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My behavior.
I'm not using this as an excuse, but to perhaps give you guys some insight. I've got emotional problems (definitely baggage), and while I have never been diagnosed, it has been largely agreed on by my family that I am most likely bipolar. These last few days have been tough on me - I don't deal well with change and it is something that I am constantly working on. So, I apologize. I have these moments of clarity where I stop and think, "wtf did I do last night" and then feel like a shit.
There is no need to apologise, it is fine. Everyone loses track of how what they are doing affects other people at times.
Hun, I am bi-polar as well and I understand completely. I would also say to people that the sometimes -moody- type behavior of a bi-polar person is NOT reflective of who that person is at the core. It's simply a matter of your endocrine system not producing the correct balance of certain hormones and chemicals in your brain. This is not something we have control over. At the same time, we are far from the stereotypes represented in the media.

Just needed to add this as I am a long time advocate of bringing about better understanding for mood disorders. The stigma generally attached to this is overwhelmingly negative even in a society that is supposed to be more enlightened.

Feel better <3
Isebella Drudaen - Merchant, entrepreneur and fire mage.
Drusilla - Shadow Priestess and Mistress of all things sadistic.
Thanks, Bella. <3

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