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Nothing is certain but death and taxes, but stop killing!
Quote:Evil paladins who think everybody who doesn't agree with them should be killed (had a whole guild of those causing drama)

You know, I had a character in that guild, and most of the time the kills were pretty valid. For some reason, a Blood Elf wandered into Elywnn. We really didn't notice him until we saw him right next to Goldshire. In a sense, he was at a position where guards couldn't see him; but my character did. Although my character was a Paladin, he began to ask the man, 'Hey, are you a Blood Elf. . .?' purely because he's rather dull. Then the leader of my guild arrived, because we were meeting at Goldshire, and was already trying to kill him. Now, if a Blood Elf proceeds into enemy terrortory and they see a Human Paladin, sure, I'm just dandy when it comes to knocking people out, but my character wouldn't do that. There is no way my character would just beat up the fel-sucker and tell him to scram. Another scenario was with a Tauren druid who waltzed into Elwynn, and we even agreed after we killed his character, our characters would try to put his body somewhere where no one would find it, but the irony is; they put it in a place where it's most obvious and easily obtained by someone of the Horde (such as an ally).

I mean, killing a character is bad enough, but making it hard for the character to come back? Why would you, OOCly, be afraid of the person coming back to life anyway when penalties would be added that lacks the characters physical abilities? I was in another scenario before, on my Troll, my character killed someone and even though he disagreed with letting a Blood Elf give her 'a proper burial', he walked away to celebrate his victory-- OOCly, I let her get revived, because losing a character sucks and when you get a second chance, you don't let go of it (Which is also kind of ironic, because in this example her character died a second time because of her IC arrogance).

I've never come into an instance where a character interacting with another character in the opposite faction ended up with no one getting killed (Unless they flee, of course), which is how it should be 95% of the time.

And also, I don't think people are trying to tell the world the their character has a chance at death, LFG is just a RP-based tool that we use to provide OOC information regarding the world we play in, such as spelling mistakes.
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Whatever happened to the element of surprise?

I mean, again, I can understand warning on larger scale-crazier situations. I think it's necessary.

But honestly? I don't want some warning about your character. I think it's silly. I should be able to tell ICly when your character is getting into hostile mode, or maybe I shouldn't? And I'd probably get banned if I issued the appropriate warnings for half of my characters, so I don't. LOL I like the surprise and being surprised anyway.

I think the private warnings are good, especially if two characters are interacting and if shit is about to go down. Or in heavier situations where one person might not be comfortable acting out the details, like torture.
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Theik Wrote:
SteveWuzHere Wrote:I seem to feel that this came from my recent treatment of a Blood Elf spy I found in my base.

I'll clarify, since Thiek seems to be going off on every front about this - I gave this Blood Elf a fair character warning when I read his emoting of sneaking around the assembly. This was about six/seven minutes before we proceeded to attack him. He wasn't even injured, not even close to death.

We have never killed anyone in the past, and hopefully, we will never have to. So why say that we did?

This was not actually triggered by the death threats thrown about by the Wartusk, Azi. :P Recently we've been getting an increasing amount of characters who's sole purpose seems to be killing people. Evil paladins who think everybody who doesn't agree with them should be killed (had a whole guild of those causing drama), Forsaken going to Elwynn to kill people, etc.etc.

I know it's a war and deaths happen, but some people are just a tad too eager to ruin somebody else's character for them.

Ah, my apologies. I was mistaken.

I agree with that Paladins bit - isn't true that they get banished if they commit an evil act?
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My two cents on the matter. I feel you should give a character warning a good bit in advance (atleast 5 minutes before battle or something reasonable), but other than that it is free game. Motivation is indeed an issue in some cases, but you're not gonna stop and ask a back-ally thug why he just knifed ya' spine before you die. You fight or you flight. That's the world. Honestly, I've never cared too much when my characters die, but that is because I do not RP to win; I RP to RP.

On note of mutilations; if you are a psychopath and wish to do it, go ahead... but people still have their revive. It'll just be a waste of effort on your part. Hiding the body? Sure, go ahead, but nothing is perfectly hidden.

If a character was created in an OOC malice light to kill someone, that's metagaming. If there isn't a rule on this, I think there should be. Metagaming is poor RP and poor sportsmenship. Then again, what do I know about that? My close friends jokingly say I'd join Hamas in a blinks moment.
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