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Nali Dreamwhisper [Human Hunter]


'''Player:''' [[Scout]]

'''Character Full Name:''' Nali Dreamwhisper

'''Character In-Game Name:''' Nali



'''Race:''' [[Human]]

'''Class:''' [[Hunter]]

'''Age:''' 18

'''Sex:''' Female

'''Hair:''' Green (naturally brown); long, straight

'''Eyes:''' Hazel

'''Weight:''' 159 lb.

'''Height:''' 5'9"


Nali is a tall girl. She often wears comfortable leathers or simple clothes of other natures. She often takes to wearing simple jewelry, much of it she made herself, leaving her with many bracelets, necklaces and charms woven into her hair. She alchemically dyes her hair forest green—partly for camouflage, and partly to fit in better with other night elves.


'''Alignment:''' Neutral Good

Nali is quiet, but pleasant, and perfectly capable of holding a conversation with ease. She is highly energetic and takes great delight in simple activities such as racing her companions and climbing trees and buildings simply because she can. She is very attentive and curious, and makes a habit of recording notes on anything that she finds interesting or worthy of attention—which could be something important, or something utterly inconsequential. However, for all her eccentricity, she is an intelligent (if somewhat headstrong) girl.

Having grown up with night elves for the majority of her life, she is less familiar with human customs and mannerisms than she is with elven ones, and tends to follow kaldorei behavioral patterns in many ways. For instance, she will gladly welcome strangers to share space with her if she perceives that they are in need. She also reveres Elune over the Light.


Nali, at the time named Sarah, was born to a couple in Lordaeron, both of whom were foot soldiers in the service of their nation. She was the product of their love, and soon their marriage, and was brought up in a relatively calm and orderly lifestyle, as no wars threatened Lordaeron for some time.

Soon, though, the Undead Scourge and Burning Legion threatened Lordaeron, and like many others, Sarah and her parents fled Lordaeron with the same people that followed Jaina to Kalimdor, leaving all sense of family and home behind them in exchange for their lives. Sarah didn't entirely understand the journey and what was going on, but she was aware of a great enemy that threatened her and her parents, and she was in no position to complain. The ordeal frightened her, but she struggled through with her parents.

Arriving at Kalimdor did little to ease her senses, as she was surrounded by unfamiliar landscapes and inhospitable peoples that would not accept humans—including the orcs that her parents had kept imprisoned in internment camps. To make matters worse, there were very few other people that she knew, let alone people that were her age. She felt isolated and alone throughout most of this time. She never had a chance to settle down and become comfortable, because the settlements in which she lived were constantly raided and destroyed by the Horde.

As the Burning Legion advanced to Kalimdor, the forces under Jaina's command fortified at Hyjal to make a last stand against the Legion. With nowhere else to go, Sarah was kept in a fortified tower just away from the back of the fight, along with other women, children and elderly that were incapable of fighting. From her vantage point away from the proper battle, she was helpless to watch as the Burning Legion and Scourge cut their way through the lines of soldiers with brutal efficiency.

The tower was not entirely safe, however, as a surprise attack by a regiment of undead soldiers and necromancers swept in toward the guards protecting the tower. Sarah was whisked away from the tower by some footmen, and they attempted to lead her to safety, but a necromancer and some of his skeletal minions caught sight of them as they ran into the forest and took pursuit. With both of her guards dead at the hands of the necromancer, Sarah would have been killed if it were not for another regiment that had taken notice of the attack—a regiment of night elf sentinels.

A sentinel huntress intervened between Sarah and the necromancer and swiftly dispatched the threat with her bow. Without a master to guide them, the skeletal minions were aimless and lethargic—it was just enough of a distraction for the sentinel to grab Sarah and pull her away from the fight on her nightsaber before any other necromancers noticed.

Back with the rest of the regiment, several of the other civilian refugees from the tower had also been rescued, along with their footmen guards, but the vast majority of them perished in the surprise attack. Sarah was scared and confused, and distraught with the knowledge that her parents were likely dead at this point. She was practically inconsolable, and clung to the sentinel that saved her as though she might die at any moment. The sentinel's mate soon took notice of this—another sentinel, one with more specialty in beasts than weapons. Everyone went to a night elf base camp and, soon afterward, news of Archimonde's defeat reached them.

As Sarah was a human and not a night elf, the sentinels in attendance to her tried to decide what to do with her. They couldn't find anyone that she knew personally, and when they asked her where her parents were, Sarah wasn't able to respond for all her anguish. Some of the sentinels thought that it would be best to simply turn her loose among the humans and let them deal with her, but the sentinel that rescued her, a woman named Anrelle Dreamwhisper, wasn't willing to do so. She had tried to get Sarah to interact more with the other humans, but Sarah had no interest in it. Anrelle couldn't offer any better alternatives, however, so the sentinels delivered an ultimatum.

"If you don't want the human child to go back to her people, then you can take care of her yourself."

Anrelle and her mate, Serithe, discussed the issue over several long nights, and in the mean time Sarah remained in a tent in the camp. They eventually decided that it was a task they would undertake, as they had both wanted a child for some time, but they were incapable of making one themselves. After discussing every aspect of the issue, they presented their decision to the sentinels. Many of them were not impressed, but their decision was still respected. Anrelle and Serithe took Sarah away from the base camp into Ashenvale forest that same day.

It took several months for Sarah to acclimatize to her new surroundings, and to settle into the elven way of life, but for the first time in a long time, she finally had security and no cause to worry. However, her new home was not without its own complications. Her new parents had very little grasp of common, and she in turn knew no Darnassian whatsoever. The first year of her time there, she learned the language of her new parents. Sarah was bequeathed with her new name at this time: Nali Dreamwhisper.

Anrelle and Serithe, both being sentinels, wanted their new daughter to follow in their footsteps, and wasted no time in setting about training Nali. They collectively introduced her to the wilds of Kalimdor, and taught her how to survive in them. Meanwhile, Anrelle taught Nali in the art of combat and stealth, while Serithe taught her the way of the beast master, and how to read animals and train them. Nali grew to find that her favored weapon was a glaive polearm, a weapon that she found very elegant. As she matured, her fear faded and her natural curiosity was coaxed out again. She no longer suffered from the anxiety imposed on her in her youth. She tamed a young dire wolf, whom she named Rauha, and they soon became constant companions, rarely leaving each other's presence.

As Nali came closer to being of age, Anrelle and Serithe tried to secure a position for her as a sentinel, but sadly, the fact that she was a human disqualified her from any such thing. Nali had wanted to become a sentinel, but she found herself accepting of the predicament. There were other paths that she could pursue, and she knew her parents would support her. It was not long before she bid them farewell and decided to go out to carve her own life with Rauha at her side…

''And then the earth quaked.''

==Skills and Abilities:==

Nali is an accomplished melee combatant, her style revolving around agility and reach with her glaive. She is accustomed to fighting in light (or no) armor, and in many cases, her glaive is as much a defensive tool as a weapon. She has some proficiency with bows, but her mastery lies in the fray.

Nali has a dire wolf for an animal companion, named Rauha, whom she often rides into combat or fights alongside.

Nali is far more proficient with Darnassian than with Common, as she has not spoken Common regularly for about ten years.



...This is quite amusing. Approved.

I look forward to meeting her.
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