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Nilena Kaldar [Blood Elf Mage]
Character Full Name: Nilena Kaldar

Character In-Game Name: Nilena

Nickname(s): N/A

Association(s): Silvermoon City

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Mage

Skills and Abilities: Nothing out of the ordinary for a mage.

Age: 150

Sex: Female

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Fel Green

Weight: 160lbs

Height: 5'5"

Usual Garments/Armour: Expensive looking robes.

Other: N/A

Alignment: Lawful Good.

Personality: Nilena has developed a no nonsense attitude towards her studies of the arcane and both rewards success and punishes failure. Generally however, Nilena won't be more cruel or kind than she deems necessary as abiding by her own code of personal conduct but make no mistake however, she would never leave an innocent person to die. Nilena's upbringing has also left her somewhat accustomed to the finer things in life.

History: Nilena was born and raised in Dalaran under parents who were also respected magic wielders and as such, Nilena was groomed to be a mage from a young age from many different aspects in the way she was raised, be it the fact she came from a family of respectable mages or the culture that surrounded her growing up in Dalaran. Nilena's parents were of rather well off means placing her in the upper middle-class of Dalaran society.

As Nilena grew older so did her talents and understanding of the arcane. Her parents could afford to send her to better schools, as well as develop her taste for expensive clothes and food resulting in her coming off as a spoilt brat at times, often to the dismay of her mentors who she was taught by. Regardless of her well off means and being pretty much assured that she would live a long and prosperous life given how she was the only heir to her parents estate, Nilena still worked exceptionally hard to be the best mage she could be, never accepting anything short of first place when competing against other aspiring Arcanists and aspiring to achieve the highest possible marks she could in any challenge she was presented with.

Nilena had little to no involvement in the first and second wars in any active sense. As the political climate shifted across the border, Nilena's family immigrated north to Silvermoon City, leaving Dalaran and Lordaeron beind. In retrospect her life did not really change that radically, as she was still motivated by the study and implementation of magic. Over time Nilena became more and more dependant on the powers of the arcane. At first it seemed as though the good times would last forever. Then news broke of the fall of Lordaeron and the fall of Dalaran shortly after. Naturally, it was assumed that the scourge would march on Silvermoon next. While lacking any real combat experience, Nilena joined the defenders of Silvermoon with the rest of her family in a desperate bid to halt the advance. Needless to say, the defence was a complete and utter failure on the behalf of the elves. While Nilena survived the attack, she was left as the only one in her bloodline. The mixture of grief over the death of her loved ones and her severed connection to magic left her on the brink of emotional collapse. As time went on, hope grew ever more dim until Kael'thas revealed his plan to find an alternative to the sunwell and like nearly all her kin, Nilena adopted the Fel as an alternative.

For the next few years Nilena worked her way back up the Blood Elf heirarchy, enlisting in the reclamation effort of their homeland from the scourge as an Arcanist and participated in several skirmishes and key battles which eventually earned her the rank of Magister. Unlike many of her kinsmen she did not opt to join Kael'thas and travel through the Dark Portal as she was unable to see the logic in his plan and instead stayed in Eversong Woods working to wrestle the remnant of the scourge out of the land once and for all. Nilena also did not play any part in the fall of Illidan however did provide some low level support to the Shattered Sun Offensive in a logistical capacity when dealing with the reclamation of the Sunwell. By this stage, Nilena was able to free herself of her dependency of Fel Magic and return to the use of the Sunwell.

More recently, Nilena has remained in Silvermoon to assist in whatever manner a mage is required although does occasionally leave when needed.
War isn't about dying for your country, it's about making the other guy die for his.
Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword, is clearly unfamiliar with the machine gun.

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