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Médecine Misérable
OOC Note:
This post was written with the help of @Rowgen (The Ranger Eledar Brightlance) , @McKnighter (The Therapist Noria Duskbinder) , @CappnRob (The Wretched) , and @Psycho who was just there for the free food.

The day was late in the Ghostlands, the worn home blending in to the hillside of the ever growing darkness of the oncoming night. In the doorway stood the doctor who awaited the arrival of his supply order. He was far from well-kept, yet his clothes were still somewhat stylish. His horribly managed hair was tied back in a loose ponytail. A hand went back to adjust the crooked knot that rest at the back of his neck as he watched the path ahead. If all goes well, his shipment should arrive any minute now. His theories he spent the past two years scratching down on ragged paper and carrying about in torn robes shall finally be tested. The corners of his lips twitched as he was filled with an almost uncontrollable excitement. It had been so long since he could actually carry out one of his experiments properly.

Escorted to the ragged doctor's home was a hawkstrider-driven carriage, cages replacing the casual seating for riders. Inside each of the cages were horrible, ugly things: elven in appearance, but almost undead in posture, their skin grey, and hair receded or entirely fallen out. Their builds were almost emaciated, eyes a hollow, dim-blue-- a grim reminder of when the hunger for magic consumes one entirely. They were Wretched.

A finely dressed woman was seated at the passenger side of the driving seat, her red hair kept into a professional bun. Her fel-green eyes light up her visage, one of tiredness and slight fatigue. It's past her normal bed time. A stern-faced Ranger clutched a lithe blade in his right hand walked beside the carriage, occasionally glancing in the direction of the captive Wretched. On those occasions, his face twisted into a grimace of disgust and scorn. His demeanor was grim, silent, and brooding.

The doctor's face lit up at the arrival of the carriage, letting out a chuckle of joy, "Oh, wonderful! Wonderful! All fifteen are here, yes? No need for less, but extra would be fine. Can always allocate extra to test groups." He approached the carriage as it stopped to look over the cargo. The smile on his face only grew, showing off his teeth, "Such lovely specimens you found..." The Wretched in the cages were none too happy about their accommodations. They growled and hissed, lashing at the bars angrily. "Releeeeaaaaassse uuussssss" "Enough of that!" snapped the Ranger, "Quiet! All of you, or I'll flay you alive!" He growled then looked to the doctor. "All fifteen. The scum were tricky to catch this time. Grown bold, some of them," he said, that scowl never leaving his face.

The doctor looked from the caged Wretched and to the Ranger, the grin plastered on his face, "And the therapist I hired. She is here also?" he slowly looked to the woman seated on the passenger seat. "Unless she fell off," the Ranger replied. The woman huffs softly, peering over at the squawking with a soft tut. "We're doing this for your own good. Hush." She slips out of her seat, strolling over to the gathered pair as one of the Wretched made a vain swiping at her, "I am here, thank you for your concern." The Ranger glared at the Wretched then looked to the Doctor, "Everyone is accounted for, then."

"Then I do believe introductions are in order. I am Doctor Lovar'thil Dire'belore. Hopefully one of my theories will be correct and we will see results that will return these Wretched to proper elves they were prior," the Doctor said with a quick bow. The Ranger returned the bow with one of his own, "Eledar Brightlance," he said, then added more thoughtfully, "I hope you can set them right again." The woman sends a glare towards the Wretched cages, straightening her vest as she nods her head towards the two. "Noria Duskbinder, I hope we'll be able to help these people. The Wretched are still kinsmen, despite their condition." "You wouldn't think," replied the Ranger in a curt tone.

Lovar'thil nodded before looking over to the Wretched, "I have a room cleared in my home with as many tables as I could prepare. I'll need assistance preparing the first three for testing." Noria peered around, frowning as she thought she had brought an assistant with her, "I'll be glad to assist, Doctor." "I want them off my hands," Eledar said glumly. "No worries," Lovar'thil said with a nod, "They'll be off your hands soon enough. Just... Wrestle them down to a table and restrain them."

The Ranger gave a half-hearted nod and stalked over to the cages. He produced a key and unlocked one of the cages. He seized one of the Wretched by the arm, yanking it out roughly, and slammed the cage shut. The Wretched howls and struggles with the Ranger furiously, "LET GO OF MEEEEE!" The other two attempt to tun out of the cage, only to have the gate slammed in their face. The Ranger bent the arm over the Wretched's back, forcing it to bend over in a bow as he locked the cage. "Lead the way, Doctor," he growled, more out of strain than anger, though there was plenty of either. The Wretched kicks and flails at the ground, hissing, fussing, and making a scene, "Gyaaaaaaah!! Noria steps over, sighing softly as she raises her hand to the captive Wretched, Her fingers trace along in a complicated pattern, forming a rune. The drawing then combines to a violet sphere, rushing towards the screaming Wretched. It would be simply absorbed into the body, forcefully subduing the impulse nerves, imposing a state of safety and less concern rather than fight-or-flight mode. The captive Wretched hissed and spit as the spell merged with its flesh, and within a few short seconds, begins to cough before relaxing, falling to its knees weakly.

