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O.o wtf!?!?!?
was my intro moved or deleted or what?
Considering it's no longer anywhere to be found, it got deleted, which means you got rejected.
OMFG it got rejected :shock: was it to violent or what really......im like really freakin dissapointed cus i mean that took me forever to make
you guys really dont liek me do you?
I decided that you wouldn't be a good fit for the server. Most of my decision was based, in this case, on your bad grammar and the kind of character you would play (I took the story to be about your character, because it had your username as the name).

This doesn't mean that I hate you with the fire of ten thousand suns, but it does mean that I think you probably wouldn't be helpful to the server's environment and playerbase.
-.- just cus of bad gramar and my toon's seething hate for all alliance?
i mean i wish esterus came back now cus you guys are the only private RP server i can find...
You might try AzsharaWoW. I hear they're extremely lax on grammar, and they've been known to make houses in the middle of nowhere for new characters.
The word of the day is "Legs". Now go forth and spread the word!
[Image: 5SRU.gif]
Well I can't say your choice of title for this topic makes you look good. You have, like, 3 exclamation and question marks.

Oh and you keep double posting.
Hi... I'm the new guy.
Narrax, when you applied I'm sure you knew there was a risk that you might be rejected, correct?

There are many that put down a lot of energy and time in their introductions but still are rejected. Don't whip up such dramatics about it.

It is up to the GMs to decide who enters and who leaves, and that's that I'm afraid. Trust their judgement.
could you post a link for azshara wow?

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