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Natira [Night Elf Rogue]
Player: Natira

Character Full Name: Natira Moonstag

Character In-Game Name: Natira

Nickname(s): For the most part, she prefers being referred to as Natira. On some occasions, she will respond to Moonstag.

Association(s): N/A

Race: Night Elf

Class: Rogue

Age: 592

Sex: Female

Hair: Snow White

Eyes: Silver

Weight: 212 lbs

Height: 6'6"

Usual Garments/Armor: Natira is always in public with her equipment, which comes off as rather fashionable, given what other Night Elves walk around in nowadays. Her leather garments consist of a lightly-padded vest, closed at the front via fastenings. Her legs are relatively more protected, with padding at the thighs and knees. The lower half of her face is protected by a sort of leather cover that wraps loosely around her head, fastened at the front.

Personality: Natira, while having quite a few things to talk about if she so desired, prefers to be quiet and reserved for her own sake; in her mind, talking too much and too much self-expression is more than likely to end up in either embarassing yourself or being rejected and ousted for being too different. Generally, she does not enjoy being asked questions and is hesitant to answer most small-talk inquiries. For example, somebody can walk up to her in a bar and ask what her name is. She will more than likely respond by blinking at the person and asking why they want to know what her name is, as if she does not understand why the person would want to know her name in the first place. She -will- tell the person her name, if given an appropriate reason, but holding a conversation is not her strong suit. Natira is not necessarily "shy," but simply doesn't like talking to people, and as a result, isn't the best at socializing. Her will is otherwise ironclad, and she is not weak in mind nor in body. She is not necessarily selfless, but she generally will do the "right thing," per se. She's no stranger to making executive decisions, and often lives off of the mindset of "Kill one, save a hundred." She is aware that the hardest decisions will often be the right one.

History: Natira Moonstag was born in Ashenvale, to her loving parents Sheldoran Moonstag and Soraliya Moonstag. Her mother was a Sentinel, and her father a Druid. While her mother was more lenient than her father, the two were serious to an extent, and very dedicated to their respective ways. Sheldoran and Soraliya both had their fair share of serving for their people, protecting their land, however Sheldoran was seldom present, as he was asleep in the Emerald Dream. Being a sentimental and very protective woman, albeit a ruthless Sentinel when worse came to worse, Soraliya had hoped that Natira would grow to be more of a thinker than a fighter, and avoid the dangers of war. Maybe a priestess. But of course, her hopes were to no avail; Natira showed great physical potential, being an impressive athlete and an impressive fighter. While this was off-putting for Soraliya, she accepted this truth, and waited to see what Natira's future would be as a Night Elf. She watched her, from early childhood to mid adolescence, and found that she was more than fit to be a Sentinel one day. It was then that Soraliya decided to abandon her paranoia towards Natira. She had also found that Natira bore the traits of an introvert, but was not entirely shy nor self-consumed, as is the common misconception of an introvert. Natira was kind, yet neutral. Her morals were generally based around making sure that she was happy, but to keep her eye on others, and attempt to nip potential problems at the bud should one arise.

As Natira grew, her admiration for her mother -and all Sentinels in general- grew with it. Soraliya obviously noticed this, and took Natira under her wing, teaching her the basics of fighting. Over the course of decades of training (and Natira still trains to this day), she slowly became adept at almost every weapon at her disposal. Soraliya began taking her on small trips across the forests of Ashenvale, occasionally making a few kills should the wildlife attack them.

While her mother had no qualms with Natira, Soraliya wondered regardless of what Sheldoran would think of Natira. After all, both Soraliya and Sheldoran had originally shared the idea that it would be best if their daughter did not put herself in danger with her occupation. To be safe, Soraliya slowly took her on adventures less and less, avoiding any killing and eventually, the trips halted entirely. In her late adolescence, Naitra approached her mother on this, as the sudden halt confused her. Her mother admitted that originally, they had hoped that she wouldn't have been a talented fighter, and something less dangerous. Soraliya should have never said that, at least not until Natira was older. Natira took this to heart, and was rather upset with herself that she wasn't who her parents had hoped. Of course, this was an exaggeration. But Natira felt very strongly towards this for one reason or another. Her mother assured her that they were proud of her regardless, and they only want the best for her no matter what route she takes. But from that day on, Natira felt... off.

