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Merewen S. Dawnsend (Blood Elf Mage)
Character Full Name: Merewen Sundreamer Dawnsend

Character In-Game Name: Merewen

Nickname(s): Merry, Mer

Association(s): Kirin Tor

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Mage

Skills and Abilities: Due to the training from her adoptive mother, her aggressive studies, and her pursuit with the Kirin Tor, Merewen as taken the long journey of becoming a warmage. Though she has lost the aptitude any sort of ranged spell-casting, she is a formidable melee combatant focusing her power to deal damage up close.

Age: 20

Sex: Female

Hair: Her hair is naturally black but will change to whatever she feels the mood for.

Eyes: Green

Weight: 91

Height: 5’ 2”

Usual Garments/Armor: Merewen is often too busy venturing about in her armor since she is always training or on duty. However, she will dress for the occasion: a lovely dress for special events, or just a normal shirt and pants for when she desires to be casual.


Before she was discovered by Reigen, Merewen always kept to herself. She always felt beneath her Cartel employers and their clients, down to the very tavern patron. She was a shy, and often scared individual. Now, however, Merewen has been freed of her many shells and can be quite the social butterfly. This, however, does not change her trust in strangers which remains little to none. She will be polite to those who deserve it, and strike an attitude with those who don’t.


Merewen grew up much like the other Sin'dorei, but her path took a bit of a turn. She was placed into an arcane academy, as her parents hoped she would become a notable mage one day. Merewen started young, but that was no issue for her. She soared through the classes, and learned just as quickly as the other students. Passing with flying colors, Merry's education seemed to have a bright future ahead of her.
That is until one day a jealous classmate decided to ruin Merry's life. Merewen had gained the attention of a male classmate, a relationship which another student, Selein, did not care for. With her all gullibility, Merewen was tricked by Selein who disguised herself as an instructor. After class hours, Selein had ordered Merewen to retrieve a few tomes from the arcane library and then meet her outside of the city. Merewen obeyed as she would, but Selein never appeared. Merewen was left with books she was unauthorized to have.

She hesitantly went to class the next day, with Selein telling her a dreadful lie. Merry was informed that the books stolen were some of the most important books in the library, and that whoever was found with them would be severely punished. After that day, Merewen had taken the books and fled the city in fear of the consequences. Truth be told, the books were not so important and they had multiple copies. Regardless, Selein's plan had worked and Merewen was never seen again.

Fortunately for her, she did not endure the Third War and the destruction of her beloved city. She moved about the world, town to town, desperate and alone. She had first moved to Stratholme, then to Lordaeron, and progressively travelled elsewhere. Instead of seeking refuge, Merry resorted to theft, and became nothing more than a street urchin. And when her people had turned to fel addictions, she quickly fled from the Eastern Kingdoms.

Since then, Merry travelled the world, trying to find work in order to feed herself. Occasionally, though fearfully, she read from the arcane tomes she had stolen and learns from them. Of course, without an instructor her power was unstable and unpredictable. Everyday she meditated in order to control her addictions. She did often force herself to communicate with stray warlocks and magi in order to help satiate the curse she bears among her people. Still, she sometimes performed magic tricks to entertain and profit from in order to feed herself; or she would aid aforementioned warlocks and magi for compensation. For a time, she feared returning home, unaware that her parents were dead, and that no one was truly after her. Since then, she stayed in goblin cities, doing odd jobs for food that could barely pass as edible.

Meeting 'Mother'

Upon working for the Cartel, Merewen crossed paths with Reigen Talah'manore, a notorious mage but unknown to the street urchin. It was no simple encounter, as Reigen would steer Merewen's life in a positive direction. Upon seeing Merewen as a struggling mage, she decided to aid the young elf in training and better understanding of the mysterious arcane tomes that she toted around. Though Merewen was hesitant to reveal her books, Reigen had prodded deep enough into Merewen's past and uncover the dark truth of her ill fate. Miss Talah'manore found out Merewen never finished her training, having fled Silvermoon City.
Reigen pursued her home to clear Merewen's name and investigate the matters further. It was then Reigen came across the architect of Merewen's predicament, Selein. With a casual conversation turned into a bombardment of emotional and physical pain, Reigen murdered Selein and left her corpse in a pond. Upon return, Reigen told Merewen that her name was cleared, and immediately after thanking her caretaker, Merewen set off to finish her training and continue on. When all was done, Reigen took Merewen into her household as one of her own.

The Kirin Tor

Merewen was always seen as a faster learner, having excelled far in her classes back in Silvermoon. It wasn't until shortly after she was recommended to serve with the Kirin Tor in Dalaran. It was there Merewen began her training as a warmage, a nimble and magical fighter on the battlefield. Though still honing her skill as she serves her powerful masters of the arcane, Merewen has surpassed expectations and has become more powerful than she had ever been.
[Image: shootersig_zpsadbf1421.jpg]

Izshandriel Dreamstalker - Leader of the Izshani (Night Elf)
Merewen Sunfire - Warmage of the Kirin Tor (Blood Elf)
Aoen Stardancer - Commander of the Ninth Regiment
Aliandril "Nightshade" Dreamstalker - The Uncanny Priestess

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
― Frank Zappa

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