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Paladin questions
I looked around the forums and WoWwiki, etc, and didn't see quite what I was looking for.

I was trying to find information on Paladin education and training. My main questions are:

How long does it take to train a Paladin to a reasonable level of competency? Not a trainee, but not a hero either. Just good enough that the Paladin would be considered a 'graduate' (if there is such a concept).

How old would a human have to be to have finished Paladin training and get in a couple years of fighting as well?

My computer is throwing a fit so I thought I would take this time to plot out a new character while I try a repair on WoW.
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Well I have trained a couple of characters Icly. I believe that squires usually start at age 12-16 though you can still become a squire if your older it will just take longer for you to learn. I think if a basic paladin takes a 12 yr. squire then the Squire should be a fresh paladin at 21-24 and an experienced one at 30-32.

I'm going to make a paladin guide as well soon.
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Ah, perfect. That's exactly what I needed. Also, looking forward to the guide!

Bury me on my feet. I have lived my entire life on my knees.
If I may add to what Tales said, in real life, Knights would begin as children, being pages anywhere from ages 6-10, becoming a squire from 12-14, and (if they had the money, title etc...) being knighted in their early twenties.

Clergy is a much broader group; parish priests would often be a clever boy, maybe even young man, sent to a monastary for a few years to learn basic reading and theology, before being sent out to a village. Comparativley, Bishops and Deacons would study for longer, being more political and managment-oriented.

Paladins, which would presumably be a cross (har har) between the two, would be striclty regimented and cloistered from a young age (lower limits of the Knights), learning both the Chivalric arts and duties as Clergymen. The time of squireship and the time of 'preparation' (where higher-leveled priests-in-training would be partnered with a veteran priest to learn from him directly, often for a year or two) would be combined, once again probably even more rigid and demanding than either one individually.
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