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'Oh, so -now- you're leaving?!'
Good day, ladies and gentlemen... And dragons.

I'll make this short, since this isn't really a heart-ripping goodbye that will last for ages! Lately I've been feeling a lack of motivation to RP, a disinterest in all my characters along with each and every new one that I make. While to some this may look like i'll be leaving CoTH for a loooong time until I regain the 'spark', or 'itch' to RP, this is actually only two, three or four days absence while I do other things! (Minecraft's looking pretty good, now that it's released fully.)

As for my vast army of characters, they're all pretty much idle in their respectful places/homes. To whoever has a character that's in a storyline/relationship/middle of RP with one of mine, I apologize, and I will gladly continue once i'm back.

If anyone wants to keep in touch, I have both Skype and MSN, so just PM me if you want the details.

That is all. Carry on, citizens.

Quick Edit because i'm a horrible derp: This will only come into effect on Sunday, so i'm still on today (Saturday, November 26th)
What happens if a bowl of Tauren spills into Wednesday on a bed of six o'clock?
[Image: feels-batman.jpg]

I'll meeeeeees joo...
Have a good rest! We'll need to RP some more once we both get our RP-urges working again. xD
Well, that was rather quick, but I guess there's no shame in short breaks.

I'm back! Carry on with your lives, ladies and gentlemen.
What happens if a bowl of Tauren spills into Wednesday on a bed of six o'clock?
[Image: feels-good-man-john-goodman-1296510848O.jpg]

Goodb-Hey welcome back.
With a hip, hip and a clippity clop
He's out looking for a head to swap
So don't try to figure out a plan
You can't reason with a headless man


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