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Mount and Blade.
Game info; http://www.taleworlds.com/

On that page you can buy and download the game as well as find the cool mods. Remember that a key once bought will work for any of their versions of M&B.

If you want a quicker and cheaper way, this torrent does the work, no viruses (that I could find, even after player for a few days and doing some scans) and no installation needed, just download, unzip and play!

(PS; The torrent is for version 1.03 of the game, the latest version, if you search I am sure you´ll find earlier versions if you find a mod designed for a previous version)

This game is pure awesome.

You decide your backround (to whom were you born? Merchant, noble, steppe-nomad etc. What did you do as a kid? noble´s page, shop-assistant etc. What did you do just recently? Trader, game poacher, squire etc. Gender and features as well as skills and other) then you are placed on a world map to do almost anything you want, either trading, selling your sword, serving a king (or khan) becoming a rebel lord with your own castle or city, or perhaps support a throne claimant regain/take his/her kingdom/khanate back.

To that add all the different mods (there is a Warhammer mod in the making that looks pretty darn good, and the "Hegemony" mod as well as the Hundred Wars mod). There is also editors which alowes you to change the map, add/edit units and... well... there´s a -lot- to do in this small, quickly downloaded game.

Try it. Now.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Is it...online in some way, or just a solo kind of game?
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Mah babehs. I'm watchin' you, government.
It is, at the moment at leat, only single-player.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

First, Rensin's Dwarf Fortress, now this!?

I'm gonna be stuck on it for weeks, months even!

Tsk, tsk, tsk...
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Thank you, Nos.

Because of this, I'll continue my progression to becoming a nocturnal, pale, computer-obsessed zombie. Now there's no hope left.
::Sits on a desk beside Rakk and proceeds to become/act as "a nocturnal, pale, computer-obsessed zombie" with'em::

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Sadly I have no idea how to assemble the files into one game... Does anyone know how I would assemble the .rar files in the torrent?

Edit: Thank you Mikain.
You don't, they are all just the parts of the whole rar. You actually don't have to touch the individual pieces. Just find and unzip the one that has .rar at the end.
I'm absolutely confused as Kaghuros is/was. After it was done torrenting, I opened the file. No .rar

Any help on putting this thing together?

Edit: Nevermind the above statement. But, there's still a problem. I unzipped the .rar file, but I can't figure out how to play the cracked version.
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