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Qaza Wrote:The same goes with the relative sanity of a character. Just stating that your character is ZOMG CRAZY does not make them so. Most of the time, it's not even a really good descriptor of personality. Crazy can mean lots of things in such a fluid language. Are they outspoken and active? Withdrawn and anitsocial? Expressive? Do they simply defy social norms? Are they just not very clever? Too clever? Or are they actually mentally ill? And if they are mentally ill, do you actually understand their mental state, or are you just using it so you can play a character that can act like a Saturday morning cartoon? So... yeah, there's my pet peeve.

/agree Qaza!!

Though I do think people should play what class and race they enjoy and not base it on what others play. I take no personal issue with the eccentric gnomes or the dark irons (only 3 thus far). But these characters that 'claim' to be crazy... ya...

Now, that being said... I see a lot of good aligned characters. As well as a lot of neutral. They simply haven't spotlighted themselves as well as the evil have (they tend to be more modest :wink: ) Heck, I've even semi-retired Drusilla in favor of more good-aligned characters!

Trends happen, they change pretty rapidly as people find that what works for one person doesn't work for them. I wouldn't worry too much.
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In my experience with my "evil" character, I've never truly defined him as evil. To me, he is nuetral, but has a tendancy to do things only to further his own means. In fact, he's been pushed towards an area that he beleives is more active, and more powerful to get his own way. Yes, he is very irritated by "good" guys, and the fact that they are always in the limelight, and takes giant leaps and bounds to make them look like what he actually is.

A very mean man who's interested in himself, but likes to interact with people in a way that benefits him. Does it make it hard for the "good" guy? Damn straight. Does it mean he's unkillable, or that he can't be proven wrong? Nope. Noone's tried yet.

So, here is a call to all heros. Get off your butts, take up your swords, and get to crackin' on those trouble area's that have been taken over. Otherwise, you'll have some hard times comin'.

I'm speaking from all horizons, not just one. I've got a "good" and a "bad" guy, as much as I hate to classify them as such.
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△Move along.△


Fawee Wrote:Though I do think people should play what class and race they enjoy and not base it on what others play. I take no personal issue with the eccentric gnomes or the dark irons (only 3 thus far). But these characters that 'claim' to be crazy... ya...

Trends happen, they change pretty rapidly as people find that what works for one person doesn't work for them. I wouldn't worry too much.

Hmm, I agree with you on the part of characters that claim to be crazy. Kelenvar for me... I'm not sure if he's actually crazy, crazy... nah, he's not as smart as some characters. Though he's defiantly unorthodox in terms as far as Dark Iron go. I won't lie, it sucks not being able to just stroll on up to a local tavern and say something like:

"Oi, 'ello thaur me lads! Ah'd like yer bes' feckin' ale'nd be quick'buit't!"

Something on those lines! ^^ Oh well, I can deal with it, it comes with the way the story has evolved. Nor do I mean to sound as if though I'm complaining.

As far as "good" and "evil" characters go, I'm with Bish on that it is all about perspective.
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I'm going to confess something.

I just want to live out my shonnen good-guy fantasies with my role playing. Hence why Krent is such the good little emotionally-unstable boy scout that he is. He's a drastically under-powered character (Thus far has yet to "win" a fight....has been getting his ass kicked by both players and NPCs.), but he's a training to increase his power level in case Namek needs a savin'. He's all based on stereotypes, I admit this completely, but it's a fun little character to play. Gotta have a kid jumping around in the midst of all these high-ranked paladins, badass-outlaws, power-hungry warlocks, and generals, aye?

Anyway....Quendae is a character I sorta got stuck on. I, for one, absolutely DO love playing the "Totally Insane" character, and could play it for a long long while. Only problem is Krent's been so busy with plot lines (along with me being OOC'ly busy with finals 'n shizz), that I'm unable to really concentrate on advancing him. I do plan to in the future though...'cause the prospect of a blood elf crack head just makes me giggle every time....


