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Oh, they have no idea.
Mild language warning.

              "You blood-sucking, backstabbing harpy!"

              "Listen to you talk, you empty-headed, no-good drunk!

              "You are a harridan and a whore!"

              "Why don't you go choke on your bottle and die?!"

              They were far from a happy couple. The only reason they married was because he impregnated her after a one-night stand and he was simply being a responsible man. They thought they could work it out. He was an SI:7 agent. She was a Stonemason. Both contributed to the rebuilding of Stormwind, and both were loyal to the King. However, the deals between the House of Nobles and the Stonemasons were not met. Riots broke out. The Queen has died. The husband and wife's loyalties split... but even then, their marriage was a wreck. Neither were home often for their two children. The mother didn't even care for her son and daughter. By the time the Defias Brotherhood formed, the wife left her husband for another man: a man with a spine. Naturally, the husband was enraged. And pressured to remain the responsible one over the children despite the fact he was dismissed from SI:7 over his alcoholism.

              She went westward. He and the children went north. There were no love for the couple, only hatred. Both wanted the other to drop dead. So very much.

              Oh, they have no idea just how much.

              When the Scourge came to Lordaeron, the ex-husband was stabbed in the groin. He bled out. He crawled along the streets, crying out in desperation. He was calling for his missing son's name. The daughter was dead already. He just wanted to be a family again with the long lost Velio. But no. Arnaldo writhed as the Scourge rampaged through the Capital City. He witnessed the betrayal of Prince Arthas Menethil. He saw his life flash before his eyes. There was no life. No blood. The man's corpse was trampled to the ground as death devoured the pathetic alcoholic.

              But what was the wife doing at the time? She was being comfortable with her new husband in Westfall while living by the red mask. One day, she lifted her head to the sky, unaware of what was happening in Lordaeron. She smiled. Belladonna eyes lit up as she muttered... "Somehow, I feel extremely happy. And I don't know why~."

              Good for you, Belladonna. Oh, you have no idea.

              The Scourge brought back the dead. The husband became a part of the Lich King's army until Sylvanas Windrunner and the Forsaken broke free. The husband was breathed new life, albeit as one of the undead. Broken and beaten, but walking. Miserable. But that isn't any different from when he was alive. The years would pass. He would try to search for his son. Whereas the wife had a red mask, he had red gloves. Red, the color of blood. It no longer pumps through him, but he still had value for life. Except for one.

              What was the wife doing? The Defias Brotherhood under Edwin VanCleef would fall, but his daughter would rise from the remains of the fallen. Sentinel Hill was lit aflame. Guards and soldiers were there to defend it despite the despair the homeless there suffered. Gunshots fired. Knives were thrown. The wife had two healing potions, but she was forced to drink one as soon as the battle started. Bolts to her shoulder. Knives through her stomach armor. One more stab to the midsection, and it was over. She has grown too old for this. A remnant of the old Defias, now fallen. She collapsed at the lumbar mill, only to be trampled by her unaware brethren and the guards who attempted to fight back. Once more, a lost cause. And this time, no Scourge to bring Belladonna back.

              No one. Absolutely no one. That day, the ex-husbad was squatting in the Ruins of Lordaeron. He lifted his head to the sky, unaware what just happened in Westfall. He smiled. Arnaldo's eyes lit up as he muttered... "Somehow, I feel extremely happy. And I don't know why~."

              Good for you, Arnaldo. Oh, you have no idea.

Belladonna Gallo
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
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