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Other question about Druids!
@ Eddyward:

Druids of the Grove?

@ Jeff:

wowwiki Wrote:Prior to the conclusion of the Third War, night elf society was sharply divided by gender, with the vast majority of men being druids and most women serving as warriors, priestesses, or a combination thereof.[4] These gender roles more or less defined the culture of the kaldorei for ten thousand years.[6][7] In the years since the end of the Third War, this gender division appears to have eased in favor of more practical concerns,[6] setting aside its historical strictures on membership.[4] Women have taken up the mantle of the druids,[7] just as men have begun to choose the path of war and have affiliated with the Sentinels.[6] Although before the Third War there were women night elf druids they weren't let to affiliate the Cenarion Circle.[4][7]

As for males becoming druids, it's to do with eye color. If a Kaldorei male had amber eyes, it's seen as a sign of druidic proficiency. If they had silver eyes, they became craftsmen, priests, or hunters. The ranks of the Sentinels were for females only.

wowwiki Wrote:Though amber eyes are a sign that the individual has a natural ability for druidic magic, it does not mean that all amber-eyed night elves become druids, or that silver-eyed night elves are unable.

However, many Night Elf traditions have gone under radical change in the last decade, so I wouldn't worry too much about sticking to traditions.

And in response to the original post, I believe that staying in a certain form for long periods of time (you'd have to have mentioned it in your character profile, we'd be talking upwards of several thousand years) can manifest itself on the Elf's natural form. For example, Malfurion Stormrage had antlers. In WC3 the Druids of the Claw are bigger and bulkier than their Talon counterparts. While I'd recommend you keep the changes subtle (more body hair, your snoring thing), I don't see any reason why it would go against the lore.

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