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Ognor the Mountain [Orc] (Reboot)
Player: Quantumlegacy

Character Full Name: Ognor the Mountain

Character In-Game Name: Ognor

Nickname(s): Mountain, Fishcrusher

Association(s): None

Race: Orc

Class: Warrior/Brawler

Age: 35

Sex: Male.

Hair: Short matted black, but with a bluish hue.

Eyes: Hazel

Weight: 425 pounds.

Height: 6 feet 10 inches

Usual Garments/Armor: Tattered brown canvas shirt, worn cloth pants, and he doesn't wear shoes.

Other: He rarely wears armor. And if he is seen wearing armor, something big is going down. The same could be said for a weapon other then his massive fists. Though in his days of combat he has been forced to use a weapon by his overseer's to make the fight seem fair. His favored was that of a one handed axe or a spiked club. He has short tusks that protrude from his lower jaw giving him the appearance of an overbite. His skin is a light shade of olive drab. Ognor is well toned even for most orcs. He trains every day without fail and tends to make even the simplest task a grueling workout if possible.

Personality: Ognor the Mountain grew up fiercely believing in the fundamentals of honor, loyalty, respect, though he spent most of his young life in the internment camps. Even today he holds fast to these values as they have brought him comfort and strength in his times of need. He has forsaken the Horde and become a neutral entity for the sake of pounding on all the races of Azeroth equally. He has been known to show respect his is fellow gladiators and combatants no matter their backgrounds. So long as they can last more then a few minutes. His years of brawling has sharpened him both in mind and body. He has learned to control his inherent blood lust, only drawing on its power in battle.

However, he has been known to be cruel and can often be over aggressive and bullheaded. Since traveling with certain gladatorial rings has even landed him in the heart of Alliance territory before, he has proven that he can control himself when things are serious.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Born -5 of the WoW time line. Ognor was still but a child when the horde left Draenor and invaded the world he would come to know as Azeroth. He was too young to participate in the following wars, and inevitable defeat of the horde. During the first war he spent his time with his mother, Ogra helping her with things that he could. When the warriors returned from the great ransacking of Stormwind, he was there cheering them on from his mother's side. He could smell the scent of war lingering on them. The sight of them instilled fear and hope within him, it was a magical feeling. It was then he made up his mind to become a grunt. Which would affect his life drastically in the future. Unfortunately he was still to young when the Warchief Orgrim began the second war. The day they left he watched as his father, the true Ognor the Mountain, walked out of his small hovel for the last time.

He was one of the first from his village grabbed when the humans poured in. Ransacking their homes and killing those that fought back. They imprisoned all that they had not murdered and took them away to internment camps. For the next ten years he would grow up in one such camp. His mother died after only four years in the camps from the heartache of her husband dying, and then being imprisoned by the foul humans. It might also have been from the lack of Fel magic. He too fell ill and weak for a while, but struggled on and eventually he grew strong again.

It was while he was in the camp that he met an older Orc by the name of Kraalo. He had been a grunt when he was younger and had fought in many wars. Even some of the civil wars back on Draenor. The two of them became fast friends and Ognor learned much from Kraalo about himself, their people, and the humans. One day he had heard rumors of an Orc named Thrall, who had escaped from the clutches of the humans and was freeing Orcs from these internment camps. He knew it to be true when the humans grew scared and increased protection around the camp.

One night while he was fast asleep in his tent he awoke sharply to the sound of screams and battle. He leaped out of bed and peered out of the tent, there were Orcs running around some in armor wielding weapons and others with sticks and stones. They were battling the humans. It had finally come, he was to be free. With a more then an enthusiastic cry of rage he would join the fray. It was not long after that he and the rest of the Orcs Thrall had mustered together were put on boats and sent across the great ocean. It was a long journey and Ognor was beginning to think he had liked it better on the ground. In a great storm many of the ships were scattered or destroyed, his particular ship crashed on the coast of the Durator, near the Darkspear trolls and what would soon be his home known as the Valley of Trials. It was not long till the horde had regrouped and began to build the great city of Orgrimmar. He had stayed to help with the building the only way he could, manual labor. But almost as soon as it was constructed, then it was off to war once again for the newly assembled Horde.