I am worried about all of the "evil" characters that suddenly jumped on board with the Burning Legion at the introduction of this story arc. What worries me more is that only 4 of them are actually...active. And some people (not going to single anyone out or name names, as there are multiple peeps doing this) are trying to play "both sides". Signing up with the league of evil and then casually walking through a tavern being all "Hey good guys, what's up?". I'm sorry, but unless your character has a REALLY REALLY REALLY good disguise, pledging your allegiance to the Burning Legion should ostracize you somewhat from the rest of the world. Fel energy corrupts real bad, and the longer you dwell in the darkness the more twisted your character should become.

I lost count as to how many people signed up with the Burning Legion....but I know it drastically out-numbers the "Good Guys" side. While I'm all for having Evil win (could make for a very awesome RP scene. Post apocalyptic Azeroth, over-run by demons and scourge, little clusters of people struggling to survive in communes.), the Burning Legion has been pushed out of Azeroth before. Should the "Good Guys" pull a victory, I wonder if all the characters who signed up with the bad guys are ready for the ramifications of it. I can't imagine the rest of society being willing to accept someone who devoted their service to the Burning Legion. In my eyes, I'd figure that the Capital Cities would place death-sentences on all the individuals who served the Legion, and be absolutely ruthless in hunting them down.

Anyway, this is just me venting. I hold no malice against any individuals on this server, nor frown upon anyone's RP style. This is just my opinion, and me trying to conceptualize some concerns that have been lingering in the back of my mind.

"What a mess we made, when it all went wrong..."
I must admit, I'm rather confused why people would think there's 'too many gnomes.' Sure, we went from having like none to quite a few, but from what I've seen they're far outnumbered by the other races still. Its not like were having the BE situation again, whats the issue?
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You beter save Namek! I lurvs that place! *Snicker*

And.... there really isint a problem with a race fad. At least, I dont think so anyways . \(o.O)/
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In response to Krent a bit, I plan to start having these evil folks start being ousted. I just started the other day with Kenji, and having elementals spawn to 'defend' the Crater due to detecting such a corrupt and/or fel presence. Kenji had visited the Crater with the intent to drop by the tavern and talk to Bella, but his identity wasn't 'blown' due to him playing it off rather well and leaving in fairly short order.

In summary, I'm not all that fond of people playing the evil side yet perceiving themselves as undetectable in any way, shape or form, either. And no, this isn't directed at Kenji ;) But I've also seen several folks that play evil characters hanging around in open sight, and I've been hesitant to do anything in case it's perceived as meta-gaming. Now, that shall change! (At least, in the Crater (for the time being))
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Try to never just say, "My character isn't interested in that adventure." A lot of people mistake this for good roleplaying, because you are asserting your character's personality. Wrong. Good roleplaying should never bring the game to a screeching halt. One of your jobs as a player is to come up with a reason why your character would be interested in a plot. After all, your personality is entirely in your hands, not the DM's. Come up with a reason why the adventure (or the reward) might appeal to you, no matter how esoteric or roundabout the reasoning. -(Source)
I hear where you are coming from Krent.

Bella is my sweetheart. She's always been underpowered and even though she's got mage powers, I've played her as the 'girl next door' in terms of status, for a long time.

I will say that Kenji's attempt to walk into the Azshara Crater was quickly et with hostile elementals. Though.. I would like to discuss for those who have magical sensibilities... how much would we feel or note from the magics of others.

Fel indeed might be corruptive but it's also to be expected in a blood elf. Would a human warlock be able to pass off as a mage? With our.. oh phooey.. I better just start a new topic on this...

Anyways, all three of my active girls, Bella, Jessamine, and Fawee, are on the side of the Azerothians. However, it's hard for me to get involved due to my GM responsibilities.

Edit: holy crap Kretol you beat me to posting...
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I pretty much ousted Harmonic the other day, by attacking Siv. I never expected his ruse to last to long, and actually, I wanted this immenant "fall" to add to his darkening character developement. Which is exactly why earlier I stated that I never defined him as truley being good, or evil. He's on a slant, and him being in league with Kenji WILL corrupt him. I've never had any doubt about this, and that is the exact reason that the only time he's been seen outside of the Bar in Booty Bay was to attack Siv.

