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Nakti [Draenei] [Pre-Approved]
Existing profile: http://wiki.conquestofthehorde.com/Nakti

Character Full Name: Nakti

Character In-Game Name: Nakti

Nickname(s): None yet

Family: Twin Sister Makia

Association(s): The Exodar, The Alliance

Race: Draenei

Class: Hunter

Skills and Abilities: Skilled Engineer, Knowledgeable in first aid and cooking from surviving in the wilds.

Age: 12031

Sex: Female

Hair: Fairly short dirty white color

Eyes: Typical glowing Draenei eyes

Weight: 177lbs

Height: 6'3”

Usual Garments/Armor: Depends on where she is at. If it's warm, a light leather outfit, usually pants with a tunic, if it's cold, heavier leather, covering most of her body and a cloak. Always has a wide brimmed hat with her, usually wearing it.

Other: N/A

Nakti is like most of her race, curious about all things new, whether it be exploration of new lands, or technology. While she likes to meet new people, she is shy and tends to only verbally answer when needed or after she gets to know the person. While considered shy in conversations, when it comes to fighting she becomes a different person, after surviving the slaughter of Shattrath she learned that when it comes time to fight, she must not hesitate. While not hesitating to kill an enemy she always tries to make it as quick as possible, not wanting them to suffer. She is still quite altruistic like most of her race, but her time in the wilds lets her appreciate the comforts money can buy, she is fully able to do without them, and does so on most occasions, but when in a city or village she likes to experience as much as she can. Incredibly fond of her twin sister Makia, the two sisters would do anything for each other.

Nakti was born on a planet long before her people reached Draenor, along with her twin sister Makia. She was trained to be a warrior, learning to use a myriad of weapons, becoming skilled with most but a master of none. Once her training was finished, she served as a guard for the next several thousand years, nothing major happening in that time. She often visited the technicians of her people, interested in technology. She would also tinker with any technology native to the planet they were on, interested in how it worked. She spent most of her free time practicing, eventually helping the technicians with small tasks, and helping natives engineer new devices.

When they landed on Draenor, she watched the orc hunters, finding their way of fighting to be fascinating and largely more efficient. She left her job and started training to be a hunter. Her sister went with her, training to be a Shaman. She found that the wilds were the greatest mechanism she had ever seen and started spending most of her time there along with her twin. She returned only every few days with food and supplies for her village where she would stay a night or two, helping the technicians and anyone who needed some piece of technology repaired or looked at. She traded with the orcs to acquire a well-worn crossbow, becoming skilled with it before deciding she could make something better to hunt with. She returned to her village for a time and built her first gun, immensely proud of herself.

Soon came the orc slaughter of Shattrath. She was terrified at seeing the carnage the orcs caused, fighting against those who had taught her how to be a huntress. She fought against her former allies in the city, fighting as her own people were killed around her. Together, with her sister, she fought against the orcs bravely, however, she eventually retreated like most of her people into Zangarmarsh, hiding from the orcs. The twins helped in the battle to take the Exodar, Nakti showing great bravery, fighting her hardest against the Blood Elves.

Despite her and the other technicians skill they couldn't fix the sabotage, she only remembers the sound of the machines blowing and then nothing. She woke at Azuremyst Isle after being treated for minor injuries, being lucky to not have been hurt more. However, Makia was not quite as lucky and was badly injured. Nakti took care of her sister, and soon the girl was restored to health. After a period of staying and helping her people get stabilized on this new world she left to explore, learning the new wilderness and technologies the world had to offer. She and her sister now explore the new world together, as they had every other one before.

She visited her peoples new allies to help learn about the strange new world she was on, eager to explore again. She was hesitant upon learning that the orcs were on this world too, the memory of Shattrath still fresh in her mind. After learning of the history of the orcs on Azeroth she was a little more willing to judge them on an indivdual basis then as a whole, though still weary around them. When she learned the blood elves were also on this world, she steeled her resolve to get stronger, incase anything like the sabotage of the Exodar might happen again.
Keep in mind that if you've made no changes to the profile, then you don't have to post it again. :)


[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]

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