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Oh Villainy
Where have you gone?

I can't find any of the villainy on CotH. And I feel like when there was villainy it had a lot of PvP to it. And PvP is alright but it felt like villains were... restricted.

A hero could go fight for his country in a war rp.
A hero could pull off a rescue.
A hero could join on a spontaneous event.

But a villain? It seemed most villains or villain groups were reduced to PVPing between hero groups. There was a lot of PvE things they could do like make a base, gather resources, make a super weapon, try to deceive, try to influence, manipulate, and so on, but it seemed that a lot of it in the end became "how long can we do bad stuff before hero group X crushes us for it."

I'd like to see some form of villainy or antagonist groups that sort of have a plot line formulated and some goals, and not waiting around for a chance to PVP with the heroes. I'd also like to see the return of a hideout like the Catacombs, though perhaps some of the ship rp locations could serve as a temporary place to come together. Most of all I'd just like to see some goals and ambitions carried out, and not just be there for the purpose of another group to beat down.

I just feel like lamenting over the loss of a certain kind of rp I enjoyed. I really liked when we had the Heretic Circus and the stuff Duraza came up with. I'm not sure if we'll have something like that again for awhile.
Well, there's Grogloki and his House. Why don't you talk to him?
[Image: tumblr_nfm4t0FZcT1rtcd58o1_r1_500.gif]
That's the BElf house stuff, right? That stuff has been confusing and a little hard to follow. Is it for BElves only?
That's why you ask. ;p Not at all. Seregon might squish an Alliance member, but...like I've been saying. Go on and ask.
[Image: tumblr_nfm4t0FZcT1rtcd58o1_r1_500.gif]
Ohai. Wuvvums, log ingame. I'm more than willing to help out! (Note: first post in a while. D: )
While I did enjoy reading this, some factors feel forgotten. Some of CoTH's 'restrictions' (I write it like so, because they aren't as restrictive.) May make the overall grand scheme harder to create. Not to mention villains who stick to being villains are a bit rare.
(09-23-2011, 02:10 PM)Psycho Wrote: Some of CoTH's 'restrictions' (I write it like so, because they aren't as restrictive.) May make the overall grand scheme harder to create.


But hey, keep an eye out. Something might come up soon. I've been tossing several ideas around for my death knight.
The hardest thing about playing the villain is that oftentimes people try to kill the villain off too quickly. It all goes back to the whole fight dynamics. When you fight, there is a tendency to have a clear winner and loser, where someone is too beat up to continue or dead, as opposed to the loser fleeing to fight another day. Because of this, its hard to create long term animosity and rivalry. Because people will always prefer to slay the dragon, rather than build up a conflict, discover that the dragon may perhaps be right in its reasoning, decide that ultimately it is still too great a threat to ignore, and go through the whole series of conflict in-between to get to there. People like instant satisfaction, and that's the number one killer of genuinely epic good vs. evil RP.
Another quick point....a huge obstacle for any good good vs evil RP is that its hard to plan anything without one side or the other showing up full force from OOC info (a post in the forums, or something someone says in an ooc zone). Hell, even the playerlist can often give away a large congregation of people (or just one) in a place.
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Villainy is over rated.
Moral ambiguity is the way to go!
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I am only good at one type of villain.
And alas, that character hath been slain.
He was way inactive anyways. >>
[Image: tumblr_mjjxhcqmG51qh076xo1_250.png]
I would play a villain if they weren't, you know, unable to have a safe haven, and weren't mostly unplayable since everyone would try to kill you.

Of course I feel if I don't play a character for more than an hour or two at a time, I never really played them.

-shrug- I'll make a villain soon to try again
I'd like to point out that a group of villains is going to start moving soon.

And when it happens... It will be glorious.

Hey I like the idea of groups vs groups. Who says it has to be good vs evil or heroes vs villains?

Moral ambiguity, like you said. ;]

My character I am reworking in that thar Werkshup is going to be all sorts of shades of grey. If allowed, of course I'd like him to be the manipulator of sorts. pitting heroes against heroes. Getting 'bad guys' to do good things and have the goody goodies hurt innocents.

The Anemoi (a group am am writing up in my story) is the kind of group who likes to (at least try) manipulate world events for the good of Azeroth. I am not sure how that 'good' will be defined, even if it is definable. Feel free to post ideas. If there is no interest I will see where it goes in the story I'm writing.

More shades of grey I say!
I, honestly, think villains are cool. I like playing the antagonist, honestly. My favorite part is the one who has a bazillion different getaways or people like this lady here. The ones who can pull off being innocent and having nothing bad about them, but then go around and stab you in the back.
Delta Wrote: I couldn't help but watch that with a smile. It's comparable to watching a kitten climb onto the sofa and mew excitably, as if it's just achieved something monumental.

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Kravus -- Blood Elf -- 60
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Nicci -- Goblin -- 60
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My biggest thing with villainous PvE...

Most people aren't interested in it, it seems. People would rather just beat the tar out of all the good guys and call it a day.
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