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NKOTB Question
Well first off, let me just state that I am a returning peon that joined the server some time ago but got swept away in a tidal wave of college courses. I've since graduated and I am back to try again... my old login even still works. So don't be alarmed if I am completely unfamiliar to you. I'm not a spy I am just a noob.

It seems that in my diligence to be a good noob and read up on current events, I've gotten myself totally confused. I've scoured the "Important Stuff" forum, read up on server status and how to connect. I've successfully installed, patched and connected to the server. I even figured out how and where to put the "patchaclysm." But now I am totally confused. Are there two servers? Is a big hunk of the community helping test a Cataclysm alpha? I was under the impression CoTH was still on 3.3.5a; I'm able to connect to the server so that must be right, right?

However, I'm seeing words regarding modding and server running that I don't understand plus addons for Cata, threads for MAC users regarding Cata... naturally my first reaction is that I've gotten in over my head. But aborting my mission is not an option, I am on pins and needles wanting to RP here.

Even as I write this I see the thread Cataclysm Profiles which states the Cata server is going live in the coming weeks. Perhaps I am not confused, I was right all along and I'm just arriving at the cusp of a change?

Will someone please clear it up for me? I apologize, but for someone who has never really played on a private server I'm a bit mentally overwhelmed as it is. I appreciate it in advance.
We're making the switch over to cataclysm right now, though both WotLK and Cata servers are up right now.
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