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Madahon Vinesong (Night Elf Druid)
'''Player''': [[User:imagenashyun|imagenashyun]]

'''Character Full Name''': Madahon Vinesong

'''Character In-Game Name''': Madahon

'''Nickname(s)''': Maddie, Dahon

'''Association(s)''': The Alliance

'''Race''': [[Night Elf]]

'''Class''': [[Druid]]

'''Age''': 71

'''Sex''': Male

'''Hair''': Shoulder-length leafy green, with a braid that holds back some of his hair.

'''Eyes''': Silver. Madahon has not developed his druidic skill enough to have amber eyes.

'''Scale''': 0.87

'''Weight''': 140 lbs

'''Height''': 6’1”


'''Usual Garments/Armor''': As Madahon is living with humans, he seldom wears kaldorei-cultured clothing unless custom ordered and while among other night elves. Otherwise, as everyday wear, his wardrobe tends to consist of gardening-appropriate gear, consisting of a sunhat, gloves, boots, and the occasional smock. When not doing his duties in the Colemann Estate, he wears simple culturally-neutral civilian clothing.

'''Other''': Madahon can be considered androgynous, as he is very lithe and soft in appearance. Whether this is due to his youth or not can be arguable.


'''Alignment''': Lawful Good

Despite his loss from Deathwing’s attack on Stormwind Park, Madahon is otherwise a bright, spirited, and vivacious young elf. Even if things like the loss of immortality and Xaxas’ return have placed Madahon in a constant state of caution, fear, and apprehension over his own mortality, Madahon usually chooses to spend his time brooding rather briefly before he faces the bigger picture of a brighter future. Madahon loves his fellow night elves and their social identity, and he is more than happy to talk one’s ear out about how great it is to be a kaldorei. He is talkative, chatty even. Though he bears in mind kaldorei manners and courtesy, when it comes to other races, he is fairly casual in approach but deep and formal in thought and demeanor. Though he isn’t a century old, Madahon has the contemplative thoughtfulness of an elder.

As he has spent his last decade in Stormwind City, Madahon is well-versed in knowledge of human and dwarven (and some gnomish and draenei) culture and faiths. While he is not a braggart (usually, at least), he is prone to throwing himself in philosophical and historical debate when the opportunity rises. This is because Madahon hopes to fully root himself with the people and issues the kaldorei usually do not associate themselves with. Madahon sees himself as a child of Azeroth rather than just a child of the kaldorei; for this reason, he is often pensive about issues that hang over the Alliance and their relationship with Horde.

This is not to say that Madahon is not prone to his own childish faults; after all, he is still green and inexperienced, and his own wisdom is primarily based on the pains he experienced and the words of his (also flawed) elders. Madahon is easily excitable and can be quick to offend; while he is not violent, his temper can flare with a few words. He can be prone to self-righteous tirades against those who are ignorant of his people, not realizing he may come off as xenophobic, haughty, or just flat out rude. He can be intrusive and pushy, stony on his opinions, and difficult to move or convince otherwise. All in all, Madahon is mature while he is not—thoughtful and deep yet quick to offense and intrusiveness. He can otherwise be pleasant company regardless of one’s thoughts and stances regarding night elves, druidism, and Elune.

A word of advice too all and anyone near Madahon—never leave one’s food unattended around him. Madahon is a very big eater with a figurative bottomless hole for a stomach, yet he never seems to gain weight. This can be attributed to constantly being physically active. Or maybe he does have a bottomless hole for a stomach.


Madahon was born to a long line of druids and priests in the northern regions of Ashenvale during the more peaceful years of Kaldorei society some decades prior to the devastation of Nordrassil during the Third War. Prior to that fateful day, Madahon grew up as a dutiful son to the pious Priestess of the Moon, Mapatia, and the devout Druid of the Grove, Terrim, as the only son and brother to four elder sisters. Even as a child, Madahon was drawn to this ways and histories of his people—the history of the Highborne and the Wars of the Ancients, the encounters with the Burning Legion, the Sisterhood of Elune, and Cenarius and the origins of druidism. Despite his age, Madahon was eager to take in his studies and engage in discussions and debates about the natures of Elune, the Highborne, and the Ancients. Because of his precocious nature, Terrim eventually decided upon showing him the basics of faith, though learning how to channel spells would have to wait until the boy would have reached his third century. As every decade would pass, Madahon would wait with great anticipation for when he would be old enough to learn the shapeshifting and healing spells of the druids. Before he would turn fifty, Madahon was set on becoming a Druid of the Grove, as he was hopeful to learn how to grow new trees and heal nature as it was damaged by the past wars and corruptions from the Legion.

During the Third War, the Burning Legion’s arrival in his region had driven out the kaldorei that lived there. As he was not strong enough to fight, Madahon moved and hid with other civilians as his father was awakened from the barrow dens and his mother marched to battle with the other priestesses. While he did not participate in the wars directly, Madahon witnessed the destruction of Nordrassil. Terrified of the resulting mortality, Madahon spent the aftermath of the War in the safety of Moonglade.

