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My Island Home
Hey all,

So I enrolled in an archaeological field school until the 9th of July. It's been a blast so far but while the website said it had internet access, that's been limited to wifi in a pub 2 miles away or mobile broadband in the lab which goes whenever the sun is shining, so for the moment I'll be unable to continue in my nerdy ways. On the upside, I've gotten rid of my pasty complexion and replaced it with a nice bright burn. I've got a mile hike up a mountain at 8:30 every morning which sucks but it's leaving me healthier than I've been since I started in college. Loving the outdoors and the publife, but while I'll drop a line from time to time, I'm pretty much gone for the next six weeks. Sorry for the short warning, didn't think I'd need to be absent.

Oh, how very fascinating! That sounds like a lot of fun -- minus the whole 'net thing.

Don't worry about the images that you uploaded on the wiki. I added them to the bottom of your character's profile in an image gallery so that they wouldn't show up as being unused any more. When you finally create the article, you can either remove the images or keep them on the page.

Have fun and be safe!
A belated thanks, Piroska. I got back a week ago and I figured I'd just say that I haven't left the server, I've just got a lot on my plate at the moment. I won't be returning to normal activity for a while but I'll keep up on the forums so that I don't feel lost if there's been a lot of changes while I'm not around :P
I was gonna say welcome back but that didn't seem to fit the bill, so I'll just say that I hope you return once things calm down a bit. Have fun!
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Hey, forgot to post before I left :P

I'm on another dig on the same island for a few weeks. I got asked to come back as a supervisor for a few weeks so I'll be pretty out of touch with the world.


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