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Lucky Shot {RC}
Bragdana was surprised he'd survived so long in the Shadow Realm. His physical appearance, however, was not so lucky. His kilt was burnt and tattered, his face tired and burnt. Then, of course, he had the giant gaping hole in his chest from where the dagger had embedded itself in him.

Lucky shot...

One of the points had driven to it's heart, and it disgusted even himself when the bulbous black blood poured from the wound. In an attempt to hold off the inevitable, his fellow survivors piled artifacts on the wound; the axe he'd been wielding, and a skull. But, of course, it wasn't his axe. It was one that he ripped off a dead skeleton. His axe... Well, he didn't know where the fel his axe was. Probably thrown into some forge.

The Orc clenched his jaw at the prospect, watching an old friend, Aroes, funnel his own life into the dying Orc in an attempt to save his life. It didn't work -- Bragdana knew it wouldn't -- And, eventually, the Human gave up. Slowly, the Orc's life drifted away, and the Orc knew that he was helpless.

Fucking Warlocks... If they didn't have to go and kill half the team, then we might have had a larger chance at getting out without any dieing.

The Orc shook his ethereal head, turning around from his death.

Will they know? Will they even care?

They began to move, taking the Orc's body with them. They, the Orc's spirit and body included, were thrown through a portal. Of course, it ended in Booty Bay. But of course. Aroes took his body and went to the inn where, thank Lo'gosh, they had Bragdana's stuff. Aroes took the stuff, and floated the Orc's body outside. Of course, the floating Orc with an axe comprised of half shadow, half bone, garnered attention from the crowds of Booty Bay, yet the Bruisers did nothing to stop them.

Aroes took his body to Arathi, the ethereal Orc floating afterwards, an invisible leash keeping him with his body.

He was put in a tank, Aroes making preparations for his revival.

Honestly, Bragdana didn't even know if he wanted to come back.

Aroes had pulled him out of the tank. Fel knows why, yet he had done it, and Bragdana's hand had fallen on -his- axe's blade. The same worn hilt that he had carried for the past 22 years.

The spirits had seen this, and they debated over whether to bring back the Orc. Finally, they agreed, that, despite his recent sins, he was worthy for a second chance.

A shock of life went through the earth, a groan the first thing his recently resurrected body did. Groan, and slowly push himself a shitty sitting position. His eyes darted around, pulling his axe closer to him then before. It was a simple house, nothing much and no one else in it.

His ears heard the crackle of a fire behind him, and then, an ethereal whisper...

Do not betray usssss again.

Killer: NPC in Darkest Deadwind
Ressurector: Reincarnation, Ankh was skull on axe.

Permanent Drawbacks
Can not sprint for more then a few feet, descends into coughing fit if he does.
Clingier to prized possessions. (Axe, Journal).
Easily mood swings to rage.
Severe distrust of anything to do with shadow/fel.
Can never Reincarnate again.
Ages him 5 years.

Short-term Drawbacks (1-2 weeks)
All around weakened. Can only walk, can not fight.
Extremely worried about all members of The Hunt, until he knows further about their whereabouts.
Always pissed, all the time.

Curable Drawbacks (Will stay until cured via RP)
Weakened tether to the Spirits, will eventually completely lose tether due to Shadow Axe
Will not leave Aroes' house.
Cannot write in his journal, as his pencil was stolen and he had no backups.
Edited to full resurrection.

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