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Narianna Ravenshade (Night Elf) [Pre-Approved]
Existing Profile: http://wiki.conquestofthehorde.com/Narianna

Any Changes Made?: Clarifications to Usual Garments and Other (in red), cleaned up wording in History and clarified it (in yellow).

Character Full Name: Narianna Ravenshade

Character In-Game Name: Narianna

Nickname(s): The Ever-Well

Association(s): Darnassus, the Cenarion Circle

Race: Night Elf

Class: Druid

Age: 657 years old

Sex: Female

Hair: Green

Eyes: Luminous gold

Weight: 294 lbs

Height: 7'1"

Usual Garments/Armor: Dressed in flowing, fur robes of autumnal yellows and restful blues, the druid's head is often covered by a voluminous hood topped by wide, spreading antlers carved from bone and wood. Very little is visible of her angular, fine-boned face beyond the glowing amber of her eyes burning in the hood's shadow.

Other: Talismans of opaque purpose and the teeth and fingerbones of vanquished foes hang from her sleeves and shoulders, fluttering and clicking in the wind. On rare occasions at night, miniature lanterns dangle from her shoulder-guards, small blue sparks of phosphorescence in the darkness.

Alignment (if applicable): Neutral

Moving from the air of a woman who is prim, neat, and disinterestedly direct, to that of an aura of savage brutality, Narianna Ravenshade epitomizes the antipodal character of nature itself.

Both calling and drawing upon the strength and raw power of the earth and air around her, Narianna exists to both serve and revere nature and all of its works, putting its preservation and the wise use of its resources above all other mortal goals.

The story of her birth, and that of her young life, is not one worth telling. Coming into this world during a relatively peaceful period nearly four hundred years after the War of the Shifting Sands, she was remarkable at a young age only for the amber color of her eyes.

Indeed, it is not until the events of the third war that her life really changed, although the seed that would lead to her genesis had been planted long before then, during the time when Narianna stood alongside her sisters during the Long Vigil -- the time when she watched and stalked through the shadowy, wooded hills and serene valleys of northern Kalimdor. The seed of her druidic nature was planted at her birth, and it began to sprout as she spoke with the Dryads and Grovekeepers while the true druids slept, and worked in their dreams.

The seed had begun to sprout, but it did not blossom until the situation was desperate. While her basic preparation and instruction had began -- unbeknownst to her -- centuries before during her work beside the knowledgeable Ancients and their assistants, was not until the world around her was faced with utter annihilation that her natural talent was pressed to the forefront. Hungry for any weapon to wield against the swelling might of the Burning Legion, she and many others of her kind were snatched up to be fully trained as druids.

The pieces of training she had received, year after year, season after season, fell into place like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. She blossomed under the careful guidance of the Ancients and the re-awakened Druids, becoming a weapon forged and wielded to take nature's vengeance to the demonic intruders even as the World Tree withered high on Hyjal's summit.

She wanders, now, through the dark forests of Ashenvale and the eternal autumn of Azshara, restoring the balance of nature as she passes.
[Image: 2mhzmdy.gif]


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