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Peshko Steamrigger [Gladiator]
Player: Bitlordman

Character Full Name: Peshko Steamrigger

Character In-Game Name: Peshko

Nickname(s): None

Association(s): Stranglethorn Vale, Booty Bay

Race: Gnome

Class: Warrior (Gladiator)

Skills and Abilities: Thought Peshko is a gnome he has the ability to bring his enemies down on the ground as fast as he could. He is also a great fighter with maces. Quickness is also a great ability that Peshko uses. Althought he is small he has the strength to break bones with his bare hands, which means he is really strong.

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Hair: Black and short.

Eyes: Brown

Weight: 16,56kg

Height: 95cm

Usual Garments/Armor: Peshko wears a full set of plate armor which was made in Booty Bay. In some situation he wears formal clothes.

Other: Peshko is more muscular than the avarage gnomes.

Alignment: Chaotic, Good

Personality: Peshko is a wild spirit. Quiet and strong, but in some situations very aggressive. His voice is deep, and his speech is clear. He usually thinks before he does something, but if he is angry he rushes for his goal without hesitation. Peshko is a warrior who spends most if his time in the Gurubashi arena training or fighting for gold. If he is bored he travels around Azeroth.

Peshko is a warrior. His job is to fight in the Gurubashi arena as he makes a living from it. He is a quiet spirit. If Peshko is comfortable he usually talks a lot. He also likes to poke around listening to other conversations.

Peshko likes to fight a lot. In a emergency situation he would rush for help. He doesnt like to drink that much, but yet he eats a lot. He loves eating and working out. Despite of that he hates blood elfs. He competely ignores them because of their lack of respect and high thoughts about themselves.

In a fighting situation, Peshko tends to be quick and bring his enemy down on the ground as possible as he could. He always waits the enemy to strike first just so he can trick him and bring him down on the ground. Brave and smart just like any gnome.

History: Peshko was born in the snowy peaks of Dun Morogh. Raised in Kharanos he lived with his father. He taught him all he needed about life and trained Peshko how to be a warrior. Everyday the little gnome was training on the target dummies his father made. Peshko loved helping his father. They would often spend time together making new machines and gadgets. His father was a good fighter and a very experienced engineer, so he taught his son good. Peshko would sometimes even spend time in the snowy wilderness hunting animals bigger than him. He felt the ways of the warrior but yet his dream was to become a gladiator.

Over time Peshko began to show incredible skills as a warrior. His father was very proud of him. He decided to suprise his son by going on a trip to Stranglethorn Vale. He took Peshko to the Gurubashi arena to see a match. The little gnome was very happy, but yet his eyes were on the match. He followed every step which the gladiators made in the arena. When the match was over, Peshko had the awesome opportunity to talk with the winner. Before his father took him home he showed his son the beauty of Stranglethorn. He took his son to Booty Bay. For the first time in his life Peshko saw a ship. His eyes were flickering from happiness when he saw it. As long as Peshko wanted to stay it was time to get back home, he thanked his father for showing him the arena as they travelled back to Dun Morogh.

As he aged, Peshko started to become a warrior, making his dream a reality. From training on the dummies, to hunting animals bigger than him. Everyday he was working out making his body fit and strong. There were situations where he was called to help his fellow dwarfes deal with the frost trolls. The little gnome was so strong he was able to take down an entire group of blood thrusty trolls. Besides from all that, Peshko was using his free time to make small gadgets and weapons just like his father. Over time Peshko was becoming a well known name in Dun Morogh and his father was very proud of him.

Many years passed as Peshko became mature. The great feeling in becoming a gladiator started to grow in him. After training and keeping his body fit, Peshko decided that he should travel in Stranglethorn Vale and sign up as a gladiator in the Gurubashi arena. His goal in becoming a great fighter was becoming true. The first time he stepped in the arena were not that successful as he got himself in trouble with experienced gladiators, but from every single fail he was becoming to get stronger. After training a lot he won his first match. Peshko was very happy as he continued fighting. He was a strong warrior so he never showed pain when he was hit, the little gnome was very fast so his enemies barely made a hit on him. He started to show great success in the arena. The gold was beginning to grow in his pockets. He became so good that even the people twice as big as him were a easy catch. As time passed Peshko had many injuries but yet, he always found a way to recover and go back in to the circle. Everyday his trust for glory was growing and his dream in becoming a great and mighty gladiator was starting to become true.

Until this day Peshko can be seen around Stranglethorn Vale hunting for animals or helping around Booty Bay, but mostly fighting in the Gurubashi arena.
You' seek me help?

[Image: vt4s.jpg]
Quote:Weight: 20.56kg

I'm not too comfortable with this character. It seems like you want to make a goblin more than you want to make a gnome, and I implore that you just wait until Cataclysm to make this character.

If you really want to stick with this, it's highly unlikely goblins would adopt a gnome. Enslave a gnome and force it to fight/labor, sure, but not become its parents. Do keep in mind the racial hatred between the two. Overall the whole 'being found by a random family and raised as their child' is a bit cliche.
Quote:[8:53AM] Cassius: Xigo is the best guy ever. he doesn't afraid of anything.
I covered up the mistakes. Done!
You' seek me help?

[Image: vt4s.jpg]
Approved, then. Thank you.
Quote:[8:53AM] Cassius: Xigo is the best guy ever. he doesn't afraid of anything.
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