She began questioning her actions more and more, the more she grew. She never strayed from her path of one day becoming a Sentinel, but she wasn't sure what her parents thought of it, regardless of what her mother said. Her own exaggeration of things led to a downfall of her self-confidence, and she became very unsure of what to think of herself. She stayed this way for quite a while, even after she went out on her own. Soraliya never truly felt as though she was not satisfied with their daughter, in fact it was quite the contrary; she adored her daughter for everything that she was. But she cannot speak for Sheldoran, who is yet to meet Natira after awaking from the Dream. But Natira was betrayed by her own emotions, and left herself second-guessing everybodies opinion of her entirely. She grew up to be a vagabond, with her aspirations to be a Sentinel still intact, but she ruined every opportunity she got to become anything close to affiliated with them with her own insecurity.
[Image: bhMVAqQ.gif]
While I think the history is sufficient in length I would like some acknowledgement of some of the lore events that impacted Night Elves, like the presence of orcs in Ashenvale or joining the Alliance.

Initial approval!
Backgrounds, ah backgrounds...

During the Long Vigil(That's the time between the Exile of the Highborne and the Battle of Mount Hyjal and the subsequent introduction of the Night Elves into the Alliance), and arguably at times before then as well judging by some examples, Kaldorei women tended to be the more physical of the bunch, whereas the men were more inclined to be thinkers than fighters.

It's the effective reversal of the gender roles found among humanity. So, a masculine NElf would generally be quiet, patient, calm, retreated, wise, etc. Druid/Craftsman-archetype, much better at tasks requiring minute detail or delicate, complex work. A feminine one's more than likely to be predatory, impulsive, wrathful if pushed, brawny'n such. By the same idea, ideals are shaped similarly. So, where the female would be expected to be good fighter or hunter, the male would be a good craftsman or to fulfill the Night Elves' ancient Pact with Ysera.

To be a "tomboy" in the human sense of the word is pretty much unheard of in Kaldorei society. Night Elven women are -all- expected to know how to fight, at least in some measure, and the Night Elven female 'ideal' is centered around that of the Sentinel or Priestess(And do not mistake Priestesses of the Moon for the average Human Priestess. They're -far- more combat-oriented, despite serving the Goddess of Peace). Thus, it would be considered a great honor for one of them to end up one. Same with men and Druidism or being a Craftsman. Night Elven works of craft, from blacksmithing to mere jewelry, are ridiculously good, being better the older the craftsmen in question are. A normal human smith can practice his art for a lifetime, and make a worthy blade with all the knowledge he gleans. A Kaldorei one has potentially over ten thousand years of experience to forge weapons fit for heroes.

In the same vein, female Druids were looked down upon prior to the Third War and were -not- accepted into the Cenarion Circle under any circumstance. Considering the fact that membership in the Circle was how one became an 'official' Druid and not just a Night Elf practicing Druidism, I think that part has no place in the profile.

Anyhow. The main idea is that it doesn't quite feel Night Elvenly 'nuff. Give us more cultural flavor, aye?

I recommend this guide for inspiration.
[Image: 2hhkp3k.gif]
Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
Wanna refer me in Tribes: Ascend? Clickies!
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Newly revised and updated history!
[Image: bhMVAqQ.gif]
...The Night Elves were not a part of the Alliance(and hadn't even encountered the Horde/Orcs at all, nor the High Elves nor the Humans/Gnomes/Dwarves/etc.) until a mere 10 years ago.

I suggest going over Night Elf history and drawing from that.
[Image: 2hhkp3k.gif]
Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
Wanna refer me in Tribes: Ascend? Clickies!
(UGH. This is what happens when I make a profile for a race I've never read anything about. I sincerely apologize for not making any sense.)

Updated, again.
[Image: bhMVAqQ.gif]
Hi Ironhide!

Just a quick thing to note; it's important to remember that nearly all (if not all?) druids were sleeping for very extended periods of time in the Dream until about ten years ago. Natira's father would really not have been around often at all; you may want to adjust some of your history accordingly!

While you're at it, you should keep in mind what flammos mentioned about female night elves in their own culture; while it wouldn't be completely unreasonable, it would be a bit unusual for this gal's parents to not want her involved in the Sentinels. Just something to think about!
[Image: bhMVAqQ.gif]
Quote: Being a sentimental and very protective woman, albeit a ruthless Sentinel when worse came to worse, Soraliya had hoped that Natira would grow to be more of a thinker than a fighter, and avoid the dangers of war. Maybe a crafter, odd as it may sound.

I think it was pointed out that this is a very odd opinion for a night elf parent to have. Being a sentinel is quite acceptable and maybe even desired. However, there are other rules female Kaldorei could take. I believe priestess could be one. I could see it more sensible that she wanted her to be a thinker in that way, but I don't know if she'd be disappointed if she didn't follow that. I'm just throwing that out there for an idea!
Good point. Fixed.
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