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Oceanside Trade Corp (take 2!)
The Oceanside Trade Corporation

The Oceanside Trade Corp is a relatively small organization of criminals, thugs, and mercenaries. Stationed at a small island off the coast of Booty Bay, it has managed to make its own small island society that subsists off of operations abroad. It is a simple, slave-owning society, with a casual leadership and set of ranks.

Important Information

  • Boss Mon: the leader of the operations. This happens to be Tazzek, a troll death knight. Even though he's the boss he's still willing to do quite a lot of dirty work himself.
  • Slavers: These are the members that go out and catch slaves. Tazzek works as a slaver too.
  • Investors: investors are those who simply pool their resources into the organization. Some of them sometimes work with the slaves, but particularly keep their hands out of the “dirty work.”
  • Thugs: these are the criminals, assassins, hit men, and mercenaries. They do not particularly deal with slaving but can help out.
  • Slaves: All slaves are tagged with anti-magic collars and usually can roam the island freely. There are enough thugs and guards around to keep them in line, and any misbehaving slave is usually thrown into the cell underground until they are sold. New slaves start out in the cell until they get acquainted with their surroundings. They'll usually find out they're stranded on an island, and the waters outside are shark-infested.


Operations are pretty much anything that can make money and does not have to be slavery. It can include, but is not limited to the following:
  • Slaving: obviously this is when you kidnap someone, deprive them of their freedom, and resell them or use them for labor.
  • Kidnapping: this is when you take someone without particular intent to keep them long-term. This is especially useful for high-profile figures that may fetch high ransom.
  • Ambushes and robbery: we occasionally may just attempt to steal someone's cart or caravan rather than take prisoners. Not all of our members are trained in kidnapping and enslaving people, so robbery is just as fine.
  • Contracts: we take in mercenaries, hit men, and assassins so occasionally we are a group to turn to if you want someone to “vanish.”

Main Rp Locations:

Most of the rp is centered in Stranglethorn though there are a few operations in Tanaris. We are hoping to mostly utilize these roleplay locations:
  • Booty Bay: Most of the slave auctions and sales would take place here. Slave auctions are usually low-profile and held indoors, and buyers are invited with a flyer or waiver.
  • Stranglethorn Vale: throughout the dense jungles there are many opportunities to have holdups, heists, and kidnappings. This is recommended for those of higher levels due to the aggro of some mobs like the gorillas. Also if you intend for the roleplay to be public and include some wanderers this is a good spot.
  • Zul'Gurub: we treat the Zul'Gurub location as if it's another section of Stranglethorn Vale (technically it is one, isn't it?). It is free of mobs and can be used to hold private roleplays if you don't want others to interfere.
  • Alcaz Island: we treat the Alcaz Island as if it is located in the Eastern Kingdoms off of the coast of Stranglethorn Vale. This is where slaves are brought. Slaves who behave well can roam the island while unruly slaves are held in the cells below. All slaves start out in the cells before being introduced to their new surroundings.
  • Tanaris and Gadgetzan can be used but we have few plans for them yet. Mimiron's Anchorage is another spot that is mob-free but is an island.

  • Guild: the guild is called the Oceanside Trade Corporation and it is optional to join. It's recognized that some slaves or other characters are already in a guild, so joining is not mandatory.
  • Chat channel: type /join island if you want to maintain communications without the guild and talk to others!
  • To the leader: you can PM me on the forums with any thoughts or concerns. In game you can ask for Wuvvums, or PM me on Tazzek.

Current slave list:
Awit - Night Elf - Not for Sale
Rein - Blood Elf - Not for Sale
Alandris - Blood elf - (unconfirmed)
Machi - orc - (unconfirmed)
Kurrash - Orc - not for sale
Tyralien - Night Elf - For Sale
Lenore - Undead - Currently not for sale
Dalo - Human - Not for sale
Dusk - Undead - Not for sale
Shinva - human - for sale but not on the first day
Jayza - blood elf - for sale
Erion - human - not for sale
Alma - dwarf - for sale
Sayla - blood elf - has no preference for being sold or not.
Bekkari Sold
Voragh Sold
Meliria - Sold
Sarinia sold
Boan - Sold
Amune Sold
Sindia Sold
Lillisaea Sold
Solis (sold)
Erida Sold
I'd like to buy... All of them. Yes yes. :D
[Image: Hiruma_Youichi_banner_by_cynicalkunoichi.jpg]
Rein and Awit are not for sale for now (gonna discuss with Immy what she wants done with Awit c: )
Updated the slave list, including which are for sale.

We aren't intent on selling out every slave since we would like to get a slave society going and have some island rp. It'd be interesting c:

Looking for more slavers and thugs!
You can hold Awit as long as you ilke until someone is interested in buying him. But I would like to talk with the buyer first.

Otherwise, I actually hope Awit would stay a slave for a while 8D.
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
That's my main intention. I wanted a social aspect to the slave rp like the island and exploring with the other slaves so it's not just dependent on having a master. But I'd also like some thugs and slavers, and so far we only got like 3 slavers including myself.
I could throw a slave or thug in here if you want. :)
[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]
That'd be cool. We got no gnomes so far (though Bingles did tag along with us c: ).
I can dualbox Bastos as a slaver.
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
I still want to buy.. Two. Yes yes. :D I'll PM you in game.
[Image: Hiruma_Youichi_banner_by_cynicalkunoichi.jpg]
Anyways, updated the slave list some more. I didn't think the guild would grow this fast. We got about 16-17 unique members now :D
Thanks to Kretol for giving the approval to decorate Alcaz with Grogporter NPCs. This mostly helps me avoid the spiel by saying "well this island is meant to be ICly populated beyond player characters" and makes the location usable as a generic town when we aren't using it.

I heard the same rules apply as they do for other rp locations; first come, first serve. So if we are currently using it as our island, it won't be considered the Grogporter Port, but if someone comes before us then it's theirs to use as they see fit. I think we can stay civil.

In other news I thought I'd apply warning to buyers who keep coming to the island and expecting me to get my crap together at the drop of a hat. If you don't like the selection, that's fine, if you're response ICly is to trash talk and antagonize the boss though then don't be surprised if you find yourself either thrown off the island or in chains. Buyers ARE free to come but keep in mind I'm not always prepared to sell; this is somewhat of a social guild so I'm not always available to drop everything for a sale.

Thanks everyone for making this rp possible! It's been quite busy but everything's coming into place!
Well, first of all, having my Orc Kurrash in the guild is pretty fun. I hope I can make his slavery a good development for a character.

Secondly, having Garm buy one of the slaves is going to prove interesting, too, based on the fact that essentially it's a person who hates him, but is still forced to stay nearby. Interesting RP! :D
[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]
Sorry I've been inactive the last few days. I'll try and get back in the loop again. Just wanted to focus some on my artwork.

I decided that payday is Monday but I haven't gotten to making an employee list yet and I know there may be people outside the guild. If you work for Tazzek and want some wages, tell me! I'm going to try and mail them out soon but I want a working employee list.

Working employee list:

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