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Not RPing as much anymore (but this isn't a 'goodbye' post)
I realized that I haven't been on CotH in a good while, mostly because I'm not on the internet much anymore (a good thing for me) and I'm busy doing other things. It's the middle of the semester and I have been busy with papers and studying for tests, but in addition that, I'm doing a lot of independent research and working on a novel during my free time. I might be able to squeeze some time during the weekends...only I'm volunteering for hospice and that takes up a lot of my weekend. The result of all of this is that I don't have time to RP anymore. I could spend my free time to hop in game sometimes, but while RP is fun and interesting, I find the other things I'm doing with my free time even more interesting.

Despite all of this, I'm sure that there will be times when I need to take a break from writing the novel to think of where to go with it next, and when those breaks happen I'll likely come back to have some good old collaborative writing (RP). Also, you'll probably see more of me come May, because that's when my summer break starts. Time seems to be flying by at the speed of light, so I'm sure it'll be no time before I'm back.
[Image: anim_500.gif]
Aww, I'll miss Troovo D:
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
See ya then!
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(02-28-2013, 04:29 PM)Ghurm Wrote: I'll likely come back to have some good old collaborative writing (RP).

Yes, please!
(02-24-2012, 10:15 AM)Piroska Wrote: Conspiracy. That's all it is; Kret's afraid that your pure, digital awesomeness would crash the server if it were allowed.
(06-14-2013, 05:42 PM)McKnighter Wrote: Bovel, Lord of Beards

Character About Involvement
Causticity Blackbreath Goblin Alchemist -
Telaah Draenei Anchorite Writings of an Anchorite

[Image: kiXJxhI.gif]
Brokenhorn Tribe. Kiss

We'll be awaiting your (our) proper come-back!
"Life is offensive, people; it's brutal, stupid, annoying, dirty, and at the end, ******* pointless. Seriously, folks, you need to get a grip, alright? Relax yourself!" - Foamy

(03-01-2013, 11:52 AM)Kira13 Wrote: Brokenhorn Tribe. Kiss

In the free time of my free time, plans and concepts are being made. May will mark the beginning of many journeys for the Brokenhorns.
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