Still just barely to young to participate he went with the other Orcs and settled in the Valley of Trials where he spent his time training to become a grunt. He made three friends while living there. Orcs named Ruulg, Brart, and Erogrug. The four of them had their sights on becoming grunts, and spent every waking hour hunting, training and brawling with each other.

During this time he took the trial of Om'riggor having the urge to prove to himself that he was even worthy of becoming a grunt. He set out and on this trial determined to use all the knowledge and skill he had gained to this point in proving to everyone he could do it. It took him three days to track down the he had been tasked with slaying. after a brief but intense fight he managed to kill the creature. As per the customs he bathed his face in the blood of the creature and headed back to the clan. Once there he would have to wait as one of the Elder Shamans tasted the blood to verify he had not just killed some other creature.

With a sense of victory he raised his stone axe high in the air as the shaman announced it was indeed the correct blood. Letting out a guttural cry of victory he roared, "Lok'tar Ogar!" He noticed though in the cheering crowds that one of the elders looked angry. He left before the celebrations had even begun. Ognor dismissed this though as he reveled in the congratulations of his fellow Orcs. It was but a few days later that he resumed his training with his friends.

The day finally came and all four of them were sent to be tested. Each had their own quest they were supposed to complete alone and unaided. His task had come from an Elder named Grimnak. He thought it strange that his task wasn't assigned to him in the same way the others were at the opening ceremony. But he was determined to complete it none the less. Ognor was to venture from the Valley and find and kill a certain Quilboar known as Pricklemane. It was on this journey that he happened across Ruulg. Ruulg was injured pretty bad and told him that he had been tasked with killing Pricklemane but had failed. Immediately anger flashed across Ognor's face as he knew something had gone horribly wrong already. He knew the consequences of failing this and knew that not only would Ruulg become a peon but he would be shamed out of his families long line of grunts. Gripping his self-made stone ax in anger, though he was masking it, he put his other on his injured friends shoulder.

"Fear not my friend. I know your plight and will honor our friendship. Though someone has set us against one another and I plan to tear them apart for it one day."

With that he set forth into the cave that Pricklemane resided in. A fierce battle ensued between he and the beast. But it was not long before Ognor emerged with the head of the beast. It was currently he did something, that he still wonders about to this day. Coming to Ruulg, he threw the beasts head down to him. "Take it, go back and say you slayed him yourself."

"But! Ognor, why? You know what will become of you. And I have already shamed myself by failing, let me fail."

"No, Ruulg. You have shown me such friendship in the time I have known you. You have a family and honor to think of. I have only myself and my pride. Take it, and do what you were meant to do. One day I will come to you and you will remember this."

Reluctantly the Orc took the head and the two of them headed back to the Valley. Ognor watched as Ruulg presented his trophy and was accepted for initial Gruntship. While he was scorned for returning empty handed and cast in shame. Grimnak had not liked him for a reason he did not know and had gone through a great deal of trouble that day to shame him. Little did Ognor know but long ago his father had crossed Grimnak's family when he proved the cowardice that ran in the corrupted blood-line of warlocks. It was lucky for him that Grimnak hadn't been a shaman or he would have stopped him during the Om'riggor.

With delight he denied having given Ognor the task to kill Pricklemane, and with him having returned empty handed it didn't matter. Grimnak took advantage of the moment casting Ognor as a coward for returning empty handed. Ruulg was going to speak out against this injustice but a glare from Ognor stopped him. He took the redicule still unaware to why Grimnak was doing this but instead of residing himself to a life of shame he stormed out, turning his back on the clan. Though this did not help his case he never cared.

Ognor left the Valley that day, never to return. Though he would occasionally curse Grimnak for his casting out, he had also come to terms for the most part. Believing that if it had not happened he would not have turned out the way he did. Later he would take solace in his ability as a true warrior fighting for pride and honor amongst other brawlers that he would meet throughout the land.

