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Luna's Book
Putting this up for in case someone is near Luna when she's not writing in the book and decides to read it.

Is not ICly available except for the one Luna keeps around.

The Black Waters

A Novel by Luna Vacirca

Alec never liked the dreams he had. The ones that seemed to always come true. They were so vivid, so disturbing. And somehow, they always seemed to foretell something awful. The time that boy drowned in the Mirror Lake, when a bear mauled that poor pup that had become lost and could not find his way back to his master… Every time he had such a gruesome, horrid dream, they came true. But Alec could never tell anyone that, not his wife Erin, not his son William. Everybody would think him some kind of freak, or worse, that he had something to do with the incidents in the first place. No, it was better for him to suffer in silence.

Alec, his wife Erin, and his seven year old son William lived in a small house a short ways east of Goldshire, nestled a little ways south of Crystal Lake, along the road that stretched east into Redridge and West to Westfall. Alec was a pelt trader and a fisherman by trade, and though William wished to assist his father, ever since an incident where a boy from Goldshire drowned in the Crystal lake, Alec refused to allow his boy near the lake.

The family lived well enough, as any small family in Elwynn could do. They weren’t living on the edge of losing it all, but they weren’t living in luxury either. It was a simple enough life for them, though William was becoming more and more distant from his father by the day.The lack of attention he received from his father had him branching out more, finding friends among the strangers in Goldshire. And though his father did not like it, and tried his best to convince him to stop, the damage was done. William often ventured into the town to look for his friends and to look for something to do during the day when his father was off fishing, or hunting.

One day when Alec came home, Erin was preparing dinner as usual, but William was nowhere to be found. Before he could as, Erin pulled Alec into the kitchen.

“You know that William is wandering off more than ever? I wish you’d at least take him with you to the lake. You can’t hold onto that poor boy’s drowning forever. It was just some accident. Fell in and hurt himself. I know it’s a terrible thing, but it’s no reason to ignore your son. He spends more time with children in Goldshire than he does with you. That can’t be good for either of you.”

Alec sighed and nodded. “I know… I know. I’ll take him with me tomorrow. At least I’ll be there to keep an eye on him. Won’t be any such accidents so long as he stays close to me.”

Erin smiled at Alec and planted a delicate kiss on his cheek. “Then make sure he stays nice and close. He nodded and smiled back. “I will.” He said.
"The most precious thing in life is its uncertainty. Leaving something incomplete makes it interesting and gives one the feeling that there is room for growth."

~Yoshida Kenkō

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