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Magicfang's... Journal?
You see a rather crude and crummy book. If you can call it that. It looks more like a child's doodle book than anything else. It also reeks. The pages are yellow and crinkled, covered in wet stains. For some reason, you take a peek inside.

[Image: Magicfang1.png]

This page clearly shows the events of the gnoll Magicfang's day. There he stands, a victor over the bodies of Doyle, Kyramu and Boan. In his left hand is his magic staff of power. In the right is a bunny. Which he used to extort people for their shinies. Falling from the rabbit are many shinies! That day, he garnered upwards of thirty-five silver coins but lost five copper coins. The bodies are representative of his tournament fights in Gurubashi arena. He fought three times more than he should have since the goblin recognized him the winner of each match. He "technically" lost two, but they don't count as the elf Boan (TWICE!) and draenei Kyramu cheated. He beat up Doyle by BURNYIPing him and then thwacking him in the groin and head. He did not win the tournament though.

Course, unless you're a gnoll and Magicfang, this looks like a crude child's drawing of some monster on a pile of bodies. Bizarre.
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Lies and slander! Boan (I) did not cheat.
[Image: magicfang2.png]

Another page detailing the events of Magicfang's day. Clearly, it was a slow day for the gnoll. While in the forest of Elwynn, he ambushed the goat Ishani and demanded shinies from her, OR ELSE. She had no shinies. Seeing her doom was imminent, she pleaded that the powerful gnoll spare her life in exchange for her setting him up a profile to find him a mate. Magicfang realized he needed a good mate to help him conquer... something and have heirs to keep it. So he agreed and told her of all his prowess. She then fled before his superiority.

To those not a gnoll, it seems the crude monster is talking with what is assumed a badly drawn blue female. Judging from the shapes, it can be assumed that the monster was asking for coins but the female talked about a female monster (Assuming that's a bow on her head). The monster likes the idea? Interesting.
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(Loling. So hard.)
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
(I think I was just legally dead via laughter for a few moments there.)


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