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Order of Virtue Missive

The following letter was mailed to all members of the Order of Virtue, as well as close affiliates such as Roux Blackwood and Matthew Hunter:

Elegant Missive Wrote:To my dear friends,

By now it is no surprise to you that our efforts in Westfall were for naught. Our resources and hard work were stolen by the new Defias who now occupy Moonbrook, and the local residents arming themselves as members of the Brotherhood.

I will be honest with you, it has proven difficult for me to cope with this loss. I had such high hopes for our efforts, and truly believed that change could have been brought to Westfall. I was mistaken.

I realize that some biases, some bigotries, some hatreds can never be removed; can never be destroyed or overcome. I am despondent to see that such bigotries exist within the Alliance, much less within the same race. How humans can be so willing to want to hate each other and never accept a change completely leaves me at a loss for words.

Fortunately, the rest of Stormwind is for the most part stable right now. Aside from the regular, usual troubles that we must endure every day such as gnolls and spiders, things are much less tumultuous now. This, at least, puts me at ease.

Therefore I am writing to let you know that I shall be departing from Stormwind and heading up north for the foreseeable future. I will likely be taking residence in Hearthglen with my family and assisting the Argent Crusade, of whom my cousin is a captain in.

I am using this trip to extend my hand to all of you, my trusted friends and companions, to join me if you wish in helping the Crusade. They are an open and insightful organization, and I feel we may get great things accomplished with them there. Of course, the choice is yours, and should you feel obligated to remain in Stormwind lands or wherever you desire to be, I shall respect that choice. You know where to reach me if you need me.

Cristovao di Silvio
Your stories will always remain...
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... as will your valiant hearts.
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A very short note is returned to Cristovao. Short, but heartfelt and honest. It seems this person cannot write very well by the handwriting and spelling of some words.

Roux Blackwood Wrote:Cristo,

I will join you. I have been in Hearthglen already to learn from the druids there. Paulton comes too to yell at the Argents for being heretics. They do not listen.

You are not a fool for helping Moonbrook, and our time was not wasted. We learn from pain. And nature moves to order, tho we can not see it.

See you in Hearthglen,

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A finely bleached envelope reaches the hands of Cristovao bearing two seals. One is the seal of the Church of the Holy Light, and the other is the flame emblem of Rhord's family crest. The letter inside is written in very fine handwriting, and accepts no mistake.

Quote:Sir Cristovao di Silvio,

I cannot promise my full aid as I am first and foremost a Knight under the Church, however I will do what I can. I often have errands for the Church that take me north as it is, so I will ask to be devoted purely to that area. However, given the Church's dislike of the paladin commander Fordring, I cannot promise a very positive response.

Do not hate yourself for what happened at Moonbrook. Yes, we were tricked. They will pay, but this is what you need to become aware of. Leaders are not free of stress. This has happened and will happen to every single leader of any organization in the world. I try not to berate you, so I apologize if you take these words with sour meaning.

I will ride north ere the sun sets tomorrow. Until then,

Sir Rhord Richardson, Knight of the Church, Knight of Stormwind
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The letter is written entirely in Draenic.

Diwaata Wrote:              Cristovao.

              Let not your heart sink over the failure that is Moonbrook. The Light will guide us and bring retribution to the cowardly oppressors that are the Defias Brotherhood. I know, though, your heart is heavy. Let's see your Mother and Cousin Stefano so that family can lift our spirits. Melodia will come.

              May the Naaru guide us and the Light bless our paths.

[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
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The letter is written carefully to make sure each word is legible.

Plain Letter Wrote:To Cristovao di Silvio,

You owe me four pieces of parchment. Making sure my writing can be read by others is too much work.

I learned about Moonbrook from Gunther and Roux, and I do apologize that I was not there in Westfall to help you. Maybe things could have been a little different if I had helped. Again, I'm sorry.

Though I am not a fan of Crusaders due to their blatant Horde favoritism, I will join you in Hearthglen as soon as I decide if I should bring Lothar along with me. I don't spend enough time with the pup as it is, but I don't want to bring him anywhere even remotely dangerous (and the Plaguelands are still dangerous). I'll help you, your friends in the Crusade, and will hold my tongue if I see your mother at Hearthglen.

You were there for me, and so I shall be there for you. See you soon.

-Matthew Hunter
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The words on the page are sloppy, hard to read.

To Cristavao Wrote:Cristo,

I'll start making my way to Hearthglen as soon as I can, I need to find someone to look after Jaece for a while, but as always, you have my support. Don't be too down over Moonbrook, the Defias are crooks and they'll get what's coming to them.

What lessons can we learn from this? That is what we have to think about. I have faith that you'll find your calling in Hearthglen, and a way to redeem yourself in your own eyes with the work you, we, will do there.

P.S. Excuse the chicken scratch, I was never a good writer.

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