As Mapatia, Terrim, and their daughters swore their allegiance to the Alliance in gratitude for their help, Madahon did the same without much thought. While the other night elves would scatter across Kalimdor and the rest of Azeroth, the family made their way to Stormwind to learn more about the people that inhabit the other continent. The family picked up Common relatively quickly, and they exposed themselves to human, dwarven, and gnomish culture. This was not to say their attempts in connecting were without hardships, however; tensions regarding Kaldorei identity and faith would frequently clash with the other races, and eventually, the family would decide to hole themselves with their fellow kaldorei in the Stormwind Park. There, Mapatia and Terrim would devote themselves as guides and mentors to other night elves who decided to move into the Alliance capital city.

During this time, Madahon continued his studies in druidic faith and Elunite faith under his parents’ guidance. Eventually, one by one, the family separated as each member would have duties to perform. Mapatia would occasionally leave Stormwind to assist the defenses in Ashenvale, Terrim to the Cenarion Circle, and the sisters in the skirmishes against the Horde. Eventually, Madahon would be left alone among his family; he would be suggested to return to elven lands, but by this point, Madahon had grown attached to the people of Stormwind. He made a good number of friends in the Park, including a seasoned druid, Riyanoe, who would become Madahon’s mentor in place of his father. Madahon rarely left the city walls, and the only times he would interact with anyone who wasn’t a night elf were when he made his way to the Cathedral Square, where he engaged in philosophical and theological discussion and debate with anyone who tried to talk down about night elves and Elunite faith.

The years would pass, and the family visits to Stormwind lessened and lessened. Madahon would be sent letters from his parents and sisters of their respective struggles. Madahon prayed dearly to Elune in hopes his family would come home safely, and those prayers would be granted by the end of the campaigns against the Lich King in Northrend. With peace seeming imminent, Mapatia, Terrim, and the sisters all agreed to relax in Stormwind and stay together as a family for a good while.

Such a decision turned out to be fatal; Xaxas soared through the capital, destroying much of the city and the people in it. Madahon barely survived the attack—at the time, he was casually strolling by the canal southwest of the Cathedral Square when he was spared by the fires by falling into the water. His entire family, his mentor, his friends, and anyone else in the Park at the time, however did not survive. Mapatia, Terrim, Riyanoe, and the sisters’ remains were gathered with the other dead and buried at the expanding cemetery Stormwind Cemetery, where Madahon mourned for a long time.

Without having anyone to provide him food and shelter, Madahon sought out work, using his knowledge in tending plants and fluency in human culture to find him a job. He eventually obtained one as a gardener and general servant boy in the noble House of Colemann. There, Madahon would have a home and food, but the flight of Xaxas and the loss of his family would forever haunt him.

Though he has regular duties in the Colemann estate, both [[Elsamina|Lady Elsamina]] and [[Gunther|Father Gunther]] allow the kaldorei boy to travel for short periods of time to meet with other folk, especially his fellow elves. Beyond earning his keep in the estate and some allowance to freedom, Madahon has no solid direction to go. Though he still hopes to become a Druid of the Grove, right now, he is focusing on recovering from his close brush to death and the loss he is forced to face before he is ready.

Though he has regular duties in the Colemann estate, both [[Elsamina|Lady Elsamina]] and [[Gunther|Father Gunther]] allow the kaldorei boy to travel for short periods of time to meet with other folk, especially his fellow elves. Beyond earning his keep in the estate and some allowance to freedom, Madahon has no solid direction to go. Though he still hopes to become a Druid of the Grove, right now, he is focusing on recovering from his close brush to death and the loss he is forced to face before he is ready.

==Skills and Abilities==

As he is still very young, Madahon has not learned how to channel healing spells or shapeshift just yet. At current, he is moreso a druid in theory and religious practice, but not in magical power and ability. He knows how to tend and care for various flora and fauna, but he has to use tools and knowledge to heal rather than magic. Madahon very much has the potential to learn how to cast spells, but he would need a teacher who is willing to overlook his current station in life.

As a means of self-defense, Madahon is skilled with the quarterstaff. He is also capable of improvising combat using almost just about anything and everything around him at the moment—rocks and slings, spades and rakes, ladders, chairs, and so forth. To make up for his lack of magic, Madahon uses his surroundings to defend himself.

Due to living in Stormwind and frequently engaging in discussions and studies with humans, Madahon is very world-aware and well-read regarding history, culture, and especially religious faith among the other races of the Alliance.

[[Category:Character]] [[Category:Night Elf]] [[Category:Druid]] [[Category:GM]]
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[-] The following 2 users Like ImagenAshyun's post:
  • c0rzilla, CappnRob
Great profile, and an interesting (and plausible) take on an abornmal elf. I like it. I'm just going to point out a few things I'd like expanded on, however.

Firstly, his eyes. Assuming he was born with amber eyes (as he lacks the druidic skill to develop them on his own accord), how did his family react? Why wasn't he pressured to stay in elven lands? They go unmentioned in the history.

Why was he taught druidism so young? Of course, it's the very basics, his father was a druid, and he was a male - it's not impossible, but it needs some explanation. I recommend tieing in his eye colour to this.

Quote:There, Mapatia and Terrim would devote themselves as guides and mentors to other night elves who decide to move into the Alliance capital city.

Change this section to the correct tense, too! (decide -> decided)

The "decide" error is fixed, and the added expansions/explanations are highlighted in green. After some consultation, I decided to change his eyes to silver while I am under the presumption that silver is the default color of night elves' eyes (prior to magical druidism).
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]

[Image: RtK7PiZ.png]

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