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Myrin Ruavia [Sin'dorei Priest]
Player: Absurdkoala

Character Full Name: Myrin Ruavia

Character In-Game Name: Myrin

Nickname(s): Mr. Ruavia

Association(s): The Horde, House Senn'raethi

Race: Sin'dorei

Class: Priest

Skills and Abilities: Simple Light control and expansive knowledge of other races religious/spiritual practices

Age: 863

Sex: Male

Hair: Long messy black hair

Eyes: Very light green

Scale/Height: 0.9

Usual Garments/Armor: Myrin constantly wears robes five times too big. He carries his favorite staff along with a tome crafted specifically for Myrin as it even has his name engraved into it.

Other: Moderate Abjuration Corruption: Myrin's time using the arcane hasn't payed off completely in his favor. Dealing with non-restricting trust issues and social nervousness.

Personality: Myrin may be constantly nervous but he doesn't bend over backwards for most people. His unwillingness to follow orders from people stems from his corruption, while he doesn't rebel in outrageous ways he just simply sees everyone he doesn't know as a threat. To those who have earned his trust he's a very loyal scholar who tries to bring the best out in people.

History: Myrin was born in a common family without a large abundance of wealth to use. Being an only child, while Myrin's parents were away they would leave him with his grandfather who had practiced the use of arcane his whole life. During their time together Myrin would learn the basics about the use of the arcane, never getting any actual practice with the use. Even in the beginning Myrin started to become engrossed by abjuration, he never considered himself much of a fighter or craftsman so the other uses of arcane felt like wasted potential.

After 18 years of focused study and no formal use of arcane, Myrin wasn't very confident in his abilities, or didn't know if he had any yet. His parents managed to build up enough money and sent little Myrin away to the arcane school that rested on the land owned by House Senn'raethi. When he first arrived he wasn't very nervous, but excited to finally be able to put what he learned to use. The other students didn't pay much mind to Myrin, while he did make friends, most were either older or more experienced than Myrin. He didn't see this as a threat right away but part of him knew that he should be able to put up a fight if it was needed, but again, the fact that he tries not to fight drove him to work harder on his various wards and arcane armors.

For a few decades Myrin studied and faint corruption had settled its way into his mind and body. With the thirst to continuously cast spells scratching at his head he had a feeling that this wasn't supposed to happen, but he liked it. He became more distant from the other students and even the teachers. Friends he had made drifted away and all possible friendships never started at all. He spent most of his time in the libraries to himself, the other people in the library never bothered him, the silence of the place made him feel a little safer. As time passed his condition slowly got worse, even casting wards and other simple protections on himself at random times but mostly when he just felt threatened which at that point would just be a strange look.

After a while when Myrin was bordering 700 most of his teachers and other faculty became worried for him and started to take notice of his corruption development which they tried to catch early. They tried various methods to ween him off of the use of his magic but that only stressed Myrin out more, making his condition worse. They brought in one of the few theologians the school had to talk to Myrin in the libraries alone. At first Myrin didn't react differently but with enough persistence he warmed up to the man. Most of their conversations were about why Myrin felt uncomfortable around other people and both of them learned that it was just a bad thought that developed into a cruel disease for Myrin. It was through the theologian that Myrin learned about the Light and it's various uses and he found similarities with his own practice.

Myrin started to devote his time to his new study, mainly as a way to help pass the time since he wasn't fully allowed to just go back to his arcane work. Becoming familiar with the practice in the same manner that he learned arcane from his grandfather, Myrin thought that it was a more pure form of the art that he loved. The Light wasn't the only thing taught to him by the theologian, Myrin learned to try and look past the bad he kept developing for other people and try to see them for who they really are and the good that they might want to do. With this in his head he tried to live by it, bringing him to start small talk with a few of the people he knew again. At first it was weird, he felt like a different person unknown to all these people but he had known them almost his entire life.

Myrin at the age of 840 left the school, feeling better about his situation and less threatened by his own thoughts. He traveled across the sea to get a take on what the humans and dwarves perceived the Light to be. The Second War had just ended and their land was slowly rebuilding itself. Myrin shadowed the local priests and other members of the churches. He recorded their ideology and different practices for his own work. He was almost inspired by their ability to rally and have a positive impact at the time. Myrin wasn't there for long however, 14 years later he returned to his home land after learning about the invasion. As badly as Myrin wanted to help, he couldn't. Having almost everything he ever knew destroyed gave him the feeling of vulnerability that he spent so long trying to get rid of.

Idly he waited every day dealing with the magical withdraws all over again until the fel absorbtion. After that, Myrin felt better, but he couldn't use the Light like he had before. He refused to go back to the arcane, so he spent his time working on the information he brought back home with him from the alliance races. He pieced it all together into a tome crafted just for him and went back over all his notes and stories.

For the next five years Myrin would reflect on what he learned about faith, not in the Light but general. He became peaceful with himself, though he hasn't changed his nervous behavior and might not ever fix it. When the Sunwell was purified Myrin was reunited with the Light again, a strange feeling for him since it was gone for so long but he was happy nevertheless. What he reflected on the past few years seemed to cling to Myrin, he figured that if one does good then good will happen.

Myrin returned to the school he once called home and to meet with the theologian from his years attending, but he wasn't there. Though it wasn't as popular as the other subjects taught at the school, Myrin didn't want the time put in to go to waste, so he shared his work with the rest of the faculty and asked to be a part of it. He knew it might be hard, trying to teach let alone be the center of attention of a dozen eyes at once, but if someone from the school could help him then maybe he can do the same.
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