During his travels he also found solace in the quiet, laziness of fishing. Though it took a stern eye and quick wit to catch some of the more elusive creatures. He found that he really enjoyed the task. He earned the name Fishcrusher from a fellow fisherman one day when he'd grown frustrated with a certain Zangar trout. As it tugged at his line and he was beginning to tire, he instinctively jumped in the water and wrestled the thing out onto the shore. Where he pounded it to death with his massive fists. Not necessarily the best way to go about it but it was hilarious enough to earn him the name. Though many mistake the nickname for his skill in fishing and the sheer scourge he had become to them.
Wow. Sometimes I forget the past.
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  • Sol
Quote:Born -5 of the WoW time line.

One year off. He would have been born in the year -6 if he's 36 years of age.

Quote:He has forsaken the Horde and become a neutral entity for the sake of pounding all the races of Azeroth to dust equally.

The way you word this makes it sound like the character only exists to kill people. Unless he actually kills the other brawlers he fights? I'm guessing that this isn't what you mean, but this is what I'm thinking about when I read this sentence.

Quote:Each had their own quest they were supposed to complete alone and unaided. Ognor was to venture from the Valley and find and kill a certain Quillboar known as Pricklemane. It was on this journey that he happened across Ruulg. Ruulg was injured pretty bad and told him that he too had been tasked with killing Pricklemane but had failed.


When young Orcs are sent out to complete Om'riggor, they aren't given a particular task or kill. Generally, it has to do with hunting something down with only your bare strength. And even if they were given specific tasks, why did Ognor have to kill the same Quilboar as Ruulg? Sure, this creates the situation where one has to become a peon and one a grunt, but even that doesn't make sense to me. If Ruulg was sent out before Ognor was to kill the same target, and comes back with its head befor Ognor does, I don't think that they'd cast Ognor as a peon. They would probably just give him a new task. But again, they aren't really given a specific task for Om'riggor.

Quote:Nickname(s): Mountain, Fishcrusher

This is in no way a huge concern or anything, but I'm wondering if you meant 'fistcrusher' rather than 'fishcrusher'. But if you did mean fishcrusher, I'm fine with it, albeit curious.

Edit: You also have the word 'History' underneath the personality section.
[Image: anim_500.gif]
As for the age, I thought it was advised not to include any exact time that means an exact year? Basically because WoW lore is incredibly iffy and, even though we have a self-made timeline (by Grak, I think), it might be changed in the future by stupid Blizz changes.

What I know.
"Life is offensive, people; it's brutal, stupid, annoying, dirty, and at the end, ******* pointless. Seriously, folks, you need to get a grip, alright? Relax yourself!" - Foamy

I actually just recently editted the age by one year to make him 36 not 35. I know there was some formatting errors which is why History apparently appeared there. I actually do mean Fishcrusher. That is because he is an avid fisher and is more of a nickname, hence it being there. Though I don't really elaborate on that in his history. Which is something I should probably do...

As far as Gruntship goes the source I was using before, as this is an older profile from a time before, outlined it a bit differently then you seem to understand it.

Thanks for taking the time to read through it I will take all that you have said under revision. After the game I am in is over, and the DnD session I am running tonight ends I will come back and add more to him.
Wow. Sometimes I forget the past.
Kaghuros mentions in his guide that they're sent out on their own challenge and if an Orc comes back empty handed, then he will be cast out as a peon. This is true. However, the key word here is 'own'. These two weren't given their own challenges, and are apparently sharing one. This causes problems and would be the fault of whoever sent them out on that challenge rather than the aspiring grunt. The ceremonies overlooking Om'riggor involve most of the clan. With elders and other high-ranking members of the clan overlooking these ceremonies, I can't see why none of them would point out the unfairness of it or at least disagree to it, because Om'riggor has to do with proving one's own strength, not competing with another Orc for the same target.
[Image: anim_500.gif]
I totally agree with you and will probably use this fact in my history during the rewrite. I plan on keeping it mostly the same except expanding on the why's.
Wow. Sometimes I forget the past.
Alright, post again to let us know when changes are up! Also, I'd like to ask that you remove the skin colour section you created and instead mention his skin colour in the "Other" section of his appearance, right below his Usual Garments and Armour.
Updated! Though I am still unsure of some things, but it would be worrisome if I was totally confident.
Wow. Sometimes I forget the past.
While I personally feel that the additional category of skin color isn't all that distracting or troublesome, it's not an official part of the profile, so you should indeed put it in the 'other' category.

