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Open letter to the server
I'm going to rant a little here. I'm not usually one to “rock the boat”, and usually if I make a stand on something, people are so shocked that they sometimes are offended, or just fade away, because I'm not the person they thought I was.

Let me be crystal clear. I am not mad at anyone. I am not threatening to leave, and this is not a dramatic gesture in the hopes of changing the entire server dynamic. Such things are silly, childish, and ineffective.

I am currently doing Reetha's job. I don't know when or if she is coming back, but I will say this: While I think her manner may have been a little off the mark, there is no end to my respect for her. I am BAD at putting my foot down. I am BAD at enforcing the rules. I am BAD at being frank with people. If I say something, it's because it has been wearing on me for days or weeks. If I kick someone from the server, it's because they have driven me to the point where I am shaking with rage. I am now missing my main co-conspirator for advancing server lore as well. It's too big now. It's too intimidating. I make some advances now and then, when I'm feeling bold, but I'm only one person. And then, people complain because there's nothing much going on, or because I appear to have no sense of humor. You are missing Reetha, whether you realize it or not.

The need for the Barrens Chat channel pains me. I came to this server because there was nothing like that here. No, I don't subscribe to that kind of humor. Yes, it wears on me very quickly. Yes, this is my own personal opinion, and not a server policy. Which is why I asked that the channel be created, instead of simply demanding that it stop, no matter how much I really wanted to. I am tired of people ignoring the rule that states that you must respect the English language and use it properly.

I'm also tired of the lack of respect between players. I don't mean between players and GMs, Reetha already addressed that, for better or worse. I mean how we treat each other as human beings. If someone does something nice for you, lends you gold, answers your questions... say thank you. If you'd like something from someone else, say please. If someone doesn't agree with you, deal with it gracefully. Stop blending IC and OOC emotions. Just... stop, look at what you typed, and imagine how you'd feel if it was directed at you. Be honest with yourself.

On that note, even though it's been covered... I know I'm lenient. I know it's my own fault that I get walked all over, but I am not a robot, and I am not a servant. Please don't treat me like one. If I rez you in the wrong area, don't treat me like I'm stupid. If I ask you to stop doing something, don't mock me. If I try to say hello, think about what you say back. “Finally!” is not a nice greeting. I am not asking you this as a GM. If it keeps happening, to be honest... I know me. I am bad at putting my foot down. I won't kick anyone, most likely. No. I am asking you this as a human being, who has thoughts and feelings and emotions. I don't want to be placed on a pedestal, I just don't want to feel like I am inconveniencing someone just by existing.

I am stressed out. I am doing the “enforcer” job as well as the “creator” job, as well as dealing with some pretty major things in the real world. I just felt that I needed to say this. I don't ask that you understand or sympathize, you all have your own problems as well, I am sure.
[Image: Q1-1.png]

"We are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different."
~Kurt Vonnegut
My sympathy goes out to you for the real life situations and the resulting conflict of said life with the server. I'm pretty sure most are afraid to responding to this topic without somehow angering the wrath of a GM, because even though our responses should not be dictated by whether or not you are a GM... they will be.

I still appreciate the work you do for the server regardless.
"My companions' feelings have been etched onto my body.
I'll change this eternal darkness to light!
Heaven and Earth...
One body, one soul!

Chouginga, Gurren-Lagann!

I'll show you...
The power of mankind!"
Qaza, you -are- this server. You and Grak and Kret and I'm so sad to see Reetha go so soon after I returned. It pains me to see GMs not want to log on because they can't get a moments peace. Whatever you guys need to do, you have my support 100%. And I'm happy to start bitching people out for you~! ^^
Isebella Drudaen - Merchant, entrepreneur and fire mage.
Drusilla - Shadow Priestess and Mistress of all things sadistic.
Cry you guys work harder than any GMs I have ever seen on any server and I am so gratfull for you work. You especialy, taking on some huge responsibilities and then have to deal with this! No!! I am deeply soory for some of the others, they havn't stepped back and put thier selves in your shoes. The faster they do this, the less painful it will be to accept what they have done to an actual person, not a character. I feel sorry for as they will have to live with it. Again thank you so much for you work and how you still maintain public relations.
Good Night :)

Thanks will come completly,
For those that work into the night,
And I apologize deeply,
for those that first anwser with spite.
-The Bard
Thanks You Yet Again
(soory for spelling, it's late here)
(also, I made this poem up in like 30 sec-1 min as I have to go to bed, sorry if it's sloppy :oops: )
Well, everyone else said stuff I could think of. So.. <3 Qaza. Sorry you even have to feel that way. :/
I agree with what everyone said. <3 Qaza. You and all the other GM's are the life-blood of the server, and deserve more respect than that "Finally!" Crap.
[Image: desc_head_freemasons.jpg]

△Move along.△


It's hard being a GM. Qaza and everyone here have to deal with so much every day, that I couldn't even imagine the flak they take. Requests, reports, tickets all pile up, along with dealing with people who should know better, people with no clue, and the inevitable troublemakers who don't belong here.

It's also hard, and you can snap at your friends...and they can take these things wrong. Even a minor suggestion to a friend can be seen a a GM slap, and I see how that can hurt. So yes, I know GMs have it rough, and I like to give them a chance to take a break and RP with me any time I can. They like to play too, you know.

It's a tough job, and yes, you need to be tough, because WoW tends to attract a lot of griefers and disrespectful leet-speakers, especially on servers open to the public. I understand, and it's tough to tell someone they are better off playing on Live, but it probably needs to be done each and every day. You can't let the weeds kill off the garden, and the good players need to be protected. If you want to stay here, be a good player, and I try very hard myself when I have the time to play.

Okay, a bit of a rant here as well....

If it were me, there would be no Barrens chat. I don't like it *here* at least. If you want that, there's always Live (more people, better discussions). I know, I probably sound like I'm being a PITA on this, but hey, if you're not here to RP, then you're wasting bandwidth. I like to joke around now and then, but having a 24/7 channel for it on a RP server seems silly. Just my opinion, and no offense intended to BC fans.

I like the "English only" rule, if you don't have the respect to type a complete sentence when speaking IC on a RP server, then you probably are lacking respect in other areas as well. I'm sorry, it's just the way I feel on this.

...Okay, rant off.

Ending on a positive note, Qaza has been the most fair, and most creative hard-working GM I have had the pleasure to play here with. Always a fun treat to RP with her crazy trolls, and she always amazes me with the things she comes up with. If you need a break though, you've more than earned it as well.


Shademoon - Human Priestess, Humanitarian
Chayne - Human Paladin, Tradewind Mercenary
I'm not entirely certain how to respond. I feel saddened that you've been pushed this far, and I feel ashamed that I myself have once or twice been the cause of some of the mentioned misbehavior. I was there for the creation of the BC channel, but honestly, I don't remember it being that bad... perhaps it's only because I haven't been there in the last few days. I think the worst I've seen in that channel is one or two Chuck Norris jokes, a few "Ahma firin' mah laz0rs," and a couple lines of leet. I left the channel for all these reasons. That kind of humor has a time and place; if the mood strikes me, I'll join it, say what I have to say, have a few laughs, and get back to what I was doing. Perhaps everyone should adopt that view, but it's inevitable that there will be those that don't.

Qaza, I can't pretend to know what it's like. I can imagine, certainly, but even then, I can't say I know. I feel confident though that, even though things may seem somewhat crazy, you, and all the other GMs, have the complete, utter, and undying support of all of us, even those with... shall we say... questionable grammar? :roll:

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