Poll: Should RP move to Shattrath as a hub?
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20 40.00%
9 18.00%
Not sure.
5 10.00%
16 32.00%
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Move RP to Shattrath?
It's funny. People like a specific place, but ask others to do the work. A hub is good, but only for one reason. So you can begin your adventure. I remember when people used to RP in two's. Back then it was hard to find RP or even make it, it was so exclusive. Now you walk into a tavern and there's a bunch of everything. Now, instead of asking for a new hub, why not just make use of the one that's here now and move the RP that begins there to the location you enjoy. I don't mean making a new hub, i mean finding that group and creating that storyline for yourself.

A hub is good because it can mean the beginning of an adventure, go into a packed place and come out with a group which you can have fun and explore Azeroth with and create the storylines you think they may like. It doesn't matter where the hub is, it's just great to have a place where everyone is open and willing to RP with anyone, it means that you -can- move the RP anywhere and it's not that hard. What your asking is everyone to move to the place you like. But everyone has different views. In my opinion, who cares where the hub is. Use it to begin your ideas and lead people to new and fun RP adventures.
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Personally I'd -love- to see moar arpee in Arathi, or Stormwinz.

It's not like after a big warish thing there, people are gonna pack up and say "Oh, haeh, let's stop fighting/conquering, toodles." Atleast, completely... nou?
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Now that seems to imply that all the rp ever exists in Booty Bay. I know that's not the case.
But since I came here to CotH (since October 09) there has been a majority of the RP in Ratchet at first and now BB.
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For my main character, Booty Bay was perfect. It's the perfect sleazy hangout for less-than-lawful individuals, and I really like the aesthetics to it, too. Shattrath, on the other hand, has plenty of room for the same type of people (in the Lower City), but it is also a sensible host for, well, everyone else, too.

I would actually prefer Dalaran. I love both cities about equally, but I feel like Shattrath is a little outdated. Dalaran appears as though Blizzard kept RP in mind when they made it, because there's so much interesting places to hang out. Furthermore, a lot of people dislike Shattrath and would rather play in a more (relatively) conventional city.

The only issue I could expect is lag, because those are two of the highest detail places in the game. But that shouldn't be a very big issue, since CotH's population is pretty small anyways.
I say no. The reason? Shattrath is a messed up place. I don't like the set-up, and there's practically no reason anyone would need to go there IC'ly other than probably draenei and paladins. Or priests. Or... People stuck in Outland, which I tell you, that doesn't happen that often. Seriously.
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