While some of the gruntship situation has been expanded upon, it still doesn't address what I'm concerned with: the two Orcs being sent out to kill the same target. If you really want this particular aspect of Om'riggor to happen, I want to know who sent them out on the same 'kill' and why he set it up that way. I'm pretty sure that the unjust casting of a peon would be a serious matter within the clan, and with it being painfully obvious here, I want to know why the elders of all people would allow it to happen that way.
[Image: anim_500.gif]
Updated once again!~
Wow. Sometimes I forget the past.
As a general rule, the Om'riggor works like this:

Orc reaching age 20 is told to hunt (traditionally it's a talbuk, but since the move to Azeroth boars or other critters work) and go for it. The orc is given no armor and only a single weapon. He kills a critter (any critter of the animal type,) paints his face with its blood, and the elders taste it to verify its authenticity. If he succeeds, he can become a grunt or shaman depending on how the elders place him. If he refuses to take it or is caught cheating, he becomes a peon instead.

In short, it's not really about killing specific targets, it's about proving to your people that you can hunt and pull your own weight. Particularly since such a person hasn't had full grunt training yet, being told to hunt a quilboar, especially a specific one, is rather unfeasible. I don't mean to bring this up to nit-pick, just that it's a fairly major element of the story and it's not really going to work the way you want it to.
Have you hugged an orc today?
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I don't mean to argue with you, but I still feel this "Om'riggor" and the actual trail of "Gruntship" are separate things. But if you do not, I will once again re-edit the storyline.

Also, note the history has been edited a few times now.


The reason being as all orcs seem to go through Om'riggor. While others do not actually become grunts or shamans until having pass further trials.
Wow. Sometimes I forget the past.
Once you pass the Om'riggor you become either a grunt or a shaman. The trials do exist yes, but you are already considered either a grunt or shaman. The trials are perhaps to determine a ranking within the army?
(09-05-2013, 04:35 PM)QuantumLegacy Wrote: I don't mean to argue with you, but I still feel this "Om'riggor" and the actual trail of "Gruntship" are separate things. But if you do not, I will once again re-edit the storyline.

Also, note the history has been edited a few times now.


The reason being as all orcs seem to go through Om'riggor. While others do not actually become grunts or shamans until having pass further trials.

So I went back to look at Rise of the Horde, as well as did a few wiki-walks and searches. So, here's the deal so far...

You're correct that, yes, the om'riggor is a trial all orcs go through. That this then transitions to their position in the Horde is more assumption than explicit fact, so I suppose you could say it's fanon. However, failing a task to be a grunt doesn't make one a peon either: you just fail to move up.

In the grand scheme of things, peons are essentially the equivalent to human peasants. Depending on your interpretation of the lore, they're either there because of failure at the Om'riggor, or they're simple unskilled labor that doesn't know how to do much else. Regardless of your position, it's still not a factor of whether the person passes a test or not.

For specific tests, I could see such a trial being necessary for joining specific ranks or units, for example, but not a "grunt or peon" kind of thing.
Have you hugged an orc today?
- I am not tech support. Please do not contact me regarding technical issues. -
Okay so, what I am getting is that for the most part I am too assume there is no pass/fail for peonship? I would have posted again last night but apparently my internet enjoys dropping.

But say, failing the test of Gruntship would bar them from doing it again? Would I be able to retake the test? Basically if failed, then I am to resort to some other profession or fall in line with the other Peons?

Also I edited the story in parts to reflect the fact that I/we are not doomed to peonship immediately. I will go over it once more to make sure it's coherent while I wait for a response from you.
Wow. Sometimes I forget the past.

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