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Nibeniel [Blood Elf Warlock]
Player: Morhana

Character Full Name: Nibeniel Aldaval

Character In-Game Name: Nibeniel

Nickname: Nib

Association(s): House Sunfire, House Amberdawn

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Warlock

Age: 112

Sex: Female

Hair: Red, just over shoulder length

Eyes: Fel Green

Scale: 0.96

Appearance: Nibeniel is a bit short for a Blood Elf, and fairly slim. She can usually be seen wearing one elaborate and revealing dress or another. When available, she will wear golden jewelery with red or violet gems. When expecting a fight or other rough conditions, she wears her violet battle gear designed to allow her to move much more easily and will accompany it with a rapier. She has a large succubus tattoo complete with flames and skulls covering her back.

Personality: Nibeniel is the type to flirt frequently with others, especially if it means getting someone to buy her gifts. She takes fun in manipulating others to do what she wants, even if she's not yet the best at it. She gets scared easily by monsters and the like, which has lead to her decision to avoid binding any demons to herself. She has also turned from the use of curses and other affliction spells in fear of rushing any sort of corruption on herself. She will go to any length to protect those she feels a strong connection to, even if it means forcing herself to fight her many fears.

History: Nibeniel was born to Nessiel Aldaval, a mostly absent mother. She grew to dislike her mother early in her childhood because of her tendency to tend to the needs of her frequent male visitors over those of her own daughter. Her father was absent for all of her childhood, and she never truly knew who he was. She wasn't even sure if her mother knew who her father was for certain.

Nibeniel learned early on that she was good at socializing with others, and quite enjoyed making friends. Despite this social prowess, she never got too close to anyone, finding that it was easier to get what material things she wanted through her friends rather than earning them herself. This attitude helped her get through much on her own, since she never truly learned to take care of herself from her parents.

Over the years, Nibeniel began taking to the arcane. She learned with some friends, though never achieved much more than the basics. This went on for some time until around the time of the third war. When the Sunwell was attacked by the Scourge, Nibeniel left her mother and fled, hiding with the closest of her friends. She remained in hiding until the majority of Quel'thalas was reclaimed. Nibeniel quickly took to the teachings of absorbing Fel.

In the most recent times, she received word from a man calling himself Magister Bloodphoenix, who claimed to be her father. After some discussion, she accepted him as a father figure and he sent her to a colleague to begin studying properly. It was soon after this that she requested to be sent to study under the teaching of a Mentor. Magister Arahaelon Amberdawn of the noble house Amberdawn accepted her as his student, and has begun teaching her to use her fel power in destructive ways.
A nice and solid profile.


[Image: anim_500.gif]

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