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Krent Wrote:Authority figures. Cops, judges, administrators, men in imposing black suits, etc. I always lie to these sort of figures and do everything I can to conceal my movements and identity from them. Always got this crazy conspiracy theory chuggin' along in the back of my mind that they're all out to get me. Tracking my movements. Watching me through video cameras. Monitoring my electronic activities. It's a lil fear that's always creeping in the back of my mind whenever I make a phone call or talk through IM or browse the internets or use a credit card.

Sad thing is, this fear is actually, 90% of the time, legitimate. There are so many companies out there who make it their business to track every piece of personal information you have. Martial status, consumer history, criminal background, places of residence, family history, medical history, academic performance.....everything. And of course they do it without your consent or knowledge.

It is true, did you know there is a 'program' type thing on every cell phone with a camera and speaker in existence that basically is made to look like it is off (Black screen and what not) when in actuality it is recording everything the camera and speakers are picking up and transmitting it back to the maker's satellite to be used against you in the court of law if you do anything wrong? This was only found out a few years ago because they DA wanted to admit it as submittable evidence but in order to claim something as evidence you have to explain where it came from. So thus revealing this devilry.
Ready for the list?

Agoraphobia/Demophobia; A fear of leaving my safe-place (s)/Afraid of crowds.

Chiraptophobia; I hate being touched by people that are not close to me, and even those are pushing it.

Claustrophobia; Being afraid of confined spaces.

Coulrophobia; Clowns scare me to the point I pass out.

Musophobia; Mice, I was actually talking about this with Lethys the other day...

Pupaphobia; I am deathly afraid of -touching- puppets. I actually went into seizures from a teacher forcing me to do it in school.

Trypanophobia; ...I am so afraid of needles that every time they give me a shot or draw blood I either vomit or pass out. They had to put in my medical charts to have an extra person there and to bring a change of clothes because of it.

Yeah...Even big, bad Cressy is scared of things. :X
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For me it would have to be watching someone die in a violent way. Anything that is not natural freaks me out.
We are the hero of our own story.
- Mary McCarthy

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Oh god, where to start..

First off, I have an irrational fear of falling. Not heights, I can stand on cliffs and look down without feeling anything. But jumping over gaps or just thinking about falling or jumping down something is enough to scare the crap out of me.

Another one is going somewhere fast and not being able to stop. This is probably due to when my older brother was driving me to my dad's house when I was six, he was going really fast. He was going to slow down a little because we were starting to drive down a hill but... The breaks were somehow jammed.

He couldn't stop and drove into a fence on the side of the road, thank the gods we were out on the highway.
I was scarred by that, knowing we were about to crash, maybe die and not being able to do anything but watch my older brother, my idol, panic and try to stay on the road.

Yep. Today I can't even ride my bike down hills without freaking out.

Last one is also caused by an event in my childhood.

I was five and my family went for a vacation to Turkey. We were staying in this tourist town and went for a boat ride out into the ocean. At one place the boat stopped and we got to go swimming. I went with my dad, I was a little scared because I couldn't see the bottom.

My dad went with me and.. Well I was bitten by something down there. It was nothing serious a fish nibbled a little at my foot, barely drew blood. But I was only five and I freaked out and stuff. Today I still can't go into the ocean out of fear of being eaten alive.

Yup. I have three major phobias.. Can I get one of those hugs guys? I find this really hard to share. :(
"Kill a man, and you are an assassin. Kill millions of men, and you are a conqueror. Kill everyone, and you are a god." - Beilby Porteus
Ankylophobia- Fear of immobility of a joint.

This is probably my only actual "fear", sure stuff bugs me, but not being able to move a part of my body really gets to me. Something as small as taping my fingers together even.
There are these metal doors on the sidewalks in front of some stores I walk by. I'm afraid I might fall through if I walk over it. If the sidewalk is crowded with people, I will actually wait for them to walk past so I can go around, even if there are people being held up by my waiting.
Torn Wrote:Yup. I have three major phobias.. Can I get one of those hugs guys? I find this really hard to share. :(

-hugs Torn-, there ya go.
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."
Krent Wrote:Authority figures. Cops, judges, administrators, men in imposing black suits, etc. .

GMs part of this fear?

Cause -damn-. I have one of those.
<Hugs to all, and to all a good morning>
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I am not particularly afraid of anything except for jellyfish. I have always loved swimming/sailing/skiing and everything about water wherever there is water, but I can't stand to do it if I see a jellyfish. They are just so primal and tentacled and evil looking.
I'm not going to explain why I'm afraid of each as there are to many hah, so I'll just list them.

Woodlice, "ruff" people, dolls, paintings of people, walking on my own on the streets in the dark, mostly all rodents, horse's, cows, goats, pigs, needles, cars driving by me while I'm walking, bee's/wasp's, dogs and big birds.
Spiders and bugs creep me the F--- out... and I'm with you on needles cressy I have a fear of injection and of surgery... I had to get Surgery last year on my arm and it was the worst experience of my life. Other then that I have a fear of heights though that fear has turned into something that I try to feel... Like I love heights but I'm scared the feeling of looking down when I've climbed to the top of a pine or evergreen is just amazing even though I'm scared I can't help but look down at the ground.
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When I was much, much younger at every school assembly (The back of the assembly area was open to the outside) I had this fear that a group of people would suddenly rush in from behind us while we weren't watching and attack us. I kept turning around to check that everything was clear and everyone was still alive.

...I also have a fear of heights.
We're all doomed
Clowns, can't stand them. I get way too worked up. I was at a costume party a couple of years back and this dude was dressed up as a clown, I had no idea who he was, someone said that he knew a friend of a friend or something.. During the night I catch this prick like standing in random places just eyeballing me, I got so stressed out. At the end of the night when he kinda snuck up on me (he didn't mean to) I just turned around and clocked him on instinct knocking him out.
Being unarmed and helplessly gunned down by a criminal while I'm in an establishment run by a dumbass who posts one of these.

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