Lovar'thil watched with his twisted grin, "Yes, yes. Come along," he said, motioning the others to follow. He made his way into the worn old home, the furniture's quality matching the exterior. Behind the living quarters was a fairly large room dedicated to being his study. Hundreds of books lined shelves, a desk in the corner was covered with papers, an alchemy set, and to the side sat three tabled with leather restraints. The tables were the only objects in the room free of dust along with a tray holding various surgical utensils. He gestured to the tables with a turning of his wrist, "Place him on whichever table is easier for you." The Ranger slammed the Wretched down on the first table, more rough-handed than strictly necessary to subdue the creature. He moved quickly to fasten the restraints as the Wretched began to squirm and kick helplessly, "Nooooooo! Untie me right now!" Noria frowns with the rough elfhandling, following along as she links her fingers together, "Shh, it'll be okay," she murmurs, striding around the table.

"Oh, 'untie me'! That's a first," the Ranger mocked, looking to Lovar'thil, "Never knew them to speak beyond curses and hissing." "We maaaay look horrid and weaaak to you, but ouuur miiindsss are still our own!" the Wretched spits. "He speaks truth, Eledar. This is what addiction does to us when we are at our weakest," Lovar'thil said as he gestured to the Wretched. He made his way to his desk and began arranging a few vials and tools, "Prepare two others. The other cages can be put in the basement." Eledar nodded and left the room. He returned with another, the process repeating until all three Wretched were restrained on their own table. Noria treated the Wretched with more of her emotion dampening magic as they resisted transportation, a soft frown crossing her lips as she watched.

Lovar'thil made his way to the three restrained Wretched, a tray of tools and vials in his hands. He sat himself down on a stood beside one of the Wretched and rest the tray at his side. He adjusted the glasses that sat on his nose, "Now, I understand you're upset, yes. I would be too if some person manhandled me out of my routine and strapped me down to a table. So allow me to elaborate," he smiled down to the restrained Wretched, "My name is Doctor Lovar'thil Dire'belore, and I am here to help. Though... This may hurt a little."
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The following night was one without rest for anyone. Lovar'thil slaved over his texts, trying to find the hundreds of scattered notes. As each paper was found, he quickly tacked it to the wall. As the hours passed the walls became covered in papers before everything was properly assembled. He looked across each paper, adjusting the glasses on his nose, "If my calculations are correct..." he looked back to the unconscious Wretched strapped to the table, "They should revert back to proper elves within an hour of treatment." He looked back to the note covered wall before walking to his desk. He readied a few remedies, each with different recipes for testing. One of the fifteen concoctions should work. If just one would work...

The first three were readied in a matter of only minutes. He readied the mixtures into nine separate syringes and set them into groups of three. He rest them carefully on the tray with perfect spacing between each. He opened a small book and quickly took to writing in carefully coded Thalassian.

Day one. Fifteen subjects were brought in each displaying extreme arcane addiction withdrawal symptoms. Aggression is rampant within each subject. Each has been silenced to protect all involved with the project. Three have been taken for the first experimental group. None have provided names. If names were forgotten or if they simply refuse to share their names are unclear. Mental status of each is currently under evaluation by Noria Duskbinder. The three undergoing experimentation first have been rendered unconscious for first administration of cure.

First subject I have named Adamme. Six foot two inches. One forty pounds. Unconscious for twenty minutes. He shall receive the Prototype XVL Remedy.

He rest his pen carefully, glancing back to the first Wretched to be wrestled down onto the table. He lifts the tray with the syringes and walked over. As he set the tray down, he took the first syringe and looked it over. He looked back to the Wretched and grinned only faintly as he stuck the needle in its arm. He covered the injection site with a cloth and made his way back to his book. He rest the syringe beside the book and took his pen in hand once more.

Second dosage will be administered once Adamme wakes. Estimated time, ten minutes.

Minutes turned into hours as he continued the process, recording each and every minor change in appearance and mental status.

Results trending in the positive. Wretched hostility appears to be on the decrease. More civil conversation, chance of attack decreasing with each hour. Meals given are only mana rich conjured foods currently -- hoping to wean them off the mana strudels soon. Rotation for next three shall be given only mana strudels with less mana each serving over the course of a week. Group two shall receive only Prototype XVL remedy. Group four shall receive minor fel treatments coupled with Prototype FK-93. Group five shall be the control group given normal strudels and a sugar water injection.
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[4:16:27 PM] Cristovao di Silvio ( @CappnRob): theres the bar. then theres the bottom of the barrel, then theres you sachi
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Day 2. Ten out of fifteen are showing signs of improvement. Adamme, Lithel, and Narel have shown most improvements. After first day of treatment, subjects on Prototype XVL Remedy have gained four pounds after first day and have already slowed mana ingestion. Addiction appears to be slowly stabilizing. All statistics trending in positive for all four test groups. Control group has shown no improvement.

Psychotherapy will be carried out by Noria Duskbinder to keep addiction controlled by Wretched patients. Sedation will no longer be necessary upon any treatment administrations.

Patient number fifteen of the control group has increased hostility. After an attempt to break free, additional restraints have been provided for all in test groups to ensure safety of all involved. Group one may leave the cages if positive trends continue until next day.
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[4:16:27 PM] Cristovao di Silvio ( @CappnRob): theres the bar. then theres the bottom of the barrel, then theres you sachi
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Day 4. Test group one has spent the last day outside of their cages. They have gained a considerable amount of weight in a short span. Hair growth seems to be returning. Appetite stabilized and requests for mana strudels are non existent. I declare test group one a success. Findings will be published and announced after short confrence with family.

Today may be the day this plague on our people will finally be cured. The Prince would have been proud.
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[4:16:27 PM] Cristovao di Silvio ( @CappnRob): theres the bar. then theres the bottom of the barrel, then theres you sachi

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