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My Introduction

1. First things first! Did you read the rules, policies, and FAQs?

-- I did. I read them once, took care of my profile and read all the stickies, then read them again. I even bookmarked them, just in case they're subject-to-change. (The rules are, after all, a major focal point to any server, website, company, school, or anything else. Possibly the major focal point. But I digress.)

2. How did you hear about us?

-- Well, this one requires a lot of explaining, and might possibly answer more than one question. You see, I've always been a roleplayer. (I started gaming while roleplaying, and I didn't even know what roleplaying was at the time.) This being the case, I would always spend my time on RP and RP-PvP servers (much to the 'amusement' of my PvP playing friends!) However, first I saw not only retails economy (at the switch to TBC) rapidly decline, but also it's Roleplay aspect. Disgusted, I switched to private servers before anyone had even heard of Wrath of the Lich King. Of course, I always stayed on retail (albeit, I admit, on a PvP server. The RP/-PvP servers just seemed like a waste of time at this point), but my major focus was on private servers. At first, I reveled in the prospect of the new content, and researched databases, display ID's, custom gear, and everything else. I even learned (a variant of) C++. However, behind all the hype, there was always the sense of something lacking. I never forgot the fact that even these private servers didn't seem to have any RP at all. And of course, after awhile, like most private server veterans I know, everything just got boring. The 'noobs' constantly begging for things that the rules expressly forbid, people asking questions that were answered a hundred times in the course of a single day, the people who were playing just to be overpowered and kill everyone else, abusive Game Masters, power-hungry admins, and all the other types of miscreant. It seemed I was alone in this gaming world. Eventually I found a roleplay server, EchelonedWoW, and played it for a long time. However, soon I realized it was just a repeat of all the rest, only with more people like me. As I met these people I heard their tips, complaints, and told them mine. For awhile it was bearable, but then I left the Echeloned scene. Only recently, though, I actually decided to continue my never-ending search. After a search of Xtremetop100, I found nothing, so I finally did the obvious, and googled 'WoW RP private server'. This was the second link, and after reading the summary I came here with legendary speed.

3. How did you get into RP?

-- As I said, I actually started off my MMORPG career roleplaying without ever even knowing it. I kept in-character names and acted like my character the whole time. However, I assumed I was just weird because, starting out on a PvP server, I didn't know any better. But I looked up the Roleplay system on Blizzard's site and was intrigued, so I started playing. And immersed myself into a dreamworld that, all to sadly, didn't last long.

4. How did you get into Warcraft?

-- When I was younger, my cousins turned me on to Diablo. After a lot of mooching, I bought my own. Later, I found Warcraft III and got it, allured by the fact it was by the same company as Diablo. I'm a fan of strategy games as well as RPG games, so I enjoyed it, and got Frozen Throne. One thing just led to another, and I got WoW.

5. What is your favorite race/class?

At the start of my World of Warcraft career, I was extremely interested in Night Elves (though now, I mostly play Blood Elves, simply because I prefer Horde). My first two characters were Night Elves, a Druid and a Hunter. My third was a Human Rogue. From the beginning, I disliked the Human race (but I did enjoy Goldshire), so I switched back to Night Elves for awhile (this time, rolling Rogues, which came easily to me). I played a Dwarf Paladin to win a bet, and then an Undead Warlock. At the end of it all, I had a Night Elf Rogue, a Human Paladin, and my original Undead Warlock. I would have to say, based on this, Night Elves are my favorite race, simply because they seemed so mysterious to me, and because they introduced me to World of Warcraft in the beginning. Running a close second is the Forsaken. The story behind them and their questline was always a lot of fun for me. Plus, you start out in a crypt. Seriously! As to favorite class, Rogue. Warlocks and Paladins are fun and all, but I'm not one for a magic user. (Though I was very good at the Paladin class, I disliked it. 'Healing myself' just didn't seem right, especially since, when RPing as a Paladin, I would normally pray to a patron deity for my spells, and that, to me, seemed more of the priest-role, because right after that I'd tank in a raid. I loved the role, true, but non-RP wise, I simply disliked the Paladin class in general.) Rogues though: My characters, most always, are very mysterious, very merciless, and slightly antisocial. This by no means makes them bad people (as very few are, actually), but by circumstance raised into who they became. I would elaborate, but that would reveal several character aspects I believe best left alone until we meet in-game, or at least the Character Profile section.

6. What is your favorite kind of character to play?

-- I'm beginning to think I should stop elaborating so much, to keep from repeating myself. But that's just how I am, and more information is always better than less. Anyway, my favorite kind of character to play is a mysterious, troubled sort of wanderer. Sometimes I would have a character who's family was murdered in some event, thus making him scared of becoming too close to people, for fear of losing them. Sometimes, I would have a character who was extremely wise, and therefore extremely burdened. He would always seem to be lost in thought, and never loose-lipped. However, after spending time with him you would always realize he never said anything without reason. Now, though, when thinking of a new character (for no two should ever be the same, in my opinion), I always tend to take aspects from my other characters and work them into a solid, fresh past. You'll see.

7. What is your favorite kind of RP?

-- Honestly, in my opinion, there are no 'RP types'. On most servers I have actually seen roleplay, people are always like 'LF village RP'. That's fine and all, if they like that, but I don't usually join things like that. I prefer to meet with someone in a chance setting, build a relationship with them, and then roleplay based on my relation ship with my character, their character personality, and our combined interests. However, when I'm not 'in charge' of an RP, I tend to just go along with the flow, because disrupting an RP is always bad, because you're injuring other players fun, or plans and ideas, fully knowing what you're doing and being totally selfish about it. It's never good, for both parties. I believe I got seriously off-topic there, sorry about that.

8. Do you have any hobbies (outside of Warcraft)/talents/stupid human tricks?

-- I really enjoy spending time with my friends (mainly my girlfriend). It's one of my favorite things, mostly. We'll go eat, or swim, or go to the movies, whatever. I also enjoy most sports, especially soccer, and I jog every morning. When not with a buddy, I'll normally go hiking, or head down the lake. Sometimes I watch TV, but I don't get that into it. I love video games though. I'm more of a classic player: Games like Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy 9. However, I enjoy modern games like Halo 3, Oblivion, and Fable II. Also, I read quite a bit.

9. What country are you from?

-- I live in the U.S. (though I was born in London). Normally I alternate between Texas and Louisiana. I speak English, and some French.

10. Remember question #1? Do you agree to abide by the rules and policies?

-- *clicks 'I Agree'* Yes, yes I do. And I will also regularly read them to keep myself fresh, and to check out any changes that may occur.
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Welcome to the server!
Thanks a lot, I'm really looking forward to it.
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