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New Life
Markuss had been on the Appleflow plantation for as long as he could remember. When he was born, he was there. He married on a chapel on the property. When it boiled down to it, he had even died in his home. Impaled on a piece of wood during the cataclysm that wrought so much destruction upon the world of Azeroth. There was no grand finish, no last words; just a stumble, a sigh, and then darkness. Markuss expected be in the Light's embrace by this time, but he was not. Instead, he was surrounded by members of his family. Those long dead, those recently dead, and even some friends of the family, long dead and buried.


Markuss had long been feeling depressed, tired, and worried about his family as a whole. A mix of emotions good and bad had been plaguing his mind for a long while. Rarely would he talk to anyone about the problems he had. Instead, his last few days were spent alienating those close to him in an attempt to 'sort things out.' In the end, it would hardly matter. As people rushed to the cellars, debris hit the house, and Markuss himself was impaled on a sharpened plank of wood. His last few minutes were spent contemplating his life; what he'd done wrong, how it could be righted, how the Light would receive him. All of these questions he asked.

As he slipped away from his body however, Markuss didn't find the embodiment of Holy energy he had expected. No. Nothing of the sort greeted the man. Instead, he was greeted by a multitude of faces long past, all staring at him. Walking past the throngs of restless spirits, Markuss' father came to him, as transparent as Markuss himself. "Am I dead?" He asked. He didn't feel much emotion; except sadness. Even in this state, he felt awful. "Papa, I've missed you so much." Markuss felt as if he was a little boy again. This was something he just couldn't explain to himself. His father set his hands on his suspenders as he watched his son. "I got some things to show you."

Suddenly, the area around him changed. He saw himself as a little boy, kicking his feet in the river that separated Westfall and Elwynn, as his father pointed to the catfish on his hook. "See that, Markuss? You just gotta chew a bit of tobacco, put a worm on the hook, and add that tobacky." Markuss slowly watched on as the past played out. The area changed yet again; this time, Markuss was shown as an adolescent, doing dangerous and stupid things to 'prove his masculinity'. He witnessed Eliza yelling at him after church all over again. The odd attraction he started to gain for the young woman. Every little detail was there.

His cousin and playmate Willy. All the times they would sneak onto other's properties, throw a raccoon into the window and run away. It all played out. The positives and the negatives in his life. He watched again the miracle of life as each of his children had been born, as he fought against the Horde in the wars. The marriage of some of his children, as they grew older. The time he looked in the mirror one day, and saw the first gray hair on his head. That day, he never felt older in his life. He witnessed his mother; younger, more energetic, and constantly teasing him about his stubborn attitude.

Finally he witnessed his own death, before he now saw a different image; one of relatives and friends huddled in the cellar of the house. He watched along with the restless spirits as the storm finally went further west, as the family made their way out of the cellar, and some even coming home to find it partially destroyed. He witnessed as some began setting up tents for the night. "Go talk to your boy." Markuss' father said. Although he wasn't too happy to leave his father's side, he reluctantly obeyed.

Jebediah was restless, and left the tent he was in; only to be greeted by his father. He considered screaming, but Jebediah had been seeing lots of dead people lately; family members his family never talked about, who would play with him when nobody else would. "Papa?" Markuss struggled to speak, to convey what he felt in this new form. "I Love you, Jebbie." Jebediah reached over to touch his father's hand; only to be greeted with cold air. Markuss looked over to the corner of the damaged house, where his father was urging him on. Markuss didn't know what else to say; so, he asked Jebediah, "You wanna play hide n' seek?" Jebediah nodded, and for an hour, he played with his son on the remains of his home, before his father told him it was time. That was when he was back with the departed.

"You see son, your time isn't over. Your wife's heavy with child, and the Defias you defeated still lurk in Moonbrook. We aren't sure if they'll ever be licked. But you have to get back to livin', boy. Your family needs you a lot more then us sorry souls." Markuss was now shown his own body; sitting in the cellar. "We aren't sure if there'll be a burial, Markuss; or if they plan on putting you back in your body. But one thing's for sure, is that your work's not done. Not in the slightest bit. Soon enough you'll be able to talk to those you love even more; Jebediah's sensitive to us, Markuss. Most young'uns often are. Use him to try and tell the rest a message."

Markuss looked down at the plantation, before turning back to his father. "Papa? Can you tell me a story?" Markuss' father chuckled at this, and said with a smile. "Well, once upon a time there was a little coyote by the name O' Hank..." Markuss listened to his father's ghostly voice, clinging to every word. He knew it was fiction; but he didn't care. He was with his father again. Though he knew it wouldn't last. It couldn't.


Markuss was called back by prayer; after trying to get his family's attention for what seemed endless, timeless; or was it really a matter of a second? He wasn't sure. He remembered very little of his experience in the realm of the dead. There was much to remember, and very little to grasp in his healed, though frail body. For days, he sat in his bed, unaware of what was going about. He would wake up, drink a hot liquid, fall back asleep, and repeat the process. He woke up more and more often, trying to look about his surroundings.

He knew he was back home, but things had changed. Tents behind the house, shacks, ramshackle homes and barricades, and even what he could only describe as a tower. The house had been repaired, and was filled with people sleeping, cooking, or doing a number of activities. The property was bustling, further aided by unfamiliar faces he assumed were transients. As he became more aware, he started to walk around his room, pacing and using his father's cane.

Soon enough, his son In-Law came to visit him; Drakeran. In his arms was a baby. He told him that there were two others; Markuss finally had grandchildren.


Character's Name: Markuss Appleflow

Times Resurrected: This is the First time

Killer's Name: The Cataclysm
Resurrector's Name: Cristovao, Calista
Witness(es): Matharius, Cristovao, Calista, Valda, Bob, Luna, Bellatrix, multiple NPCS
Method of Resurrection: Potent Holy Light, using the remains of Markuss to bring him back to life, and causing exhaustion on the part of the healers.

[*]Complete paralysis in his left arm; 2 months
[*]Hard time digesting food, and getting rid of solid waste product; 4 months
[*]Loss of hearing in his right ear, impaired hearing in his left; 3 months
[*]Much trouble walking, running, or even breathing for some time; 1 month

(Apart from those four drawbacks, he'll need to undergo intensive therapy for awhile to get everything functioning at least at half the efficiency it was before death. I expect this to take some time.)

Form of Resurrection: Same as mentioned above, just with a few added NPCS.
Name of NPC: Appleflow family priests/clergymen; I'm not too sure which exact NPC was used.
Faction of NPC: Alliance

GM Assistance?: Indeed. Krilari helped me out on this one.

Reasoning: The clergy of the Appleflow family would probably want to help a former leader, bring said leader "Back to glory" as it were.
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Denying this because of the title. AND NEW LIFE YOUR FACE, ALEXSTRAZA.


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I hereby sentence you to mingle knowingly and willingly with a Defias character and threat them as family.
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*Vladdy amasses an army of cows and every neighbor within a 20 mile radius...6 people.* "I WILL NEVER SURRENDER!"
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You'll be given command over Westfall if you assist us.

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