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Parting words..
I would like to take this opportunity to add my two cents and a small suggestion.

For starters I am still very new to this group; that being said so far my experiences have only been good ones. Yes it is true that when entering a community one tends to feel noobish and like an outsider. I went through the same process when joining tabletop paper and pencil groups when I was in collage.

I learned from that experience and that is why I made my first character a very young woman who is both learning about herself and the world she has been thrust into. That way when I feel like an outsider or like I just don't belong it helps rather than hinders my roleplaying.

To all new players I suggest you consider doing the same. After you get your three vouches and your first character approved you can always roll a new character. By the time you roll a second character you will know more people in the community and can jump into roleplaying with ease no mater what your character's age or background is.

Above all be patient and know your character. I do not believe roleplayng should be rushed. My character spends a lot of time off by herself studying. From time to time she takes a break from her studies during which she takes a walk around Stormwind, or travels to one of several other locations. During these walks I have had an opportunity to meet a number of interesting characters and engage in some short but meaningful roleplay. These have been little more than introductions, but really it makes for a much better story to take things slowly. Barging into a room and pointing at random people and shouting “You you and you! we're going to have an adventure!” just isn't very realistic or very interesting.

I hope this post will help my fellow newcomers. Also to those of you who have made me feel welcome thank you so much. And to those of you who have made me feel like a confused outsider with much to learn, I thank you as well because that is what I am. I hope that I do not remain an outsider for long, but things will happen in their own time that's the first rule of storytelling: timing is everything and sooner is not always better.

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