
[Image: 4ab673a110e5324a7acf57e330a6c8eb.jpg]
Ah, Myron sounds like the kind of character that'd inspire me to pull Troovo (or maybe Azma) off the bench, if the circumstances are right.

Myron is a Blood Elf, if I can remember correctly?
[Image: anim_500.gif]
The (well, only one of the) Appleflows are ready to annoy you!
I can arpee wif yeeewww c:
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
Didn't you mention wanting to RP with Norell once? We can totally RP. Or one of my other characters (Matthew, the racist; Jof'waz, the lover; Garridan, the bard). Just poke me on Skype or something.

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