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May Coldlight [Human]
Player: zenethen

Character Full Name: May Coldlight

Character In-Game Name: May

Nickname(s): N/A

Association(s): The Northern Fist

Race: Human

Class: Fighter

Skills and Abilities:

Bear’s Endurance; Being a veteran of the cold north, May has gained an endurance to cold temperatures beyond most all others. This comes in handy not only in the frozen north, but also when dealing with frost magic as she has a slight resistance against the lesser frost magics. However, her adaptation to cold temperatures makes her more susceptible to harm from heated sources.

Age: 26

Sex: Female

Hair: Neck-length, colored auburn.

Eyes: Dark blue

Weight: 169 lbs

Height: 5’ 5”

Usual Garments/Armor: She is usually found in a basic set of brown plate armor, the tabard of The Northern Fist, and wrapped in a mammoth fur cloak. When outside of armor, she is in a simple set of brown clothing.

Other: N/A

Alignment: Neutral Good


May’s personality was shaped by the environment she began taking as her home; Northrend, the cold land of death. The cold north has taught her that if one does not work together with others, death is only a few steps away. May will usually treat nicely those that give off a neutral expression of their own, but she can also be a very cold fighter – revealing her past in her willingness to fight and kill if necessary. She is generally quite kind and caring for her comrades, and never truly wishes to see any of them die.


May Coldlight was born the only child of a former guard captain of Stormwind and his wife. Her first three years of life in Lordaeron soon passed by her childish eyes before the Coldlight family moved back to Stormwind with the conclusion of the Second War. May’s father took up a position as a guard captain of Elwynn Forest, and the girl herself grew up with her father as somewhat of an anti-idol. While she did love her father, the older man was often rarely home, and when he was, it was with other guards that left her ignored.

May’s mother raised her for the majority of her life until she was sixteen. In her rebellious teen years, she sought to join a local group of bandits for an ‘adventure’. Under the guidance of the bandit leader, she became a very worthwhile addition to the band of thieves, often raiding caravans and merchants that passed their portion of the road.

When May was in her early twenties, the bandits she was with were caught – quite ironically by her own father. She herself was successful in escaping the struggle, though she did encounter a swift pursuit from her father. She and her father had a brief stand-off on a dock at western Elwynn before she set off in the small fishing craft.

May could only think of one place to go – North. The fishing craft surprised even May when it survived the journey north, only to shatter to driftwood upon the shores of Northrend. May’s bandit gear did not long keep her safe in the cold forests of the Howling Fjord, and she nearly died of hunger were it not for one person discovering her there - Lopolo, a wandering tauren.

Lopolo brought her to his camp and tended to her needs, introducing her to the cold land that was Northrend. The two had a bond for each other that was not easily broken, and May acknowledged the wrongs she had committed as a bandit in Elwynn. In response to her past, Lopolo offered her training if she would aid him in one of his endeavors – the safe-keeping of Northrend for its few rugged citizens.

May grew to be a loyal companion to Lopolo in the new idea of keeping the cold north a relatively safe place for its inhabitants. They began gaining some others under their banner, each with the same idea of keeping Northrend a safe place, or at least reaping the just rewards of aiding the people of Northrend. They called themselves the Northern Fist, and have done multiple ventures in the cold north.

Of current time, May has continued to serve under Lopolo as his second-in-command, eagerly seeking to ‘regain her honor’ by seeking what she sees as her destiny – to help the infirm of the north. She found purchase in Solace Village when the Northern Fist acquired their own run-down establishment: the Prancing Yeti. From this run-down inn, May organizes what she can for the Northern Fist’s success.
Good job. Very few errors and none of them are of great enough consequence to justify detaining this profile.

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