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Mugg [Dwarf Warrior] (Reprofiling)
Well, I reprofiled Mugg because I think his former profile was not looking like what Mugg is now, and sincerely, it was ugly. So, I made some changes to it, such as Mugg's personality, a few minor ones in his history (Btw, I noticed his history is very short. If you want me to add more details, just tell me!), added skills and abilities, etc.

Player: PhilGobatto

Character Full Name: Mugg Stormbraid

Character In-Game Name: Mugg

Nickname(s): Mugg of [insert alcoholic beverage here].

Association(s): The Regiment, The Explorer's League, Ironforge.

Race: Dwarf

Class: Warrior

Skills and Abilities:

- Cannonbaaaall!: Mugg channels his energy towards his legs, performing a jump that may cover great distances, in high speed. This may be used to jump over obstacles or to charge on enemies, transforming Mugg in a living wrecking ball. (Heroic Leap)

- I can do this, hold my beer: Mugg focuses a large amount of rage into giving him temporary superstrength, thus being capable of great deeds, such as slamming the ground and causing a shockwave that deals damage to those around him (Thunder Clap) or create cracks on the enemy's armour/shield (Colossus Smash). Using this ability consumes much of Mugg's energy, and thus, is used very carefully by him.

- Let's play frisbee! Wait, no...: Recently, Mugg has developed a fighting tactic in which he throws his shield at the enemy like a frisbee, using it to cause impact upon the enemy and destabilize them.

Age: 98

Sex: Male

Hair: Long, red. An also long beard with braided mustaches.

Eyes: Blue.

Scale/Height: Uh, what's the standard scale? The one we spawn with? It's that one.

Usual Garments/Armor: Mostly seen wearing the armour of the Regiment.

Personality: Mugg is your standard dwarf. He enjoys drinking, fighting (even if it's just sparring with a friend), exploring... He has a deep passion for the latter, having joined the Explorer's League in light of that. He hungers for discovery, often going out in expeditions all across Azeroth and Outland.

Another thing that is very outstanding in Mugg is his dwarven patriotism. He will proudly defend Khaz Modan against any threats - a fact that made him join the Regiment. He is also a worshipper of the Titanic Pantheon. That patriotism doesn't mean he considers other races and cultures inferior, though. Except for (cliché dwarf strikes again!) those damn elves. Mugg finds most of them too arrogant. Indeed, there are few elves in this world he would not like to punch in the face.

He is good humored most of the times, principally under the effects of alcohol. A good drink is the best way to start off a friendship, says Mugg. Mugg if very loyal to his friends, and will come to their aid without needing to be asked twice.

History: Mugg was born into the Stormbraid family in Ironforge. The Stormbraids were a wide, prosperous family of warriors and crafters. During his youth, Mugg was an avid party-goer, frequenting many taverns in Ironforge and other cities of Khaz Modan.

However, as time went on, the Second War started and Mugg answered the call to protect his homeland from the orcish invaders. He did little during the conflict, mostly patrolling the land and participating in minor skirmishes against the orcs.

After the war, Mugg returned to his former routine, until the Explorer's League was founded in year 21. Mugg promptly joined it. The League offered the life of adventures he was looking for. He thus started to embark in expeditions all around the world, sometimes in name of the League, sometimes in his own adventures.

Recently, Mugg joined a dwarven military organization known as The Regiment, and now he works with them in order to defend Khaz Modan.
Everything's good and dandy here (an enjoyable read!) but I'm afraid you'll have to emit the names of the first and third skills. As a blanket rule, we don't allow direct IRL references in profiles, and, despite being pretty funny, they'll have to go.
[Image: RtK7PiZ.png]
Alright, it's nothing that matters really much anyway. Getting new names in a sec!
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
[Image: anim_500.gif]

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