I've played him as best as I could, playing both sides, and I have no reason to complain when he's ousted. :p

That aside, again, I still beleive that there is a lot of complaining again over these evil characters. It makes me wanna play him less and less, sadly. I'm not asking people to like him, IC. Hell, I don't expect people to like him IC at all, and the fact that he has any friends amazes me.

But to be even more straight forward, I do not like that people right now have this giant conflict over "Oh man, there are badguys now!". I'm not saying that anyone that has posted here has ever said that, and I am in no way berating any of you for your opinions. I enjoy RPing with most of you on my bad-guy type character, as well as on Rensin.

I guess what I'm getting at overall, is that it seems like this storyline is progressing in a very interesting path, but most people seem to be scared that they are gonna lose something.

What are you guys scared of losing? COtH is NOT going anywhere anytime soon, at least I hope not!

Your getting your RP, and we are not trying to beat ya up! Fight for your right to liiive!

And, for anyone who was wondering, I've been playing Rensin more so that he can help out when something does happen, just because I have been hearing lots of people "seemingly" (Stress the word, oh lawd the stress on seemingly) complaining about this.

DISCLAIMER: Most of you guys know me. I'm easy going, I love to RP, and I'm not dumb. I'm just trying to figure out how to do this a little better with you guys. :p I reeeeally like the storylines now, and I'd hate to give up being bad.
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△Move along.△


I'm not trying to criticize ya or the direction you choose to steer your characters in. Nor am I trying to do that with anyone, really. The recent post 'bout people getting harassed for their IC affiliations and which side they are. It shocked me to see that, especially since I'm one of the individuals who's been concerned about this recent jolt 'o evil, so to say.

I love ya as legally as I can, Rensin. As I said before...evil d00ds are cool. Ain't nothing wrong with having the scales tipped off in one way. I'm not complaining about it....I'm just a worry-wort at times. I think many of the active evil characters are doing a great job advancing their story line, and appreciate the fresh RP coming from it.

"What a mess we made, when it all went wrong..."
The post about alignment harassment was not directed at this thread in particular, nor at any specific individual. It was just to make you all aware of a trend we've been seeing that we likely should have put a stop to before it became an issue we needed to post about.

It's for everyone. We all need reminders at times. I don't want to see people stop playing their characters because they feel ostracized. Concerns about things such as server balance and player alignment are understandable and sometimes players just need reassurance. But those concerns are best kept to thread like this, where it can be discussed in a rational way without singling out any individuals. I'm okay with that. What I'm not okay with is players being whispered or questions ingame, publicly or privately, and forced to defend their characters actions to someone not even involved in the scene.
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Oki, there was a lot more replies than I expected ;)

Anyway, I can only agree with what Fawee just said. If I have asked/harrased/pesterd anyone about...well, anything I appologies.

I don´t have anything against people playing badguys, and sure it could definatly be fun with a overrun Azeroth. I have deicided, after reading all these replies, to simply leave things as they are and immerse my-self in Role-Play and see how things turn out.
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Same goes from me to you Krent. ^^ I don't wanna harbor any ill will towards anyone, and as I've stated before, I love to RP with pretty much all of you.

EDIT: And as Fawee said, this topic is more constructive than destructive. The topic the GM's addressed seemed to be a broad harrassment address, rather than just pointed at the evil guys, since there seems to be an influx of people that warn over the channels "not to roll a bloodelf" or to "not roll a rogue or warrior".

If the GM's ever had beef with ya, they'd tell ya. ^^;
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△Move along.△


Indeed, Alphawolf has a point. Other players should NOT be taking it upon themselves, even jokingly, to declare what races and classes are available, especially to players who have just joined the server.

Think about how it would make you feel, considering we SPECIFICALLY ASK what people's favorite classes and races are, to join this forum/server for the first time, state your favorites, and then immediately be told you can't play them by the other players who are supposedly welcoming you.
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Exscuse my language, but HOLY SHITE! I didn't realize there were so many humans.
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