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Minor comeback
Alright, alright. So I've had my fair share of non-WoW RP, and now i'm fine with coming back on CoTH to meet new partners and get back in touch with others. Of course, as it says in the title, this is a -minor- comeback, meaning I won't be around nearly as much as I used to be last time.

Regardless, it's nice to be back and harass all of you with my nonsense, even though not all of you were affected by the brain-numbing nonsense... Yet.

See you peoples around.
What happens if a bowl of Tauren spills into Wednesday on a bed of six o'clock?
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Minor comeback, big welcome back. :>
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[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]
As before, Talesta isn't up for RP, but everyone else is.

Knowing myself, I might just spit out alts at a rate of five per day, so yeaaaahhh...

But thanks, guys!
What happens if a bowl of Tauren spills into Wednesday on a bed of six o'clock?
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
Not /YOU/ again?!
Yorrick Von Überwald - Night-Watch member, Alliance soldier, Worgen hunter, adventurer and cuddly mass of muscles and fangs at times.

All dem alts :
Altaally - Super spacegoat from planet Baaaa with hooves that makes "clip-clop".
Emily Arlendel - "Have you heard about the Light yet?" Missionnary and doctor.
Nilsaanai Silverwhisper - Priestess in training and fully clothed elf.
Julia Torl - "Bar fight!" Brawler, brat and inactive charact-.. Eh, oops.
Eleanor Sunbloom - A mage who has no problem passing through doors.
Chayton Thornhands - George, George, George of the Jungle...

Here lies :
Kalisha Lokar, Deacon of the Church of the Holy Light. Wanna be everybody's friend.

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