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No player housing
(12-07-2011, 07:35 AM)Jester Wrote: From what I've read, I got to the conclusion that you're allowed to have your own home to RP in it, but it must not affect any "blizz-like" quest, place or server/blizz lore etc.

But a random home I guess that it can be spawned in Elwynn or Durotar for RP. Not a big one, but a medium sized one yes, after a request though. Also this home won't even trouble the flow of any questline if it's somewhere that it doesn't need npc removal (in a flat place, or a "forgotten" mountain-side) while it's just a small "edit" of the area. It's like moving a tree from X place to X place, not a big matter.

Though GMs must be strict to the decision of giving out a home for a player and see his background / RP style/ Activity etc..

But why you need homes while Inns are everywhere?

(12-07-2011, 07:35 AM)Jester Wrote: But a random home I guess that it can be spawned in Elwynn or Durotar for RP.

Aaaaah, you make me sadface.

For those unaware there is a large wealth of free-to-use homes around Elwynn and many of the human lands, and there are Horde buildings added around Durotar and some other Horde lands. Again, these are free to use as long as the people RPing work on a first-come-first-serve basis. You can't explicitly -claim- a place, as there are not enough houses for everyone. Instead you just have to move to another location, should your usual home be in use.
...I swear I said that. ;p
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Rigley, could you please point out where all the Durotar homes are? Because I searched and searched and they're nowhere as abundant as the Elwynn homes (I think I saw maybe one.... I think).

And not to sound too demanding, could we get more racial houses in other domestic zones too, perchance? Or is that already on the to-do list and you've just been busy?
Your stories will always remain...
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... as will your valiant hearts.

Basically my stuff is on hold until I return from break. But the unfortunate thing is that there are very few houses which are spawnable, and they hardly allow for additions outside of human, Orc, and at a stretch Tauren areas.

There's only one real Orc 'house' addition (and about three in total), but in general are larger and more base-like rather than a domestic setup.

So it isn't from lack of want, but lack of ability to. In order to get additional spawnable buildings we would have to get a mandatory patch for everyone, as far as I know.

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iPod, not ipad! Read, you silly goose ;v
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Rigley, yeah sorry if I did a mistake..

But it is basicly because I am not even able to go online yet. From tomorrow that ill have my WoW client and ill be able to join the in-game community I assure you that I won't make so "stupid" comments like the above one I made that regards the server.

And my bad for even joining a topic that regards the server itself. While I am not able to go online to see the in-game community yet..
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Made by me ^^
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It is quite all right!
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The only player housing that I see that could be possible in being made is paying for a manor or house in IC gold maybe, which takes a loooong time to get. So like, 100g-500g for a small house or manor maybe. I did see a 'guild house' on the IC money Server News post that Bountyhunter made awhile back, not sure what that meant, asked someone ingame about it and they said;
"Yeah you 'buy' the house but you don't actually own it for yourself."

So maybe since IC takes a long time to aquire, and if people really want a house.. they could pay a gm in IC money (Which again would cost quite abit) and buy a house with it that they can go to and get furnished with what they want..? Like a reward!

Thhoough, it may be that it is not too wise to make houses that cost so much and people complain about it, or people find the house IC and the person who owns it and payed for it they may think that it's unfair they can't rp there.. So many things that could complicate the matter of housing.

I asked awhile back about it, like 2 years ago, it was still a no-no. The GMs don't do it for reason(s) so maybe it'll be changed in the feature, maybe when Cata comes to CoTH or something. Can always hope I suppose. =)
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Eh. The point of the 'pricing' of housing in that guide was to kinda display the comparative worth, so people could look at things and say 'well if a house costs this much, a horse shouldn't be the same price'.

That in mind, I do not enjoy the idea of charging people, IC or OCC, for the ability to rp having a home. The point of currency was to aid in RP, not to be a detriment to it.

Houses are already furnished, and there are quite a few added in game. I don't see why it would be necessary to complicate things by making them something you must pay for and own when there are so many, many of which hardly see any use as is. I believe having all of them occupied at once is almost impossible, given how many there are in Elwynn to begin with.

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