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Shaman Land
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Horde Military Land
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Goblin Land
3 12.00%
I got a better idea!
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Mathias Mumbles: Lok'tar Ogar(Horde Custom Locations)
I swore a year ago I wouldn't get a blog, yet here I am. I'm sorry, past self.

Last night, I released Liam's Rest, a build project that I wasted a few months on because I would sometimes get lazy and abandon it for awhile. Anyone that has been there, I hope you enjoy it so far. However, there is a problem. We have an Alliance Noble Estate and we have Liam's Rest. Two Alliance locations that use the patch, but no Horde locations. Well, I made a promise to Kretol that I would build a Horde location in the future and, just to note, I am not saying I'm going to get started on building immediately. I do have my own life and my own work that prevents me from RPing, and I'm not about to risk bad grades for the WORST FACTION EVER.

With that in mind, I thought I would get opinions from the community. Do not suggest anything for the blood elves or the Forsaken. This location should lean more towards Old Horde/Orcs, which the goblins totally count as because Warcraft 2. Anywhere, here are some sort and simple ideas that I gathered, but do want to hear what the community would want.

1) A location fitting for shamans, perhaps a place where they all gathered at to communicate with the elements/ancestors, and that has seen a sort of population boom of refugees since some people don't want to live in Garrosh's Orgrimmar. It would use old Horde designs, so no towers of black metal and spikes. I'd say the place would be like a school, but not sure if a singular location for shamans works well for a school, unless they're kids learning from wise old shamans.

2) Garrosh's Reach. A camp for training new recruits how to survive against Night Elves in their own forest. Some metal and spikes, but not built on it. It's safe behind Horde lines and is there to help orcs understand how to survive Ashenvale (so long as we ignore some of the books that make it sound like orcs know Ashenvale better than the Kaldorei do).

3) Goblin Operations. "Resources exist to be consumed, and consumed they shall be!" exclaimed the mogul of a prominent Bilgewater corporation, who unveiled plans for fueling the Horde warmachine and turning the land into "very nice vacation spots". This would also be a research center and general resource gathering operation center for goblins. Cut down trees, test out experimental equipment, try to study and (fail to) utilize technologies that will DEFINITELY work this time, I swear, don't cut funding.

That's all I got. Opinions welcome.
As someone who once spent an inordinate amount of time scouring the world for Orc RP locations (pre-Cata), I think a calm, Old Horde-styled village is my favorite choice for first on the list. Orcs don't really have that many good housing options aside from Rocktusk Farm, at least as far as I know. Having something like that would open up the possibility for people to pretend it's a guild or tribe base or to use it as a meeting place for Shamans (as you already mentioned). Granted I don't know how many people use the custom GObject patch (a few people I talked to seem to think it's too difficult to install) but it being guild-friendly would probably draw more people to it.
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The people who having trouble could contact myself or another person with the patch to help them. It's as easy as putting the patch in the data folder, replacing your .exe with a cracked one (that can be provided) and then making sure you see a flame-spitting murloc on GMI.
I like goblins.

But the shaman village is most likely useful as a whole. I've seen complaints that there are too many goblin locations as-is, and while I don't necessarily echo that I can see where the complaint comes from.
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I would think that a small little village would be a nice place to have. Or, hell, maybe you could knock out two areas with one. If that dual-island south of Tanaris is still around, perhaps you could have one island for goblins and one for Orcs.
Aye - the pleasure palace could use a portal, but that's about it. Goblins have plenty of places that they can RP, only people don't use them. At least when people actually play Goblins. The shaman/refugee location would be a great idea, but the refugee aspect more so once we get into MoP, if we do.

Some small customized places for Trolls and Tauren would be nice too, if only people played them. It'd be a waste of GM labor to make anything for those two races considering that the server barely ever sees interest in Tauren for any extensive amount of time.
[Image: anim_500.gif]
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  • Kaghuros
Shaman Land looks the popular choice, but still gonna give this another day.

I hope you're happy, @Kretol
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  • Kretol
Moocow place.
[Image: dean2s.png]
Shaman village would be cool... I have yet to setup the custom patch after I reinstalled wow, the last time i tried I failed miserably and screw'd up my thing, had to get a cracked launcher thing to fix it. Maybe I will try again soon.
[Image: pj3isZU.gif]

[Image: 43883.png]
I vote for Garroshland
I really like the shaman idea; Sounds like it could be some kind of spiritual retreat.
[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]
The foot of an active volcano.

But yeah, I totally favor a blend of Goblin and Orc themes.
[Image: yEKW9gB.png]
I'd really like to see more spiritual areas for Orcs, truth be told.
10,000 days in the fire is long enough,
You're going home...
People want Shaman Land, that much is obvious, so it seems that's my next (terrible) build project. I'm not going to start immediately, as I have enough on my plate in real life, but when I feel I got time, I'll be looking for a place to build and start building... once I figure out what layout I want.
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